On Values, Rules and Frame

Our values determine who we are. These values are no more than inner rules we apply to our behavior, our lives and our relationships. These rules are powerful, since if your don’t have a clear set of values you will be affected to manipulation of others and collapse your view of the world to the frame and values of others.

A patriarch set the rules, he decide the values he lives by and requires the people he is in contact with to comply.

These values are a source of strength and will naturally attract women due to the submissive nature of  their sexuality.

An example of the power of an inner rule come from GAME. There are many sexual game theories about how be behave in various situations in order not to have lower status (see Roissy) and thus attract women. However, nearly all these methods all fall under the following value/inner rule:

  • I do not accept disrespect from others.

Truly following this rule is equivalent to 1000 pages of advice on how to behave in every conceivable situation.

Your inner rules are a large part of who you are. Be aware of your values. Write them. Memorize them. Your values are the only thing that cannot be taken away from you and, as long you follow your values and not the values of others, is the inner core of a patriarch.

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