The Evolving Western Matriarchy

This post is not written as opposition to the growing power and dominance of women, relative to men, in the western world. I am more and more beginning to believe that ‘gender-patriotism’ feminist or MRA is illogical, since men and women are inseparable groups. Some ‘gender-patriots’ only understand this when they have a child of the other gender, for some even this does not help. I do support the MRM, for now, since… well… I just hate the hypocrisy of modern feminism and its religious-like followers.

The goal of this post is to describe this huge shift in power between the genders which will have significant effects on the lives and relationships of men living in such western feminist countries.

There are differences between men and women, differences emanating from different sexual organs and thus different sexual agendas. Maybe women are more fit in the current market? Maybe the current state and trends are due to feminism? Probably, this is a combination of the two. Whatever the reason may be, our sons will grow up and will go into a world which we never knew. A world which feminists didn’t even dream of in the 70s. A world in which our boys will grow up to be, on average:

1. Less educated than women

2. Earn less than women (this is currently the case for young men and women)

3. More vulnerable in divorce and family courts

4. There is an unclear and ever increasing definition of what sexual harassment is and laws which see two drunken people having sex as rape

5. Men are to be less healthy than women and die younger, yet get less health budgets

6. There are less and less marriages and the bonds between men and women tend to be shorter, easily dismantled, based on less emotions and more sex.

7. Most children are born out of wedlock (this number is currently 42% and is expected to keep growing).

8. Boys are raised more and more without the presence of a father, and the men figures are replaceable while the woman is not. Most boys will not have a male family lineage, girls will.

Point 8 is crucial. Due to this reason I believe we are currently seeing the creation of a matriarchal society, since such societies (such as the Masuo matriarchal society) are characterized by the elimination of the father from the family. This gives the women the power within the household and boys are raised without masculine guidance and under the authority of a woman. This is already the case today in the vast majority of single parent homes. Furthermore, social help by the state is effectively transferring wealth from traditional families and men (on average) to these woman-led households. Women today can get the support of men, due to taxes and child support, without giving men any say within the house or on the way that the money is spent. This arrangement does seem to be sustainable.

This data is basically unprecedented in the western world. We are in a new world, with different rules and different power structure. The feminists may as well have a victory parade and celebrate in the streets (they won’t because they need women to feel like victims, not powerful matriarchs, in order to gain public support).

You can love it or you can hate it, it doesn’t matter. Reality has changed, this is not a man’s world anymore and our sons will grow into a basically matriarchal society.

I guess some boys do not care if they are more and more powerless, there is porn (for now at least) and video games. But that is not what I want to teach my son.

Our sons will need to adapt. This does not mean for them to accept having low status, low power and judicial intimidation. The world has changed, but they can control their close environment. My suggestions for my son include things like I. disengage as much as possible from the current culture II. Keep your body healthy. III. Keep your mind sharp. Learn inner game. IV. Know that there is an innate part in every woman that wants a strong dominant man. V. Try to create patriarchy in your life, by the leader in your relationships and your work. VI. Bow to no-one. Be careful but don’t live in fear from going to prison. VII. You probably can’t change the entire world, but you can definitively control the part of the world that is close to you.

We need to reach to young men today and guide them in a way that no politically current school curriculum can.


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11 Responses to The Evolving Western Matriarchy

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  2. sestamibi says:

    The advice I would give to young men is basically the same as what Roissy/Chateau Heartiste recommends: since this is pretty much the hand you’ve been dealt, your objective should be the remorseless pursuit of the deposit of your sperm in as many vaginas as possible. Breed as much as possible and get the government or some schmuck beta to pay for it. Don’t contract or spread disease. And watch the whole show. . . poolside.

    • uh says:

      Yep. Ever more unto the breach.

    • woman says:

      I would hope that the men in my life have more self control and self respect than to “deposit sperm in as many vaginas (actually the plural is vaginae) as possible.” I wish I could understand why you feel feminism deals you a “bad hand” and why matriarchy is equivalent to the apocalypse. Feminism a.) advocates for men and women to have equal representation and to empower both sexes to make the choices they feel necessary for their family. In other words, both men and women can be homemakers and both men and women can be breadmakers. The choice is/and should be available. It does not encourage me (or you) to be a victim. b.) provides me with the mindset and the ideology that men who refer to sex as “breeding” are not deserving of the positives that result from a strong feminist voice nor should they be recognized in a legitimate “male rights” conversation. This is not how you raise strong young boys how to respect themselves and their wives and families.

      • Fucked in the head.......but drug free!!!! says:

        WTF!!!! women!… the men should ‘burden themselves’ with ‘self control’ (which if taken to extreme leads to major HEADFUCK and then psych drugs,being more money for big pharma and you call this ‘SELF RESPECT”!!!!!! as a male,this is TERRIBLE LOGIC!.Y’know many of us have been fed BS from a young age,that ‘self control’ is some sort of strength,until you are exploited by those who have no self control,then you realise how ‘OWNED” you are and change lanes.Islam/arabs are RIGHT!!!!!!!!!! which is why they shall conquer the western manginas………oh woe and farewell great west 😦

      • Intact_Male says:

        Sorry sweetie,
        Your description of Feminism is not what’s happening. I do not think a matriarchy is any better than a Patriarchy. If history has taught us anything it has taught us that BALANCE is the key. We need an equal society.

      • Aristotle says:

        There are many women who lack self control/self discipline but are never exposed because they are women and are never held to the same accountability as men. Women can pretend all they want but they will never be equal to men until they are able to be held to the same accountability as men.

    • Aristotle says:

      I disagree. I think men should stop giving women children until the law and women consider us equal parents with equal rights and options. I also think men should stop donating to sperm banks. Men do not have any control over who uses their sperm and are not being paid enough for a fluid that is totally unique and one of a kind. Men should create a website where they can sell their own sperm and have sole control over who they sell to, what price, and any other conditions they want. Sperm banks allow women to have babies without men which men should not encourage.

  3. infowarrior1 says:

    “If history has taught us anything it has taught us that BALANCE is the key. We need an equal society.”

    Patriarchy is the feature of all advanced civlisations in their heyday. Matriarchy is of the grass hut. Which is better?

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