Equal, not Identical

Good idea: To eliminate laws that give people different treatment based on their sex, race or religion.

Bad idea: To expect that all groups would succeed equally if there is no discrimination.

Even worse idea: To look only on cases in which a specific group is doing better and eliminating all of the group dominance while ignoring all the cases in which the said group is doing much worse.

Much worse idea: To make laws that give people different treatment based on their sex, race or religion in order to achieve social equality.

This is the current Orwellian “discrimination is equality” feminist politically correct agenda, common in the west.

‘All people are equal’ is a definition of equality of the value of a human life. We decide that we see all lives as equal. It is an arbitrary, emotional decision. There is no actual way to measure ‘worth’ of a human being associated with the most basic definition of human equality.

Different groups have different abilities, culture and motivation. A world in which men get half the custody and women are half the CEOs will very probably be a very unfair world.

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3 Responses to Equal, not Identical

  1. frank j says:

    Thank you for putting this so eloquently. I came to this same conclusion after reading many voices in the manosphere that criticized the idea of equality. It is important to define the terms we use. I get the impression that people are using different definitions of the word equality.

    I always meant the “equality of the value of human life.” It never occurred to me that someone would mean we were all identical in form and function. Or that they would expect it to be possible for us all to have the same outcomes. Those ideas are so obviously false that I didn’t even consider them.

    So I wonder when people say they are pro/anti-equality, which definition they mean.

  2. Derek says:

    great work

  3. xsplat says:

    Women (especially) can have an uncanny knack for stubbornly refusing to see logical connections between ideas, when those connections go against their best interest.

    They can literally be psychotic in their disconnect with reality in this. Men jokingly call it the female hamster, but I don’t think it’s quite that cute

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