For Women Any Sex is a Commitment

When a woman have sex with a man she might use the pill and might use a condom. Still, there is a part of her mind, an deep unconscious part of her mind, that will view the intercourse as it was thousands of years ago, as a commitment of a woman to a man.

A commitment to take the man sperm inside of her body, a commitment to be pregnant with the man’s child for nine months, a commitment to have painful and dangerous childbirth, a commitment to feed the child and a commitment to take care of the child.

For a woman any intercourse is a commitment, no matter what her conscious lips say, no matter what feminism and sex-in-the-city indoctrinated her to think about sex.

Always remember this.

A woman who have a one-night stands, a woman who sleep with men after several hours, a woman who can casually willing to commit to any man, who can casually give so much of her body, time and energy, for free or for the very small price of alcohol, has very little to offer.

Such a woman is not worthy of having an emotional bond with. Her commitment to you will be shallow since she had already gave her commitment to the all the men she had sex with before.

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