Virtue of Self-Discipline

Discipline, in general, is not positive or negative. It has a practical usefulness to enforce hierarchical power structures and thus to allow groups of people to organize and operate efficiently.

Self-discipline, however, is inherently different from just discipline (i.e. to follow orders given by authority). Self-discipline is the most inner and essential means of power you have. It is the source of your resolution and represents a struggle to be free from the most inner jail. A jail build from emotions and feelings imposed by our bodies, our genes, to control our behavior.

A patriarch power should come first from himself, his ability to focus and achieve his objectives, his ability to be a role model for his family and his authority as a leader. If you lack authority over yourself, you will not be a worthy leader with authority over others.
Obtaining self discipline, like all virtues, requires developing the habit of self-discipline and awareness of your goals and values, which are your sources of motivation.

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