Outside of the Politically Correct Box

Maybe the best thing of being part of the MRA/game men’s movement is the fact that supporting such a cause forces you to let go completely of political correctness, the desire to not offend others, and to adhering to mainstream ideologues. Outside the politically correct box you are free to think the most terrible thoughts.

However, being liberated from thought control can also be somewhat intimidating for the same exact reasons. When you are outside the limiting box of political correctness you see allot of sickness and hate, much of it very similar and sometime worse than the hate inside the political correctness box. Since the masks are off in the manosphere, nazis, other racists and true women-haters can say what is really on their minds (disclosure, I’m ethnically Jewish, not that it really matters to me or have any relevance to most of the MRA/game).

As I repeat throughout my blog, Truth is more important than feelings. It is better to be outside the box, where everything is open, every statement can be made, and deal with the other “bad” (or not) people here. It is better to be free to think the even most horrible thoughts than to go back to the mental prison of politically correct insanity.

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