The Dominant Gender is the Gender Facing More Variation in Reproductive Success

Comparison to animals is always problematic, but this can be said to almost any other method of social analysis and the data in the figure below do make sense to me. Look at the following comparison of mating habits of three social mammals:

I draw from this illustration the following conclusion: If one gender need to be more dominant in order to reproduce (compared with the other gender), it will be the dominant gender. Hence, men’s dominance is just a byproduct of harsher men’s reproductive competition compared to women. Since 80% of women ever lived managed to reproduced compared with only 40% of men, humans are more like lions, compared with wolfs or hyenas.

Lets take another look at the figure I posted in my previous entry


You can see that sexually regulated “Perfect dad society” has similar reproductive challenges for men and women, and we thus expect that, if these social sexual regulations will remain for sufficient amount of time, an egalitarian society will be created. However, thanks to the sex-positive feminism and its me-me-me individualism as religion allies, we are reverting to cad society which will also sustain the current and even create more gender “inequality” (differences between men and women and more dominant men). Not that I care about that. I prefer dad society only because I believe it will be a better place for my children to live in. I love being a father and want my son to be able to experience fatherhood as well, instead of the modern Cad focused on fucking sluts in short term bonds and paying child support to children he (maybe) get to see only with court order twice a month.

Another, more cheerful conclusion is that feminism contains the seeds for its own destruction.

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8 Responses to The Dominant Gender is the Gender Facing More Variation in Reproductive Success

  1. Anonymous says:

    By more dominant do you mean more competitive? Because all I can draw from this article is that male dominance is equal to male disposability. Male try to be more dominant than other males but they are not competitive towards their female counterparts. Males are extremely disposable when it comes to lions. The males fight each other to death to attain a harem whose females are perfectly capable of hunting and rearing their children by themselves. To me the dominant gender is the one with the most control and it seems fairly clear that females are the dominant ones in a cad society and their dominance must be shifted somehow to create the conditions in which a dad society can be created.
    But I also find comparing other mammals to humans as ill fitting. Our young are extremely more vulnerable than other animals. Perhaps much of our confusion is the result of us standing on two feet too quickly and not enough time to develop the instinct with which to deal with its consequences.

    • dicipres says:

      “By more dominant do you mean more competitive? ” Well, yes, but this also makes one gender more competitive compared with the other. Male (or female, as in the case of hyenas, where females are injured more than males) disposability emanates from that the fact that male must take great risk to get the rewards of wining, If they won’t fight they wont mate and will disappear.

      ” To me the dominant gender is the one with the most control and it seems fairly clear that females are the dominant ones in a cad society ” That is a good point, males in general are not the dominant, in a cad society the “alphas” men are dominant (or at least the most genetically successful) than the women and below them the “betas”. An alpha male lion has lioness hunting his food (but he eats first), mating with him and raising his children. He is dominant within his harem, eats first, genetically most successful, etc. However, if he loses a battle to a younger/fitter male, he needs to hunt his own food, no more sex and his offspring are killed. Masculinity, in its alpha version is fragile. You can be one top or in the bottom, where the female in such situation are in the middle.

  2. jbamai says:

    This raises some interesting questions as I read this. If the sexual dance between males and females is indeed a sexual marketplace, and a free and uninhibited marketplace (capitalism) is indeed the best alternative, is the Regulated Sexuality figure on the right socialism?

    If socialism never worked in economics why would it ever work when dealing with such a basic human trait as sexual desire?

    • dicipres says:

      Interesting comment…

      I don’t really have an answer to that. The fact that sexuality was regulated to some degree in all civilizations indicates IMO that sexual regulation is beneficial to civilizations.

      BTW, the current “capitalist” SMP situation is facilitated in part by fiscal socialism, financing single mothers and making sure they can survive without a man.

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  5. Frank Nova says:

    I have a hunch that enforced monogamy will not lead to an equalitarian society, but rather to a stratified caste system, the initial sex overdragging into other aspects of life (politics, economy, etc). What brought India to the caste system? East Indian women feel extremely bound to their husbands, due to upbringing values, and cultural group pressure, even when the going gets very rough. 3rd gen immigrants East Indians women still perceive/believe that there is no secure life outside of marriage, even if they get beaten up within the marriage. They slowly get westernized, but they seem like in a cultural conceptual enclave.

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