Men’s Reproductive Strategies and the Effects of the Feminist State and Current SMP on these Strategies

We are a product of evolution and, thanks to Darwin, we now are aware of the evolutionary process. Evolution is aware of itself.

Due to evolution, we exist in such a way that certain events, such a observing the beauty of a woman, an attack on our social status or a personal achievement makes us attracted, angry or happy. These feelings, which are chemical responses emanating from our genes, motivate us to certain behaviors which are beneficial to our survival and replication of our genes.

Our genes use feelings in order to control us. Thus, it is expected that as human beings, we are susceptible to distort our view of reality in order not to hurt our feelings and to makes us feel that our lives are important and purposeful. However, taking the most straight forward approach and looking only on the evidence we have at hand, there is no higher goal or purpose to our lives, we simply exist. If we detach ourselves from our gene-induced emotions, the decision to reproduce is an arbitrary decision. An axiom, on which we can later use logic to analyze and improve our behavior.

Within the context of the guide to a young patriarch, this axiom can be defined by The First Patriarchal Value: A genetic lineage is of the utmost importance to a patriarch.

The world changed much faster than our genes, and thus the “instructions” our genes give us can be destructive and even “insane” in the biological sense (e.g. paying to have safe sex with prostitutes is biologically insane, since the urge to have sex is due to the “genes” desire to reproduce, while in reality this behavior is not beneficial to reproduction).

While no human being can (or should) be detached from his gene-induced feelings and behave completely logically, we can still consider logical analysis to assess ad thus affect our behavior.

We can thus analyze the reproductive rational of various sexual behaviors of men while including the massive changes that occurred to our environment. (Again, I note, in reality no man will make these decisions without emotions, however, logical analysis can be used to have some effect on your decision.)

A committed father and husband
Bad list:
1. Danger of being cuckolded, cheating is common and socially accepted.
2. Divorce is common and can leave you broke and thus reduce you chances to have reproduce.
3. Divorce laws are in benefit of the mother. In case of divorce your bond with your children can be used to control you and limit your freedom. You will lose both your resources (alimony/support) and power (the mother will decide how to spend your money and how to raise your children).
4. You are highly invested in a single woman, and thus loss other options.

Good list:
1. Your children will have a better environment to grow up if you are committed to them.
2. You can use modern paternity tests to protect yourself from cockloding by players/Cads.
3. By giving your commitment you will get a more attractive women than based on your attractiveness alone.
4. If you choose carefully and wisely (a have some luck), strong bond with a ‘good girl’ can cause huge joy and add allot to your life.

Player/CAD/absent father
Bad list:
1. Your children will have a worse environment to grow up.
2. Modern paternity tests and laws to can be used to make you pay child support.
3. You have to have high status and be attractive, or else you will basically be celibate.
4. Your emotional bonds with women are shallow.

Good list:
1. No danger of being cuckolded, they will have to prove your paternity to make you pay.
2. You can cohort with a married wife and cuckold a “committed father” and use him to provide your children with a better environment to grow up. (BTW, such behavior is justified by several feminists and manginas)
3. If you are high status and have money, you can impregnate many women without fear of bankruptcy due to child supprt.
4. You can have a variety of women and thus not limited to a specific woman.
5. You escape from things like alimony or losing your resources.
6. You are not emotionally attached and thus have more freedom and less risk of emotional pain.

Total MGTOW/celibacy/Xbox and porn
Bad list:
1. No chance of children. You are not playing the game, so you cannot “win.”

Good list:
1. You are not playing the game, so you cannot “lose.”
2. You keep your resources if you will later on want children.

There is allot more to be said about the dangers and benefits of each of these (or combination of) approaches, and such discussion will be written and introduced into the guide later on. However, it is evident that there is a clear conflict between the “A committed father and husband” and “Player/CAD/absent father.” Furthermore, with the exception of the paternity test, most changes in society seem to benefit the “Player/CAD/absent father,” as long as he has enough status to impregnate allot of women. It is also interesting that several countries take action to make paternity tests illegal, eliminating one of the only new benefits in the “A committed father and husband” arsenal. With regard to “Total MGTOW/celibacy/Xbox and porn”: I understand and have some sympathy to all the men who does not want to participate in the current SMP and family courts, however, this approach (if taken to extreme) is basically genetic suicide, running away from confrontation, and is the opposite of patriarchal values.

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12 Responses to Men’s Reproductive Strategies and the Effects of the Feminist State and Current SMP on these Strategies

  1. Anonymous says:

    >”there is no higher goal or purpose to our lives, we simply exist.”

    No. You will go to nowhere but ruin if you believe this or impart this brand of nihilistic thought to others. Men are driven to seek out and strive for the higher purpose in his life and in all that he does. He makes his own path and carries the fire for those that would follow.

    • dicipres says:

      While there is nihilism in the statement you quoted, the post (and the guide in general) does not advocate for nihilism.

      I simply suggest that if we make an attempt to use logic and free ourselves from our emotions (which is basically impossible) we would need to make some initial choices on which to build our logic on.

      In the context of the “guide for a young patriarch,” this is an axiom, or an initial choice, and it defined by the following statement (or variant of): “A genetic lineage is of the utmost importance to a patriarch.”

      Making such a requirement on a person aspiring to be a patriarch is supported by the behaviors of past patriarchs and by the simple fact that genetic lineage (as well as lineage of patriarchal values) is crucial to the survival of patriarchal values and genes.

      BTW, some changes were made to the post to make this point more clear.

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  3. zhai2nan2 the troll says:

    1. Assume there is no higher purpose for existence, we merely exist.
    2. Note that patriarchs define a genetic legacy as important.
    3. By 1, there is no higher purpose to anything, thus being a patriarch is not a higher purpose.
    4. Decide that being a patriarch seems pointless.
    5. Wonder why anyone would want to be a patriarch, given that it’s known to be purposeless.

    • dicipres says:

      If you would reread the post, the answer for your troll question is in there.

      This guide is based on my experiences and it gives advice for those who seek it.

  4. zhai2nan2 says:

    6. Wonder if the author ever passed an English class in his life.
    7. Wonder if the author ever heard the phrase “internal contradiction.”

    • dicipres says:

      If you don’t want to understand, or even just read the post, we have nothing to discuss.

      • zhai2nan2 says:

        If I read the post, and I think you’ve failed to make the point that you’ve claimed to make, I’m going to call shenanigans.

        Normally a clique of your faithful readers would interrupt at this point and soothe your ego, but it looks like you don’t have a clique of faithful readers yet.

      • dicipres says:

        I just tried to make the point that when you disconnect from your genetic based emotions the initial choice of morals/goals is an arbitrary decision from a logical standpoint, an axiom.

        As I written in the post, nobody can really disconnect from genetic based emotions, and these emotions exist to make us want to do activities which will benefit our reproduction.

        I don’t care what your opinion of me is and I just frankly would appreciate intelligent discussion.

        BTW “soothe your ego” – there is a Hebrew saying that is translated to something like: people blame others for vices they have in themselves. Arrogance and inflated ego reeks of every word you write while you actually did show only very little ability.

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  6. Gary says:

    What do you mean by SMP?

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