Sluts Don’t Deserve to be Loved

(This post is part of the ‘Guide to the Young Patriarch.’ The current draft of the Guide can be found here.)

I know this headline might be offensive (oh noooes), but I want to reassure you and begin this post by offering the following apology for choosing this headline.

An apology for the people offended by the headline

If this makes you feel bad it is probably because you’re a slut yourself and really don’t deserves to ever be loved. You are just a worthless piece of meat, so basically go fuck yourself (oh… you’re already doing that).

End of apology

After this heartfelt apology, let’s get back to the subject at hand. First, I want to clarify what I mean by love. I don’t mean sex-in-the-city cock carousal (as a cock or a rider) and it’s not a PUA gaming a girls for a ONS. When I’m talking about love I mean the real deal, a life-long strong bond between a man and a woman, being faithful and dedicated to each other, raising children and making a family, etc…

As a man, when you choose somebody to love, you need to be aware that everything might (and commonly do) explode in your face and the feminist family court system would make you into a slave for your ex-wife, you might lose control of your money and have a limited access to your children, and many other horror stories. (BTW, my own father went to prison, lost his shop and was homeless for a while after the divorce. These are not just crazy manosphere stories.)

As a man, you need to minimize this risk as much as possible.

Men have an innate emotional revulsion from bonding with promiscuous women. The feminist society today just pressures men to marry sluts, otherwise, you just might be labeled primitive/small dick/any other feminist shaming technique. But the revulsion in your guts is right, men have intuition as well, sluts don’t deserve to be loved, sexually experienced women are only good for sexual experiences, they don’t worth the risks to have any emotional bonds with.

Look at the following data:

1. From Divorce and Sexual Risk Among U.S. Women: Findings from the National Survey of Family Growth
Quote “Overall, 13.1% of the women were currently divorced or separated, 62.1% were currently married, 8.3% were cohabitating, and 16.4% were never married. Divorced/separated women were more likely to report 5 or more lifetime sex partners and 2 or more sex partners in the past year than never married women. They were less likely to report condom use.”

Conclusion – More than 5 sexual partners for a woman significantly reduces her likelihood to form a stable married.

2. Teachman, J. (2003), Premarital Sex, Premarital Cohabitation, and the Risk of Subsequent Marital Dissolution Among Women. Journal of Marriage and Family, 65: 444–455. doi: 10.1111/j.1741-3737.2003.00444.x

Quote – “Using nationally representative data from the 1995 National Survey of Family Growth, I estimate the association between intimate premarital relationships (premarital sex and premarital cohabitation) and subsequent marital dissolution. I extend previous research by considering relationship histories pertaining to both premarital sex and premarital cohabitation. I find that premarital sex or premarital cohabitation that is limited to a woman’s husband is not associated with an elevated risk of marital disruption. However, women who have more than one intimate premarital relationship have an increased risk of marital dissolution. These results suggest that neither premarital sex nor premarital cohabitation by itself indicate either preexisting characteristics or subsequent relationship environments that weaken marriages. Indeed, the findings are consistent with the notion that premarital sex and cohabitation limited to one’s future spouse has become part of the normal courtship process for marriage.”

Conclusion – The more sexual partners a woman have before the wedding the greater is the risk for a divorce

3. From
(link is to the summary of a research, not the article itself)

Quote – “Now we the same kind of phenomenon with sexual intercourse. According to this study of 2,035 married people, waiting until after the wedding to have sex the first time is associated with greater subsequent communication, sexual quality, marital satisfaction, and perceived stability–see the above table for means. This was found after controlling for religiosity, race, income, education, and length of relationship.”

Conclusion – Premarital sex predicts a lower quality marriage


Quote – “Results indicate that for every additional premarital sexual partner an individual has, not including the marital sexual partner, the likelihood that they will say their current marital sexual relationship is extremely satisfying versus only being moderately satisfying goes down 3.9%. Additionally, when running models separately for males and females, the male model was more significant at 5.3%.”

Conclusion – More premarital sex partners reduce the quality of the marriage (for men too BTW)

Sluts don’t deserve to be loved, the risks are too great compared with the benefits. Men should avoid using sluts for anything but sex without emotional connection. If she had more than 5 sexual partners, move on.

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181 Responses to Sluts Don’t Deserve to be Loved

  1. Ra says:

    “If she had more than 5 sexual partners, move on.”

    A desperate principle to hold unto – for desperate times.

    Trough most human history man with self respect held a better principle with the number 0 in place of 5.

    If you are not her first and only, she is not worthy of being your wife.

    Too unrealistic, what? Your problem.

    • littlepdog says:

      Could luck finding an attractive virgin girl out West, even in the Bible Belt. Hell my parents are from a “traditional” country and even back in the 70’s and 80’s most women would have fucked before marriage. Albeit with only a couple men over their whole lifetime. This all begs the question though, why get fucking married in the first place? Better off pulling a Tyler Durden (he has kids with his girlfriend and is allowed to fuck around). Common law marriage isn’t around in Cali (or most US states) to have him on the rope for alimoney and child support either. (wrong link in username)

    • John says:

      I think age and how long term these relationships also were should be taken into consideration. Also the fact about how serious she was about them. 5 sexual partners by the age of 30 seems fair. But you could take the point that she slept around a lot in her teens and hasn’t had a sexual partner in ten years because she changed.

      I’m 19 and have had only one sexual partner from a girl who I dated for a year. Yes I was serious aout it but it didn’t work out. I understand this happens from time to time and will consider it when I look to get married. Though I wouldn’t marry a woman who has regular one night stands. Sex means something to some people and nothing to others. Having one night stands show that it really doesn’t mean anything to you. Though then again a girl’s character is in question and not the number of sex partners she had.

  2. slumlord says:

    The study actually stratified the women under consideration into two groups basec on partner count. Group 1 had less than 5 partners, group 2 had equal to or more.

    The five figure is not a good guide.

    Teachmans’ study show that having once a woman has more than one partner her risk of divorce increases.

    • dicipres says:

      The abstract is a little misleading, actually, if you read the paper, one of the conclusions is that if the wife has sex with the husband before getting married, it does not increase the risk for dissolution of the marriage, but if she had sex with other men beside her husband, the risk for dissolution of the marriage increases.

      So the best number is 0, not 1, but this is not realistic today. Hence, I gave the number 5, which seems to me to be still reasonable risk.

  3. Bohème Chinois says:


  4. Bobo says:

    Sorry to hear about your father. How did you view your mother after that?

    • dicipres says:

      Generally, although the women in my life do know about my views (and some support it to a certain degree), I try to make sure that my views don’t hurt my relationships with them.

      Specifically with my mother, it is pretty hard. She was always a pretty hard feminist and only lately she mellowed down and we can have some careful talks about these things. However, mostly we just don’t talk about the divorce/feminism in general.

      (BTW, I did got married and still very happily married. Unlike many here in the manosphere, I decided that I won;t let feminism prevent me from having family. In my late twenties I had status and enough game to choose the kind of traditional woman I wanted, and I took a calculated risk, which so far turned out great.)

      • Bobo says:

        I think it must be difficult to talk to your mother without the thought of your homeless father running through your mind. I don’t know if I could handle that.

        As far as having enough game to score your wife, do you think you can keep this up forever?

        [dicipres: seduction/game don’t end when you marry and it’s going great so far]

  5. ExceedandLead says:

    A lot of men fall for slores and want to change them i.e… I’ll make an honest woman out of her. I see it all the time around here in NYC. She rides the carousel, settles down with beta bill, he thinks he has the power to change her ways and make a housewife out of a party girl. I’m watching my friend go down the path now, no matter how much evidence we bring (think Stu from The Hangover pre Heather Graham). Like watching a car crash in slow motion…

    • Abigail says:

      Think about all of the other things that are going on in this woman’s life, presumably, at the same time she is engaging in promiscuous sexual relationships. A lot of this behavior is also accompanied by poor self-worth that is made manifest in not only her sexual life, but the way she uses alcohol or other substances. What is so sad is that one of my friends who has lived her life as a topless dancer (who has since had thirty years out of the business), still is not married and probably won’t ever be again. She is also quite aged at 63 now anyhow, but I see the effects of other’s negligence in her life. People who fall into these things need love as well. It is not as though all of us will experience that through romantic love, but we all need love nonetheless. I want to see her live a happy and healthy life as much as the next person, and I believe she can do so with or without a husband.

  6. dontusethisanymore says:

    First of all, Dicipres, just want to say that I am a girl and I have a lot of interest in and respect for what you write in all of your posts. I consider myself an anti-feminist and I believe in the value of marriage and family(rare, at 21, I know). I genuinely respect and honour men/masculinity, and as a young woman, I strive to be the attitude change we both wish to see in our society’s women.

    I think this is your only post that I have trouble with 😦

    You make a valid point; however, correlation of infidelity and number of premarital sexual partners is not necessarily causation. The cause of infidelity (on both genders parts) originates from basic emotional dissatisfaction.

    Personally, I’m a bit above 5 sexual partners – each time was with friends who I know and respect. Before that, I was in a 3 year relationship with an unfit, terrible match which I had to end before it went in the direction of marriage. I knew I would end up unhappy, disappointed and probably rupturing a marriage and family – exactly what you despise in women who end up in that situation. So once I became single, sure, I can admit that makes me a bit of a slut for giving into my natural desires, trying to find my way. But I am young and learning. And through my experiences, I have actually matured and not only learned how to properly treat a man, but also what qualities make for a truly good/healthy match. What qualities reflect a healthy dominance, a good provider AND a good lover – essential to a successful, enriching future marriage and family. I want my partner to be an example for my children and an inspiration to me. By carefully selecting mates and choosing the best all around match for me for the SERIOUS commitment of marriage, I feel that I reduce the likelihood that I would consider cheating or ending it. I would never have a reason to. I believe that that skill of careful selection actually stems from being reasonably/respectfully sexually and co-habitually experienced with other males before settling down. I learned the value of gratitude, submission and patience – putting someone else’s comfort, needs and wants before mine. I see young, inexperienced, immature girls all around me wasting their time and making their lives and partners miserable because they don’t know what to look for or how to be happy.

    I know this is probably falling on deaf ears and I’m sorry that my past makes me a “slut undeserving of love”. Maybe so, but I believe my sexual maturity has fostered an emotional and intellectual maturity inside of me that puts me at advantage over many disillusioned feminist sluts my age and will ultimately guide me to be a better, and ultimately feminine partner, wife and mother.

    At any rate, I strive to be the exception from your general rule.

    • jrmason says:

      You do have a valid point. You had a right to select the “right” partner. I will say that as a guy with a girlfriend who has had 13 sexual partners to my 2, it is difficult. It is a thought that pops into my head without control. I try not to judge her for it. However I will say, that I think the reason behind multiple sexual partners leading to failed marriages is because all too often in a relationship (albeit normally the males fault) there is a certain amount of animosity that stems from the elevated number of sexual partners. For instance, I can go weeks without thinking about it and then run into one of her numerous flings, then I must start all over at square 1. I would like to look into to the divorce rates of couples with a disparity between previous sexual partners. I feel as if I had slept with 13 women it would not bother me as much.

      • ldl says:

        I understand how you feel, your last sentence especially. It seems like I want a girl that hasn’t slept with more guys than I have girls. But sadly at 11 it’s hard to compete when your average college going woman has an N > 20 (my experience) by the time they are in their mid twenties. I recently dated a feminist, who was smart and fun to be around. Outside of her views on sex she was one of the more rational women that I’ve dated. But I could tell she had been pumped and dumped countless times (oh those slutty art school girls). I could respect her as a person, but not as a mate. My gut said RUN and couldn’t argue. I find it funny how feminists can attack a man’s anti-cuckoldry instinct, but when a woman “feels” something it can’t be questioned.

        Falling for ho’s is hard!

      • Realguy8787 says:

        Each broken sexual relationship weakens the next relationship, especially for a woman.

    • J Kent says:

      Hi friend, I know you and respect you. Want to fuck? Yes you’re a slut. Does it make it awkward when you all catch up? Oh hi guys, lets sit around the table and talk about how you all fucked me.

    • t says:

      You just sincerely referred to women your age who do what they want with their bodies as “feminist sluts”… I imagine most of your ‘thumbs down’ are from men who think your decision to have sex with more than 5 people earns you a place in the ‘slut’ category, but mine is due to your bizarre submission to the author of this post. “I’m sorry that my past makes me a ‘slut undeserving of love'”? Having sex with someone whom you trust does not qualify you as a slut, and you certainly do not need to apologize for it. It’s your life. I’m not worried about the success of my future marriage frankly because I would never consider being with a narrow-minded bigot who wants me to be a ‘traditional’ or ‘virginal’ woman. I would never sleep with many people, let alone people who I don’t know, but that doesn’t give me the right to judge other people for it. I am looking forward to seeing slut-shaming fizzle out in the coming years/generations.

      • Rinon says:

        It’s never gonna fizzle out! As for your statement that ” I would never consider being with a narrow-minded bigot who wants me to be a ‘traditional’ or ‘virginal’ woman.” I can guarantee if you DO manage to get married, you’ll be divorced not long after. The problem is your attitude and condescending notions that a man valuing virtue is a “narrow-minded bigot”. It’s not narrow-minded to value virtue, it’s a rare thing, especially in the west. What is narrow-minded on the other hand is people with your attitude and purview. ‘nough said.

    • Anonymous says:

      You had your fun and now you want to settle down. It’s not fair to me who wants fun too before settling down. Don’t you love me?

      • Abigail says:

        Just pray that God gives you wisdom in the future to not make the same decisions over and over again in the arena of sexual life. There is forgiveness available that affects real change.

    • Anonymous says:

      You sound like one of those girls that rode dozens of cock carousels and once you’ve hit the wall, you’d want to settle down. Not surprising really.

      • Traitor Joe says:

        It sure isn’t brother. You gotta love how slutty women will try to convince men that they are just as good as the non slutty or undamaged (physically/mentally and intact bonding ability )women. Consider this, there is a reason why those extremists are promised 72 VIRGINS. We’re they promised 72 former sluts I’m sure they wouldn’t even blow their noses at anyone .

    • Abigail says:

      You sound very self-confident still. I am 24 and have had an unfortunate amount of partners at my age, coming to a total of 8. I am so sad I made those decisions when I was younger, and wouldn’t wish a multiple sexual partner history on anyone. I knew better when I was in my late teens and fell into a sexually indiscriminate period of life. Now, the guilt is even more real when I attempt to make positive life changes. I was an over-confident young woman who felt deeply neglected by something I couldn’t name. I thought sex would bring me love. It is a huge lie, and always devastates.

    • Kenji says:

      Rare at 21? Many girls in my school realize that when they were 12, those were the really good ones. Today, most of them already married with a stable life ahead of them.

      I really wish i wasn’t stupid and went down the wrong path. I should have stayed true to my feelings and… go for it.

    • Humbug says:

      “I’m a bit above 5 sexual partners – each time was with friends”

      Proof women who ‘have a lot of guy friends’ or are ‘one of the guys’ are ALWAYS sluts who are fucking those guys. True story.

  7. Just Saying says:

    Hmmm maybe it is the lack of discrimination that has menfolk worried ? If she wasn’t very picky and discriminating and she picked you, what does that say about you ? Women are supposed to be selective, right ? Then again if she was too picky ……

    • Anonymous says:

      I find it odd and contradictory that men who strive for game and to bed as many women as possible also want a pool of virgins to choose from if they deign to marry. You’re all sick, the lot of you.

      • jrmason says:

        Not true. I’m 22 and been with 2. 1 relationship, 1 mistake. Learned from mistake, blown off every sleeze since. Been sexually active since 16. I think I’ve earned a good girl.

      • J Kent says:

        I don’t think we want a virgin. We just don’t want a slut. I’m sure women wouldn’t want their men to have slept with loads of women. Simple.

      • A says:

        I agree wholeheartedly. It is an uneducated and insecure man that has problems, or a desire to know about the sexual history of a woman. I respect a man who has respect for me. If he doesn’t, then I have no use for him. A man wants to think of us as being disposable unless we are virgins, but they are equally disposable if they’ve been ‘used and abused’. I dated a man, whom I loved (and still do), but because of all that emotional baggage he was carrying around, I couldn’t stay with him. At the end of the day, a relationship isn’t about the amount of women or men you have slept with, or what has happened to you in the past (I am speaking particularly to women who have had the misfortune of being taken advantage of, as I have), but who you are now, how much you love and respect your partner, and the loyalty you have towards that person. There isn’t anything else…statistics that are (quite clearly) biased, mean nothing in the greater scheme of things. Love is doesn’t have a particular recipe.

      • Gina says:

        They’re all pitiful losers. They’re the ones that can’t get love when they say the slutty women don’t deserve love.

      • Guy says:

        Not all men sleep around as much as you sluts do. You seem to think ‘slut’ means promiscuous female. It doesn’t. It applies to anyone who sleeps around, as the author mentioned when he said “cock or the rider”. But you probably missed that due to fuming and seething after reading the title.

        Some of us people actually have respect for ourselves and an understanding of what sex truly is and its purpose in a relationship. By your comment, you still haven’t learned this simple truth.

        And in case you didn’t get it earlier, here’s the difference between men and women when it comes to a slut: Women don’t like a man with emotional baggage, men don’t like women who’ve ridden the cock carousal. Difference repulsion yet it stems from the same place. The lesson is: STOP BEING SLUTS!

  8. daisy says:

    Hey it’s funny I ran into this site.
    This topic and subject has been on my mind, because I’ve been a “slut” myself.
    I even frequently call myself a whore, because of my sordid past. I feel like i’ve
    repented, no doubt, it will be a lot easier at the age of 32, since my youth is passing.
    However, I feel so much shame and regret for not having been virtuous…
    I feel in my conscience and in my heart, (but not my emotions) that I am not worthy of
    marriage or to be a mother. I feel defiled, although God may forgive me, in essence I guess
    it’s true that we punish ourselves.
    So I’ve got a question for all you men on this post…if I am not worthy of marriage or worthy
    to be mother…(since suicide is not an option) how do you guys suggest I live my life positively
    without always putting myself down?
    This is difficult, because even though I know what is right, when I see a nice man, it raises my hopes too…should I just look away and act invisible?
    All you ladies on this post…lifetimes of remorse and regret for past mistakes…because you will always remember….


    • Bobo says:


      yours is the story of millions upon millions of women. it is tragic that you all can she what happens to the others and still fall into the same trap. nevertheless, the fact that you can admit this to yourself and to us is truly remarkable. shame and pain can be good things. in our society we are instructed to avoid these things at all cost. if you choose to be with a man you must disclose to him your past. This will help to keep you humble, you must always have your past before. Think of it as a mild version of what monks and saints did, always telling themselves they were sinners (this is what helped to keep them from sin). you don’t need to get as hardcore as them, but always remember that you are a recovering slut and this should serve to keep you in line. being in line will also help you to stay submissive which will feel more natural to you and would be good for the man. a woman named kerry cohen hoffman wrote the book “easy” about her life as a slut. watch her kerry’s youtube video as well. peruse the writings of wendy shalit and these women have exchangees on this topic and you may be able to glean something good from them. is that enough for now daisy?

    • dicipres says:

      Hi daisy,

      I don’t see how feeling miserable over past decisions serves any of your interests.

      Assuming a traditional family is an important objective in your life, you made the very common mistakes of 1. having numerous sexual/emotional relationships and 2. not selecting your partner at the peak of your sexual power (normally 24-26 years old). These choices, in turn, had the following consequences 1. you are less able to significantly bond with a man and if you bond you have high divorce risks and 2. you now look for a partner when your sexual power and fertility decline rapidly.

      If you would have less sexual count and select a man (preferably also with low count) at 24-26 you would have good chance statistically to have a life-long bond and a happy family.

      Regarding your future actions: If you are ‘worthy’ or not is irrelevant for you. This is a question a man has to ask himself before proposing. If you have good ‘girl game’ and understands to differences between the guys you can fuck with (which can be above your level) and guys you can get to commit (which are of similar level to you), understanding and connecting to your femininity, etc… you can still have a family (although with high divorce risk). I am pretty certain that not all the men in the world read this post, or the papers. Many (maybe most) have an innate repulsion to emotionally connecting with a ‘slut’, but definitely not all and this is just one factor within several other factors which are relevant to making such an emotional connection and investment.

      Best of luck,

    • Anonymous says:

      No Its actually pretty simple live with your bad choices and don’t expect a guy that’s done the opposite ?go for a man that’s had a wild past and is ready to settle down then there’s no judgment .imo women and men act like those sexual choices mean nothing but they do! Just like a criminal backround for a job and credit for a house very simple

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes you could be right about that. The fact that “sluts” so to speak or people that have not made good decisions in the past are undeserving of what is good. “Good men” are out of my reach, but does that mean that there is no hope for women like me? That we could never turn our lives around and become repentant, healthy and whole and eventually good? Does that mean that we can’t enjoy the good things in life that God may have for us?
        Having a good man in our arms is an ideal. I think we as women all want that, no matter how “slutty” we may have been. We all want to be romanced, pursued, and loved for who we really are and not what our bodies and faces look like. I’m sure of this, everyone one of us women want that kind of relationship…everyone of us wants to be beautiful on the inside.
        But that perfect kind of relationship that can make us complete can only come from Jesus. He offers a sweetness and feeling of wholeness that no man or woman can give us. He offers it to all, regardless of gender, ethnicity….I think the problem is that we leave Him out in all our relationships. Aaah..the folly of youth. Women and men feel empty. Women in particular feel emotionally lacking, and they may rely on a man’s attention to make them feel important and complete. But after the deeds are done, she feels empty, rotten, and cheapened and worse than trash.
        There are women out there that say ” I do not need a man” and when they say that they say it for the wrong reasons. Not because they think that God directs them to single life, but because they have fallen into the trap of feminism. Many of us have been victims of that ideology. For example, I joined the military. I wanted the adventure, to jump out C30’s…but I think deep down inside I was looking for the wrong things…Being masculine is not a part of me, and becomes unnatural to me..
        I’ve joined this forum for a while, and there came a point when I felt the same way as most of the men that had posted. I felt ashamed, dirty, and I still do. However, I do not want to continue feeling condemned. This is not healthy for me, and leads me to be be socially isolated. Somehow, I have to trust that God can forgive me…if I don’t, i don’t think that many women in similar shoes as me, that are going through this phase, will last.
        One or two things might happen. We might be so ridden with guilt, and undeservedness of the goodness of life. We may isolate ourselves from others, become raging alcoholics and leave a note to all women- kind and jump out a window. All of this is self condemnation…and misery.
        Furthermore, everyone’s life circumstances have been different. Only God is the true judge of all…I believe forums like this may have some sort of good purpose, it may lead some to repentance, but for others a black hole. I’ve heard the stories of some women who have been virtuous. Some really earned their virtue, and others were by circumstance. I knew one girl that said that her brothers would protect her and were very strict with her…
        Jesus said ” Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Well, how many of you men have not emotionally manipulated a woman and played mental games with her to assert power, superiority, or just to take advantage? Second, for those that are happily married, what makes you believe that marrying a good woman was all your own doing…because you deserved it?
        Rationally,,,i don’t think i’ll ever end up with a “good” man…I certainly don’t intend for the man I marry to be the center of my existence either. He cannot make me happy. Maybe it’s just better to be single for now, and learn how to be healthy and learn how to interact with the opposite gender in healthy, postive and whole ways. I’m 32 now…and by the time that comes to pass, I may not even be considered in the dating and marriage market. Consequences that we have to live with can be quite depressing. But yet at the same time haranguing myself and beating myself mentally can only bring me down, isolate, and impede any healthy relationship with people in society as well.
        Here is my suggestion to all of you men out there single or married. It would be more fruitful if you treated all women with kindness, dignity and respect. That is what we are all looking for, no matter what we may seem. I know it doesn’t help that women may be attention-hungry seekers, and tempt you…but giving two cents for two cents or evil for evil gets nowhere. This is a story I’d like to relate to and share:
        “Peter related a story he heard from Christopher West’s tapes on Understanding the Eucharist through John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. Two bishops were leaving a building when they passed a prostitute. The first averted his eyes and upbraided the second bishop for looking at the prostitute. Only then did he see tears in the second bishop’s eyes — what a lovely woman, and what terrible things she is doing with her body, he said. Which response was appropriate? Actually, both. The first bishop curbed any carnal desire through his averted glance. The second saw the person of the woman through the love of her body.”
        I think this example is beautiful… So often, we lack true love in our dealings with others. It is so easy to judge, it would be better to teach, guide through gentleness and humility and sincerity.

    • John says:

      If you find a nice guy, then tell him the truth. Tell him you are changing and made a lot of past decisions you think are stupid choices and mistakes. If he truly loves you and accepts you for who you are you two deserve eachother. If not there will be a man. Thing is I think a lot of women go through this but I expect a man to go through the same thing if he decided to go this route. Last thing I’ll say is if you have (a) daughter(s) or son(s) just raise them to make different choices than you did. It may not get them many dates when they’re young but it will land them a good quality man/woman.

      • Depressed_Danny says:


        “Good men” are out of my reach, but does that mean that there is no hope for women like me? Blah blah blah repentant because I’m losing my looks blah blah blah repentant because men no longer desire me blah blah blah God forgives all blah blah blah

        Manslation: “Me me me me me not my fault me me me me me me not my fault me me me me me” etc.

        Anon, do not be unrealistic. The best you, and women like you, can do now is to marry a man 15-20 years older then you, who have probably already been married and already has kids of his own. Odds are you won’t find him sexually attractive compared to the memories of the numerous men who have used you, and this bitterness will gnaw at you. You might have one kid with him, and odds are before they hit adolescence your bitterness will finally cause you to drop the D-Bomb and drag ‘your’ man through the court system.

        So you will have further crushed a man; you will have a child you are incapable of raising to be a normal, functioning member of society; and you will be one more bitter, lonely middle aged women voting for slime ball politicians who prey on your bitterness to enforce terrible laws against innocent people who had enough self respect and common sense not to be terrible people just because they could. Your single mother child will become another problem in a system already riddled with similar problems. And you will likely poison one of your relatives or friend’s daughters with the idea MEN ARE EVIL WOMEN DESERVE EVERYTHING LIVE LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW.

        And the cycle continues. You want to selfishly cite the bible and Jesus as examples of why you should be forgiven? Jesus might forgive you, but he was the son of God. We normal men aren’t. Thanks to women like you many men don’t even have fathers. We cannot forgive horrible people like you, and one of the major reasons Western Civilization is collapsing is because too many of us have been tolerating you and like minded women for too long.

        Enjoy the decline. Don’t worry about growing old alone – odds are most of us won’t make it through the 21st century: Certainly useless, selfish middle aged women without husbands or children who care about them won’t.

    • Anonymous says:

      Then hide your past, never mention it. No proper man in his right mind would take you for a life partner.

    • Mikko Lopez says:

      Yo. Just keep your chin up and be sincere.

      Don’t defend mistakes. Learn and grow from them. Even if you take religiosity out of the picture, the main thing right now should being doing more good things, and trying really hard to avoid bad things.

      No one’s perfect. We all make mistakes. Some make a ton of mistakes, some make less. But for as long as you’re still breathing it will never be too late to make things better. Some doors may have closed, guilt might be there, but roads to being a good person will always be open.

      If I were in your shoes, I’d sincerely try to make more people smile. Not fake or shallow smiles, but smiles that result from them knowing that I truly care about them.

      Lastly: care about yourself. The world doesn’t owe anyone anything, but if good works on your part land you good company, then that means you’ve earned them.

      Take care!

      -A Fellow Human

    • Zophiel says:

      The best thing for you to do is to find younger woman who are on the same path as you were!.What then?.Well inform them of your mistakes, and create a moral support group for them, I think women who are ex “sluts” should teach younger woman to be more confident.A perfect woman is a 20 year old with a mentality of 32 year old.You need to teach younger woman to overcome their self-esteem issues, and all their mental issues, so they don’t end up walking the same path as you did Daisy!.
      Daisy tell them what will happen to them, if they stay on that path for in the end your greatest fear is going to become a reality.You remain alone, and miserable that were the consequences of your actions.Teach them that each action has a reaction, and you will save some lives.Your sins will be absolved do some good repent, seek ye the word of God, seek ye the truth and all the best to you, I hope I’ll see you in heavens Daisy.Do as I instructed you, and we will make some room :).
      Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord most High!.

    • patriarch says:

      I knew a woman who befriended a girl at 13 that wanted to be promiscuous, and in order to hide her promiscuity, she ruined the 13 year old girl’s reputation and manipulated the naive child into believing that people had sex in high school and it was normal behavior. The 13 year old girl, growing up in a home without her father (her parents divorced very early in her life) and her mother was an alcoholic with a number of boyfriends over the years, did not know much about the world and believed this friend she had made (the girl was naive, obviously). The promiscuous and more knowledgeable, older girl would tell anyone she could about this young girl’s sexual experiences and publicly humiliated her at school and with every man that knew her so she would be labeled a slut and so the older girl would not be. She pretended to be her friend for years because it was convenient and she enjoyed ruining this girl’s life. The older girl only wanted to see this younger and naive girl grow up without a husband and be alone for her entire life. It did not help that when the young and naive girl became sexual with the first man she was ever touched by also told everyone he knew that she was a slut/whore. Men would only try to use her for sex after these two people spread these nasty rumors. This young girl, never being brought to church growing up because her mother does not believe in a god that punishes and throws you in a lake of fire, only wanted one partner in her entire life and did not understand relationship dynamics or how a woman would be perceived if she became sexual. Being an adult now, this young girl has seen her childhood friend that ruined her reputation get engaged (the promiscuous girl rubbed her engagement in the girl’s face. Mind you, this promiscuous woman still got engaged even though she cheated on the man), most people she knows have gotten married, started families or have children, and are making happy lives for themselves. Other girls growing up have not respected her, men tried using her for sex, and all the while this naive girl wanted what everyone else did and was misguided and trusted easily. Now that this girl is a woman, she has been treated very poorly by men, and her last man humiliated her and used her all the while telling her they would get married. She only wanted one man, and being a naive and overly emotional girl made her into a woman that no man wants. She was raised by a woman that did not care to teach her anything about the world and her father taught her important lessons too late in life. To men out there, if you want virgin women, don’t try forcing yourself on every young girl you see and then call them a whore to every person you know. That may help ensure that our women become good wives and mothers. If you can’t find a good woman and you’ve slept with 20+ women and have taken a number of virginities while calling these women whores, then maybe you are the very problem that you are trying to combat.

    • Rinon says:

      You don’t need to look away and act invisible. You may yet find someone who doesn’t care about your past. What you shouldn’t be doing is focusing on your past and wiring your brain with constant negative thoughts.

      Instead, take what you’ve learned and teach the younger people how they can avoid the same pitfalls. Maybe the next generation won’t shoot themselves in the feet.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Bobo and Dicipres, thank you for your replies…Both of you were rather kind
    As far as connecting with my femininity, etc what did you mean by that?
    I’m a veteran of the armed forces, have been out for almost four years, and I often struggle with this…I dont know how to connect with my femininity…what does that all mean?
    As far as emotional connection, is this evil, if I am not intending to marry this person?
    I had talked with another Christian woman, and she stated that this was not good for me as a woman, where I would carry on in a “friendship” because it still is a form of emotional connection…is that true?

    If I have any questions, can I continue to ask you guys for advice?


    • Depressed_Danny says:

      “As far as connecting with my femininity, etc what did you mean by that?”

      Don’t be bitchy. At least appear to be happy around your man. Do not test your man’s authority, unless it’s with good cause and done sparingly; also make sure only do so in private.

      Chuck your sweat pants (unless you actually work out hard and need them), and learn that nothing can be sexier then a medium length skirt and a blouse on a fit body.

      Dress like a woman, not a slut; you might think men find your yoga pants irresistible, but there are hundreds of thousands of western girls younger, hotter and more in shape than you wearing them, don’t be a fashion Sheep.

      Your man is in charge. If he doesn’t take charge odds are you will not be satisfied with him in the long run. If you insist on marrying a doormat, don’t be surprised to find yourself despising it.

      Don’t be boring in bed, and be willing to go to it at times when you don’t quite feel up to it. Men need sex, denying it is a recipe for disaster for both of you. You do not have to bang like a porn star, but don’t just lay there thinking of England.

      Men do not give a crap about anything you’ve ever done. Any career accomplishments, any courses you’ve taken, places you’ve been; most men will humour your stories the first few times in hopes of bedding you, but men do not define people by their degrees and credentials – an asshole with a Ph.D and an Oscar and 200 acres of land in the Yucatan peninsula is still at their root an asshole.

      Stay fit. If you are not in shape, get in shape and stay there. Learn to eat that crappy food women love in minuscule doses. Men’s sexual stimulation mostly comes from visual stimulation.

      Learn to listen to your man. The world, even today in the west, can be incredibly harsh for men – most women cannot understand this, since if they are not obese and horrendously ugly, they are spoon fed attention and good will. If a man is marriage minded he needs an anchor not just a steady source of sex. Accept that you will be an emotional sponge for his worries and woes; keep them close to your chest and reassure him that everything will be all right.

      Accept that you are not the centre of the world. The world is not ranked women, children and then men. If you have kids they are first and foremost in his mind, always, no exceptions – learn to live with this, since a lot of women have lost their innate motherly senses and will spite their children like there were siblings instead of her offspring.

      Show him by example that you can be trusted; a man does not perform his essential roles for society if he’s worried about the proverbial milk man showing up at his door and seducing you while he’s off winning bread, or the office lothario dragging you into the wash room and having a nooner. The jobs men have tend to be essential to keep society running; nobody wants to ride on a train where the conductor is worried about his wife soaking up the neighbours bedsheets, nobody wants an electrician wiring a building who’s too occupied wondering if the argument with his wife mean’s she’s going to drag him to court and take the majority of his belongings.

    • mikkolopez says:

      Keep good company, keep asking for help. Things will look up. 🙂

  10. Tony says:

    There is some true in all of this article. I had two virgin lovers in my life, and the emotional relationship that occurs with them is something very strong. It took me years to get rid of them.

    • A says:

      The fact that you wanted to ‘get rid’ of them proves a point: The fact that because they are virgins doesn’t make them any more likely to keep a man. This site is absolutely ridiculous, and the things that are said on here are beyond hilarious. I actually have never heard so many dumb hicks talk about virgins in this way. Grow up, get a life, and maybe you’ll all end up not being single and without a girl (because presumably you all have trouble keeping a woman). I can tell you that your problems with keeping a woman has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with them being sluts…but with your own insecurities and immaturity. Again…I say; grow up!

      • Anonymous says:

        It means he’s a player who is just there to fuck others. They didn’t read his intentions and went for sex. Number of sex partners at the age of 18 has different “weight” than, say, number of sex partners at the age of 28. 10 years difference tells a lot. If a woman has sex at the age of 18 it is a big difference. If she has slept with two guys already, that’s a good indicator. For a woman at the age of 28, having slept with one guy in her entire life is much more different and you might say she made a wrong decision. Having slept with two is totally different than when she is 18 years old. But if she is a virgin BY CHOICE at the age of 28, it means A LOT! And main problem is that both good and bad folks (both men and women) think they are entitled for the good persons. That’s the biggest screw-up.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh and another thing. Some of us who actually seek someone to spend life with, (or actually most of us who are still serious about it in modern age which abandons such concept) actually don’t want to “keep the woman we’re with”. We’re seeking for the one who is a good one for having a family, not to have sex with her. You’re living in a world of guys who pumped and dumped you too many times and you think that men “need” a woman in their lives. Wrong. We’re seeking the right one for a family. If we can’t find her and we want a family, we’ll rather go after surrogacy. Even though feminists are doing their best to keep the monopoly on children and have successfully lobbied to kick 15,000-22,000$ complete “surrogacy-plain tickets-hotel reservation” thing out of the window, there’s still Russia for as low as 20-25,000$. We don’t want sluts at our home, we’ll rather spend our eternity without them and have children via surrogacy.
        Btw, insurance & laws cover expenses of US women to carry pregnancy and all gynecologist treatments. We all pay it from our pockets – over 30,000$ per child born. Anyone reasonable concluded that “outsourcing” Indians was much better from economical standpoint, that’s why feminists lobbied a ban for single parents to do it.
        Each pregnancy costs a bit over 15,000$ on average, then C-Section which adds another 10,000$ on average (about 35% of babies are delivered via C-section), then 30 billion dollars of premature birth costs (estimate of over 7,000$ per all children born, when costs are equally divided), then all the potential problems which result with couples filing bankruptcy, and also about 1-1,5% of all children being born via artificial insemination methods/ivf, which generally costs more to be done in USA than to outsource indian woman & clinics to deal with the process. This was done in an independent study which prompted feminists to internationally lobby for laws that will BAN single parents from “outsourcing” Indian mothers. But it won’t stop other countries from offering their services. You see, when it comes to it, marriage is about stability and children. Sluts offer safety to NONE, plus they carry enormous risks to man’s life in every single sense. Since previous “players” never really bothered to marry, they could jump from one guy to another and then seek for a good, old nice guy to marry them. Now you see that 40-44 y/o male group has over close to 20% of non-married folks and this is a growing trend. This is all with the fact that immigrants (and their children) are the ones who actually marry close to 97%, like once US citizens did 50 years ago, but the trend shows that newer generations of immigrants will slowly fit into lives of average US citizens.

        Percentage of adult immigrants who are married is about 68%. Same percentage is close to 46% for NATIVE born adult citizens, including children of those immigrants. Percentages get lower and lower each year. It’s because “nice guys” are disappearing while generations of broken families are rather “cohabiting” and their fiancees are then playing nice and coercing them into marriage just like once it was with pregnancy (which is now bashed into the ground by many as a reason to marry, so you have about 50% of children born out of wedlock, not counting in children CONCEIVED out of wedlock and born into marriage).

  11. Anonymous says:

    “Conclusion – More premarital sex partners reduce the quality of the marriage (for men too BTW)”

    “Men should avoid using sluts for anything but sex without emotional connection.”

    I can’t quite get behind advocating such advice if men are more likely than women to be dissatisfied in relationships due to past sexual partners. Maybe we should leave the sluts to the PUA’s, and try to be as chaste as the women we want. If this correlation is also indicative of causation, then it looks like it would be to our benefit too.

    Granted that’s impossible for me now, since I’ve (regrettably) been a bit of a man-whore in my time. But honestly, I vacillate between wanting to be a completely hedonistic polyamorist, siring several children with different women whom I have moderate connections with, or being that good christian (yet atheist) man. These studies, plus child support laws, make me lean towards the latter, where I can more easily be master of my domain.

    • Depressed_Danny says:

      Men, however, are on the positive end of the double standard here. We can have sex without emotional attachment simply because our brains are hard wired for it. Yes, if you are speaking from living by example, it is a bit hypocritical and immoral to have sex with more then 15 women and expect to land a virgin – you have no right to be angry if you cannot find one in that situation.

      If, however, a man does indeed carry through with that scenario, the marriage itself is not heavily affected by the number of sexual partners the man has had. Men can still be loyal, loving husbands and good fathers with a high sexual partner count. It has been scientifically proven that women are incapable of being good mothers and loyal wives as their sexual partner count increases. (For example, re-read the above article).

      There’s a reason why both sexes look at women who are unmarried after 25 with automatic distrust. No matter what media and the shamers in our society may try to tell us, our innate instincts are good barometers of these things. Men’s feelings on the matter tend to be rational, and right.

      • Maxine says:

        15 partners!!!!! 15!!!!!???? You are a SLOB unworthy of LOVE. Go KILL yourself immediately – In this circumstance, you have no right to marry a VIRGIN. A pig is a pig, regardless if it is female or male – and PIGS DESERVE TO DIE. PERIOD. Your mother should also be executed for bringing filth like yourself into the world. If you do locate a woman STUPID enough to bear your children, I hope they are STILLBORN – it’s what you deserve for being so DIRTY. People like you are the reason God made HIV and AIDS – it;s to get rid of filth like you!!!!!!!

      • Guy says:

        At first I thought you were just being sarcastic, but then you showed just how angry you really are. Was it the title that pissed you off? Or is that the mood you get into every time you look in the mirror?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Bashing women for being promiscuous but failing to mention that men are obviously the other party involved. Okay, so here it is from a woman who does not allow men to use her body like a public toilet in the men’s room, women want to be loved and look to men to set the standards of what they expect and desire from women but they continue to chase the whores/sluts like dogs chasing bitches in heat, this message to women is clear moral, classy, chaste are not words used to describe desirable women, hot, sexy, scantily dressed are what men go after always have and always will. Now women don’t give a care, if a man can have lots of sex so can a woman, stop being hypocrites and making demands of women that you as men will never follow.

    • dicipres says:

      The focus of this site is to give advice to young men who want ‘traditional’ long lasting love and family at the current nihilistic and hedonistic culture. Not criticizing or changing or bashing the behavior of western women (which seems quite futile due to the feminist academic/politic/elite ‘girl-power’ establishment). Men have intuition regarding promiscuous women, and some innate repulsion to emotional attachment with them. The modern feminism blame such men of being, god help us, cave-men, primitive, etc…

      Family oriented men should be aware of the feminist lies and need to carefully choose and pursue the best women possible from the available selection. Men should be informed that their intuition is indeed right, promiscuous women make horrible LTR partners, and correlations indicating this are shown in various statistical data.

      “Now women don’t give a care, if a man can have lots of sex so can a woman, stop being hypocrites and making demands of women that you as men will never follow.”

      I would be a hypocrite if I was pro-equality. However, I am not pro-equality, men and women are different (especially due to the difference structure of their sexual organs) and sometimes different standards should be applied each gender.

      In the end, women can choose whatever men they like, men should choose to avoid promiscuous women for LTR. It might make you feel bad for some reason, but you can do nothing about it. This is our choice to make, not yours.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hey, they quiet, innocent, family oriented, virgin looking ones can also be the most dangerous. You never know. Once you pop, you can’t stop.

      • mikkolopez says:

        Just kill hedonism, debauchery, and promiscuity (or heavily discourage them), and bam! Less sexual and emotional baggage for the majority. :”)

        Honestly, Radical Feminism and the Sexual “Revolution” f*cked up modern society hard. Especially regarding sexual morality. Tsk, tsk.

      • Maxine says:

        YOU MORON! There is NO SUCH THING as traditional, long lasting love for a PIG like yourself! Unless you were a VIRGIN when you married – you deserve to DIE. PERIOD. NO EXCEPTIONS! Your mother should also be raped and killed in pubic since she is a dumb SLUT who likes to spread her legs – – you are a dirty piece of shit who has had pre-marital sex, therefore, YOU ARE A DISGRACE AND YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN DESERVE TO DIE. Death to you and your family of PIGS. I hope your wife slits your throat while you are sleeping – you are a disgrace to your family and will be (probably already are) a burden to your children. You are a promiscuous PIG unworthy of LOVE – may your children suffer the consequences of having a GARBAGE WORTHLESS FATHER.I bet your mother was just a dumb SLUT that your ugly father decided to stick his dick in one drunken night – the children of the whore will NEVER be ANYTHING but pigs and whores themselves – you and your children deserve to die! I hope they die a slow and painful death – one that a PIG like yourself deserves to watch!

    • John says:

      Equality problem: Men can sleep around and be judged as a hero while women who sleep around are called a slut.

      Feminist solution: We should start encouraging women that it’s ok to sleep around with many people and shame anybody for questioning their nature.

      My solution: Maybe we should stop encouraging men to sleep around with multiple women and actually seek out a normal relationship.

      Btw men call women who sleep around sluts and whores while women call men who sleep around players, pigs, perverts, dogs…etc. Though in my opinion for a better world we should stop judging and hating people we haven’t got to know. I think a lot of women who sleep around and truly want a good man should hear the point of this article. The point being good men don’t want women who sleep around. Having a lot of good women as female friends they don’t want a man who sleeps around. This is because sex means something to them.

      • mikkolopez says:

        Hear, hear!

        Just wait. Actively look for someone good, get married, then viola! Make all the love you want, without any emotional and sexual baggage! 😀

      • Maxine says:

        There are NO GOOD MEN. There are NO GOOD WOMEN. You are an idiot living in a fantasy world. People are basically WORTHLESS – regardless if they are men or women – you are ALL PIGS who deserve your Hep C and HIV – diseases that PIGS deserve. It’s very simple – you are making it more complicated than it really is. These dumb ass women want some guy to take care of them after they have swallowed a million dicks and been stuffed by a million cocks – and these shit ass men want some “good” woman to cater to them and bear their children after they are used up, middle-aged with BITCH TITS, and have NOTHING left but MONEY to give…you’re ALL a bunch of animals that deserve NEITHER family NOR children – you are NOT WORTH LOVING. PERIOD. You are WORTHLESS – go DIE. NOW. Sex is for MAKING CHILDREN – if you’re doing it for some other reason YOU SHOULD BE PUBLICLY EXECUTED because your a worthless PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mikkolopez says:

      Chill. Not every dude is a man-whore. Real men look for genuine love, relationship, then marriage, then kids.

      Players want sluts. They will, more often than not, never find true happiness. Real men look for ladies. They’re looking for a good relationship, not a f*ckfest.

      People just have to wait before sex, and actively seek for that prize catch. 🙂

    • Rinon says:

      This is a logical fallacy. You started with a false premise and so your entire argument became redundant.

      Let me spell it out for you so you don’t get it wrong next time. Women are more promiscuous than males, western society has just conditioned us to think only males desire sex and that women are far less interested in it in general. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is, as much as most men love sex, women crave it far more and from far more partners.

      Beside all this, as you’ve been made aware already, this article is not for the sluts or ‘pigs/dogs/man-whores/PUA’ or whatever you’d like to call them. See, your false premise is that all men slut around as much as you did when you were young and attractive. This is demonstrably false.

      This article is for men like myself who HAVEN’T been a slut, would like to start a family with a good woman and yet are repulsed by how fickle and promiscuous most females are. It’s disgusting. If that offends you, don’t scream abuse and feminist rhetoric, figure out why it makes you so angry and deal with it. Or don’t, I really don’t care if a slut is offended by facts.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Thank your for expressing yourself in a manner that is non offensive and true, there is no hope for the male/female relationship, girls have lost all contact to their fathers who would have instilled in them moral values as well as being able to accept the limitations on them because our bodies are smaller, weaker, we were created for an entirely different purpose. If you are a fair minded person than it would be just of you to admit that women could not be whores without men enabling them, older men chasing women half their age with an open wallet, young men tripping over themselves to bed them only validates the prostitute mentality. There are women who have all but given up and face the probability of being single forever because all the men want sex first, second or third date if it is not surrendered he moves on to a more compliant woman. Men and women would profit from going dutch on the dates it removes the unfairness of one person having to bear the burden of an empty wallet and can eliminate women who want a free meal and men who just want to get laid after the date.We are a consumer driven society and once male consumers start to demand higher standards from women they will quickly comply because no matter what a woman’s age no one wants to be alone. I hope you and the other men on this site find women who do not subscribe to the feminist propaganda and start to advise other men to shame women for being behaving as cheap whores instead of following them into bed. You have no idea the impact men would have on women once they start rejecting whores in favor of women who are chaste and moral.

    • Depressed_Danny says:

      The problem is that men are not psychic, we cannot sort out which woman is a keeper and which one is to be avoided all costs. We are vulnerable to the lies of unscrupulous women. The majority of young women, who are not horrendously ugly and obese, use their license to solicit freebies and ‘guilt free’ sex from hopeful, romantic men without restraint. Even the most loyal of dogs can be kicked so much before it finally starts to bite back.

      Men are rational, we did not grow up in caves, and we can see evidence of women’s dark, default nature all around us. When 7/10 women we find sexually attractive ARE sluts, ARE gold diggers, ARE liars, ARE cruel and spiteful, then it’s irrational to bet our hearts and souls and give the benefit of the doubt that the women we encounter are in the safe 30%. A woman can deceive for a long time, and despite our tough talk and rational minds men can easily fall in love with a doppelgänger.

      The 30% of women who are sympathetic, empathetic, semi-rational and loyal do not have to stray far from their nest to land a worthy man, nor do they wait long. There simply is not enough worthy women to go around for the worthy men. Are those of us who are screwed by simple chance simply supposed to live a celibate life, living a virtuous example straight into our lonely graves?

      There is not enough time to sift and sort through the dirt to find the jewels. Men have more important things to do then vet every single woman they have eyes for. We’re too busy running the important parts of the world, and fighting the damage unrestrained feminism has wrought on us.

      The onus is on women to ‘women up’ if they want to live lives full of love, safety and comfort. All but the most dedicated cads and PUAs would disappear overnight if women learned how to respect themselves and how to love men once more. If you read most of the PUA blogs, you’ll actually find that most of the lotharios are simply men trying to survive in a loveless world.

      George Carlin said it best; “Inside every cynic is a disappointed idealist.” Inside every player there is a disappointed man.

      Women, give us an initiative to love you, and the vast majority of men will take it.

  14. Wet Willy says:

    @Anon 17:34 – Men are rejecting sluts….for marriage. A simple and unyielding truth; women are the gatekeepers of sex, men the gatekeepers of commitment. If either party should fail in their duty few will shed tears for them for judgement, discretion, and impulse control are the difference between mankind and animal.

    Spin your head around the “that’s not fair” meme to your own demise.

    • A says:

      advice coming from ‘Wet Willy’? No offence princess, but I think you should stick your advice where it belongs…In the aforementioned orifice.

    • John says:

      Relationships now a days seem to be based around sex first and everything else later. It should be the other way around in my opinion. But with dating today men are taught that to get a girlfriend or at least a girl who will give you a chance, you need to build up sexual attraction first and everything else will come naturally later. The men who follow this seem to get results while the men who don’t rarely date or even get considered to be dated. I’ve seen a lot of this from personal observations, hearing people complain, and experience.

    • Maxine says:

      MAN is an ANIMAL, you fucking moron, there is NO DISTINCTION. God, you’re STUPID. No wonder no one wants to FUCK or MARRY YOU!!! lol…

  15. anonymous says:

    I wanted to leave this here as thought… What do you guys think of this?
    This is from the Daily courage website today

    “So Jacob served seven years to get Rachel, but they seemed like only a few days to him, because of his love for her.
    (Genesis 29:20)

    Ferenc Visky

    Jacob had to serve Laban for seven years under difficult conditions to get his wife Rachel. In fact, the whole period of his service amounted to twenty years (Genesis 31:41). Love delivered him from the tyranny of time. Where love is, there is eternity, timelessness.

    Convicts in prison undergo the heaviest crisis when the last remains of a life in freedom are taken from them. I went through that crisis together with eight other brothers – our heads were shaved bald and we were given striped prison clothes. Our sentences varied from eighteen to twenty-two years’ imprisonment. We had to give up the life we had led until then. All of this was accompanied by derision and rough abuse from the guards, between grey walls with barred windows. All of us bore the visible signs of our readiness to die in silence. But we also experienced the comfort of the Lord in this desperate situation. He sent us this text, “…they seemed like only a few days to him, because of his love for her.” I whispered it in the ear of the brother who stood beside me and he passed it on to the next. As if in a holy relay, it passed the whole row, “…because of his love for her.”

    God, too, loved us so much that He sacrificed His own beloved Son with joy to save us. Jacob didn’t count the years, the only thing that counted for him was Rachel. Even during the long years of service he was a free man. Love made him free. When the apostle Paul speaks about his suffering for the name of Jesus, he says that the troubles are “light and momentary” (2 Corinthians 4:17).

    When you love the Lord, your captivity for His sake, your suffering for Him is light and a pleasure.

    Ferenc Visky is from Romania. He and his wife write in a moving way about their life with the Lord despite heavy persecution”

    • Maxine says:

      There are NO MEN living today capable of this kind of LOVE or COMMITMENT – they are all WEAK. So are the WOMEN. There is no hope. People are basically GARBAGE.

  16. Professor says:

    There is so much truth underlying this “emotion” / intuition of most men against marrying a promiscuous woman – despite all the “modern” brainwashing they have undergone. Men would be well-advised to avoid falling in love with a woman whose past is not entirely known… – most “easy” women will resort to outright lies regarding their sexual history. The latter behavior is another tell-tale sign of their character.
    (Post written by a Professor of Medicine who has seen lots of trouble with his patients…)

    • A says:

      Again…it’s a vicious cycle. We all make mistakes (and some have bad things happen to us), and men don’t quite understand that. So, of course, a woman who would like a fresh start would want to prevent her partner from knowing that. Again…grow up…for heaven’s sake. If God can forgive the prostitutes…why can’t you? You all consider yourself to be ‘God-fearing’ men, presumably….so this entire blog is incredibly offensive in that you are persecuting women, rather than ‘forgiving’ them.

      • Anonymous says:

        there is nothing wrong with judging a potential mate, people do it all the time. By the way in my experience you cant be too forgiving when it comes to promiscuity they would just keep doing in it. Is not about prosecuting but selecting.

    • Maxine says:

      And what about the lies YOU tell, professor? Are YOU CHASTE?

      Probably not! Probably just another PIG attempting to display some kind of moral FORTITUDE – well, too late! YOU are just as worthless as the dumb SLUT down the street.

      And for future reference – DON’T tell us about how you’re a PROFESSOR of MEDICINE – you’re just exposing yourself – we all know that THOSE WHO CAN’T DO, TEACH – teaching is where we stick all the NON-INTELLIGENT idiots who are TOO INCOMPETENT TO DEAL WITH ACTUAL PATIENTS!!!!

      So, STOP LYING to everyone about how much trouble you’ve seen with your patients, PROFESSOR – because we KNOW YOU AREN’T A REAL DOCTOR!!!!!

      You’re just a promiscuous PIG FUCK LIAR who thinks his DEGREE makes him a decent person – IT DOESN’T – so get over yourself!!!! You’re just a dumb promiscuous PIG!

  17. itstheotherwayaround says:

    The only way to know that you’re worth something as a man is if you can get one of these so called slutty women to commit. I’ve seen it happen. Women who have been around quite a bit find the man of their dreams and she is head over heals and loyal. The whole thing is that these men never tried to change her. It was voluntary on her part.

    It’s so easy to get a little goody goody girl to commit because they’re already used to being sexually inexperienced. That’s easy. Now get one of these so called sluts to be 100% all yours? You da man! Especially if you’re just being yourself and you don’t try to buy her affections. Then you know she truly loves you because she commits to you based on her feeling and not what society tells her to do.

    • dicipres says:

      I present the following analogy of your re-framing of the relation between men and promiscuous women.

      Lets say a person wants to purchase a product.
      Buyer: I want to buy the best possible product that I can afford.
      Seller: We have a product to sell you. It is very expensive and might break and ruin your life. You need to keep spending money on it to maintain it. But if you buy it will show you had a lot of money. Only rich men can buy it (“real men”)!.
      Buyer: So should I buy it to get validation from others? I can show that I have a lot a money and buy the best product, not the crappy expensive one.

      The vast majority of women today are slutty and quite proud of it (e.g. slut walks, magic mike success, gaggles, etc etc etc) and not worthy of marriage. Actually finding a good girl and wifing her up is much much harder than finding another slut. Getting the good girl is a demonstration of real masculinity.

      We don’t need your validation, and btw, I advise you to send your rationalization hamster to the Olympics, I see potential.

      • A says:

        That is beyond offensive!!! Women are NOT OBJECTS OR PRODUCTS….nor do we require you spending money on us! I am a (very successful) lawyer, and I do not need a man to buy me things. So the entire idea of a man ‘buying me’ is, in itself, preposterous and offensive.

      • wbotb says:

        Oooooo I smell male tears and butthurt. Hahahahhaha.

      • wbotb says:

        Also, I think you already took the prize here with your hamster wheel philosophy you fool.

      • wbotb says:

        You sound like a sore loser to me because I’ve been winning in this game. It’s so much delicious easy fun I just can’t stop. You would gloat too if you were winning so stop hating. Just except it.

      • wbotb says:

        You’re the hamster wheel head there. That was the all time dumbest thing I’ve ever read in my life. The last thing I need is validation from any man. It’s just not natural. So, I’m not rationalizing. I’m just being brutally honest.

      • Maxine says:

        I bet your mother is a fucking cocksucking SLUT! Just ask your FATHER (if he’s still around, to be honest, you sound like a real faggot whining on your blog about how you can’t find virgins to fuck – I would have abandoned you IMMEDIATELY! Who wants a SON that fucking weak! What an embarrassment! Why haven’t your parents killed you yet!?!?!?)

        You’re mother was probably too dumb to be a WHORE – WHORES get paid for the WORK they do – and everyone knows that MEN are WORK. Not enjoyment, but WORK…you are a fucking CHORE, and NO ONE loves their CHORES. REMEMBER THAT! YOU ARE A CHORE, THEREFORE, NO ONE CAN LOVE YOU BECAUSE NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND CAN LOVE A CHORE, especially when that CHORE is a MAN!!! Totally worthless, why would any woman want you or want to bear your children, you stupid, impotent fuck!

        So…not a whore then – too stupid for that – your mother is just a SLUT then, I guess…

        POOR YOU – no wonder you can’t find a “good” woman – your role model is a fucking worthless SLUT who deserves to DIE!

        Well, at least you have something to look forward to – your stupid SLUT mother dying!!! Won’t that be a happy day! I’m sure the world will instantaneously become a better place the minute your dumb slut cunt mother leaves it!!! HOORAY for PROGRESS!!!!

      • Maxine says:

        What kind of a PRODUCT was your MOTHER?

        I bet the product was USED…ask your father about your worthless slut mother.

    • Bohème Chinois says:

      Just don’t get married, men. It’s pointless.

      Women wanted equality, and now they have it. Marriage is a traditional institution. Women have become modern.

      Refuse to give them the benefits of both worlds.

      Go on a marriage strike! If you must marry, go foreign in non-feminist countries!

      As for American women, stick with pump ‘n’ dump! Fuck ‘n’ chuck!

      • itstheotherwayaround says:


      • wbotb says:

        Oh the butthurt lmao

      • Maxine says:

        EXACTLY! Finally someone who GETS IT!

        I’m sure your father “fucked and chucked” your own mother – exactly what that stupid SLUT CUNT BITCH deserved!!!!!

        If you think about it, the only thing that stupid bitch did for you was spread her legs and SHIT YOU OUT! Not that fucking hard, if you ask me!!!!

        I’m sure your dumb slut mother will get exactly what she deserves!!!! She’s a PIG and deserves to SUFFER! I hope you get to watch this PIG get what’s coming to her! Good for YOU!

  18. Francis says:

    How you say that a divorce caused your father to lose his shop. Prime and subtle example of how women with the help of the family courts are destroying the fabric of the economy once small piece at a time.

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  20. Bonnie says:

    I’m curious…is a promiscuous man as unworthy of love an commitment as a promiscuous woman, in your opinion? I understand that the target audience here is young men seeking advice on choosing a suitable partner, and I agree that trying to turn a party girl into a housewife is often fruitless.

    But, in my opinion, if one desires a worthy mate, one must also BE a worthy mate. A chaste woman should follow her gut and reject promiscuous men as potential mates – do you agree? Do you believe that men have a responsibility to remain chaste and that promiscuous men are less deserving of chaste women? If so, do you believe our societal attitudes reflect this and/or that young men are being adequately instructed to remain chaste for their future wives?

    I’d love to hear your thoughts!

    • dicipres says:

      In general, men should decide what women are worthy of their love and women can decide for themselves what men are worthy of their love.

      Since men’s and women’s sexual organs are different, their sexual agendas are different and we cannot imply that what is true for men is true for women due to some ‘there should be equality’ type symmetry. Maybe the most significant difference is that women can know for sure that their children are truly their own, which significantly reduces women’s potential for damage to her reproductive success due to her partner infidelity and I suppose it can explain why women seem to have less ‘disgust’ to promiscuous men than the gut-feeling men got for promiscuous women.

      However, from the data we indeed do see that the number of sexual partners also have a negative influence of men’s ability to bond and thus higher risk of divorce and less happy marriages. So yes, definitely you should take your partner number into account and prefer a lower number mate for marriage.

      BTW, maybe in a perfectly hedonistic and individualistic society, where social contracts are basically worthless, nobody is worthy to be loved. Imagine a society where monetary contracts are ignored like modern wedding vows are today. All transactions would have to be immediate, no long term contracts can be made because there is no way to enforce them (kind of like the sexual hookup culture for the sexual market).

      • wbotb says:

        I detest promiscuous men and so do 100% of all women.

        No they are not worthy of a woman’s love. You don’t like it? Tough shit!

    • Maxine says:

      He is used and deserves to DIE – are you stupid?

      Being pure is being pure. there are no in-betweens. a PIG is a PIG and deserves to DIE – PERIOD – NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!

      If you give yourself to a man knowing that he is promiscuous – YOU ARE A PIG just like he is (it is the equivalent of sleeping with everyone he has slept with! Do you want to sleep with ALL of those people? If the answer is YES, then you are a STUPID DIRTY SLUT who shouldn’t expect to be loved because you’re not WORTHY!

  21. guest says:

    Sexist men don’t deserve to be loved either…you heard it here first 😉

    • dicipres says:

      The term “sexist” is very wide and is used to describe anyone not agreeing with feminism ideology. Also, statements are pretty easy to make. If you actually had some data supporting your claim than maybe I’d listen to you. Currently you make nothing but childish name calling.

      • Maxine says:

        Uh…there was no name calling. It was just a statement.

        The fact that you can’t differentiate between a statement and name calling serve as more proof that men shouldn’t love SLUTS and that your own mother must be a fucking promiscuous PIG – also, you sound like a foreign idiot in all of your replies – this makes me think that you’re not just the son of a dumb slut bitch, but also a dumb sand nigger as well. FIGURES. Only the sand niggers want VIRGINS to stick their dirty, diseased, promiscuous cocks into! Typical sandy, dusty, hypocrites!

        On second thought, maybe you should settle for SLUTS – you probably already have most of the diseases they have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Better yet, go fuck your own mother – I bet that SLUT is used to a ton of dirty cock going in and out of all her orifices! Stupid dirty cunt!

    • wbotb says:

      Look at all the butthurt men here giving you the thumbs down. Let’s have a virtual laugh at their shame…hahahahhaha!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Well, I am proud to say that I am in fact, a virgin. I was raised in a very strict Catholic family and my moral standards are extremely high for myself and others.

    But to be honest, if anybody on this thread were to meet me, you probably wouldn’t like me lol. Like I said I have EXTREMELY high moral standards and nobody is exempt.

    In fact, a lot of men would probably just want to throw me into a volcano as a sacrificial offering.

    • Bill says:

      I think you’re completely wrong that we wouldn’t like you. I may not meet your high moral standards. But you’re certainly worthy of the greatest respect possible. And that’s the difference in the minds of men, whether they admit it or not. Sluts are just commodities, and chaste women are pure magic. And you don’t even have to be with them to respect and admire them. I’d take far more pride in getting turned down by you, than having great success with 1,000 whores.

      I do think the PUA/game b.s. is pure hypocrisy though. We may not think of male sexuality in the same stark terms. But the hypocrisy is obvious when they start bitching about sluts, who are their main targets and mating strategy. I think of them as more pathetic than anything.

  23. sofi says:

    I think men should uphold themselves to the standard they want women to be. If there is no demand there is no supply and vice versa. As far as who deserves love , I think slutty women desrve slutty men and they should keep away from chaste people.
    As a women who have been chaste all my life, finding a chaste male is almost imposible mission but still I dont want a man with a promiscuious past . First of all I do not think promiscuious men deserve chaste women I dont want some dirty “manwhore” to touch me , second its difficult to trust them how do I know he’s not taking an offer from another women behind my back, third from my experience there are a liitle number of people who actually change their behaviour after marriage most probably promiscuious men will still be promiscuious even after marriage something every chaste women should know to avoid a broken home.
    I generally do agree with your post, and I also do advise chaste women to stick to chast men and avoid temptation from “badboys”, “manwhores” , “studs” or whatever you wanna call them.

    • ar10308 says:

      I totally agree with you on this (being a chaste man myself).

      In the context of Christianity, Scripture tells us to “not be unequally yoked” when we enter into marriage. That wisdom also relates to sexual experience and SMV. Equally yoked and equally matched is ideal for marriage.

  24. Daniel Why says:

    Your conclusion is faulty in that it at once accepts the validity of a male to be 5.3% less satisfied in his marriage for every sexual partner he’s had (on average) and yet you advocate screwing around for random hook-ups. You advocate “using sluts for sexual experiences without emotional connection”, yet shame them for doing the same.

    It seems that you were hurt by a slut who wanted less from you than vice versa. I’ve been there before too. Yet sincerely advocating reckless promiscuity is destructive to yourself and anyone who believes this crock of shit.

    And to the guy who advocating following Tyler Durden’s model: 1. He’s a movie character and not real. Do you understand the difference? 2. People who leave children to wander the Earth without their fathers are leaving a hole in the child’s heart, though given the father’s lack of morality in the first place, it might be preferable to his presence, and 3. Know your woman well before getting married. Make sure she’s in it for the right reasons. Then again, one of the most opaque blinders to another person’s moral flaws are their own.

  25. Sick of Double Standards says:

    “Men should avoid using sluts for anything but sex without emotional connection.” Invalidates your post and pretty much your whole blog for me. But then men are capable of treating a long-term wife like a piece of used meat, having a so-called “midlife crisis,” taking up with the office ho-worker, subsequently abandoning a good and faithful wife and tearing a family completely asunder. This particular brand of entitlement is the legacy of patriarchy which was and is an evil institution. Young patriarch.. old patriarch…any patriarch is not worth the powder to blow him to hell.

    Want to find out how a men should handle their sexuality without being patriarchs? Read here:

    • dicipres says:

      “Young patriarch.. old patriarch…any patriarch is not worth the powder to blow him to hell.”


      • wbotb says:

        I wish that there would be a woman out there who would video record all her sexual escapades, pretend to be miss little goody two shoes and then marry a male chauvinist pig. Then when she’s ready to walk on their 20th anniversary, make a compilation I all her fuck vids as a nice little anniversary gift for his viewing. That will serve him right for being the misogynist pig he is.

  26. Professor says:

    Well, this is a very old controversy between (many) men and (some) women (I suppose). Remarkably many men are ready to engage in casual sex – only to turn out to be the “gatekeepers of commitment”, as someone wrote above. They do so for an instinct that must tell them something very valid about (long-term) mate selection – otherwise it would not have emerged or at least would be less prevalent.

    While not EVERY easy woman is of poor character, the odds are (higher) that she will be emotionally unstable, dishonest, more demanding (yes, dare to admit it!), more self-centered, less likely to honor commitment… Causality can be debated for sure, but there cannot be the slightest doubt that the correlation exists.

    Hence the blog offers good advice to any young man considering one of the biggest investments he will make in is whole life: marrying. I can only endorse its writer here.

    Just for the record:
    I once made the mistake to engage with a (previously) promiscuous woman. She lied about her number (“had a wild youth”, but “Less than a dozen” men…), however, she had slept her way through most of her male friends and fellow-students when young. I dumped her after finding out – would never have been able to fully trust her again (although I like to believe that she never cheated on me. (Despite the good time we had together, at the end of the day I wasted two years of my life on her.) I am mentioning this only because someone mentioned that men resent “sluts” if and when they want more of them than they can get. In my case at least it was just the other way around.

    • Anonymous says:

      i dated my ex girlfriend for two years only to find out she was extremely promiscuous, while the whole time telling me she loved me and wanted to get married. If you want to be promiscuous then stay single don’t lie your way to commitment. I am sorry but feminism has destroyed morality and traditional family values. You can argue that is good or bad whatever just take a look around you.

  27. says:

    What is wrong with you ? You should leave judgement to God. You just said
    ” Men shouldn’t use sluts for anything but sex.”……, are u God ? Sure sounds like you think u are. I have an idea. LETS JUST NOT USE PEOPLE REGARDLESS WHAT WE HAVE JUDGED THEM TO BE . As for labeling women….. You will stand BESIDE them before God NOT IN FRONT or on TOP.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I have a bf and he makes me happy, but my comment about this is…most men don’t deserve to have sex.

  29. Eddy Ova says:

    yes i agree with comments…involved me with a girl or rather she with me…stole me from the mother of my child…fucked with all the uniform men wardens and policemen…i found to late and wanting to leave her found out she was pregnant…i wanna go for dna test cos i dont think the child is mine….women are fucked up and sly…be careful of them

    • Danny says:

      None of that would be possible without “rights.”

    • Bonnie says:

      “Stole you” from the mother of your child? Man up and take responsibility for your own stupidity and promiscuity. YOU are as much a slut as she is for fathering a bastard child and then stepping out on him/her and your child’s mother. Shame on you.

  30. Frank says:

    It’s quite simple really(and kinda funny)
    Marriage now days is like buying a rental car.nobody in their right mind would buy a rental’s got many’s been used
    and abused(a couple people might’ve even farted on it)you have no clue who’s been inside the damn’s women are that rental I would just lease(sleep around till your cock falls off.

  31. SeriousJay says:

    well i will certainly agree on that one. and what is very sad now, they are everywhere these days. it is very obvious why us good straight guys can’t meet a decent woman anymore.

    • Jess says:

      Why is this so one way?! Men are more slutty and there are no decent men around!!! This whole website and all the sexist things people are saying are DISGUSTING. Why are peoples’ morality levels assumed based on sexual partners? Some of the most DECENT people I know have slept with a lot of people, and some of the WORST with no ethics have slept with very few, swanning around judging others… why don’t you all get on with your lives, or go back to your pathetic religions or controlling families.

  32. Ispeakthetruth says:

    This post failed as soon as the author mentioned that “real love” means reproducing. Hopefully he’s not as much of a pussy as his words here would have us believe…. I’m surprised, whoever you are (the author), that you think allowing a girl to have that kind of power over you in bed somehow doesn’t make her also a piece of meat for the time being, just because you love her, and make you a total weakling. Because it does.

    Your other comments about sluts are neither here nor there. Address your own failures if you’re going to address others’.

  33. anna says:

    How about loving the person for who he or she is? Instead of counting the number of partners that person has been with why not get to know the person on a deeper level and learn if he/she is a good friend, if he/she is honest, if he/ she is trustworthy and if they would make a good parent. There are descent women who have gone through the misfortune of marrying and falling in love with the wrong guy. Are these women damaged goods? What about getting raped or abused as a child? I agree that a woman that is excessively promiscuous has serious emotional and selfesteem problems and is not fit for a stable relationship, but there are many women who are not sluts who have had a few partners and just been unlucky… should these women be judged as well?

    My personal experience as a woman is that this has nothing to do with the number of partners or the preservation of a woman’s hymen, instead it has to do a lot more with the woman’s attitude and her self/respect. If she is confident, strong, demands respect and at the same time loving, men really dont care how many men she has slept with because this type of woman, when she settles she is serious and she won’t fuck the guy over. An insecure virgin is the same as a slut and probably worse because the guy thinks he is getting a great deal but then he is stuck with a nagging whiny bitch 24/7 so he leaves her and then the bruised ex-virgin goes into slut mode. We all make mistakes we are all human and expecting people to be virgins or alpha males is unrealistic cause its the minority… the rest of us are horny beta monkeys who should learn to chill and accept each other for what we are… human imperfect and flawed.

    • sway says:

      Women who “make mistakes” in their youth aren’t our problem as men. Whether or not someone was abused, made mistakes, doesn’t matter. To THEM. It matters to the guy. It’s not my job to fix someone’s broken past just as much as isn’t their problem to fix mine. Your entire post could be shortened to “why do my actions have consequences?”

    • John says:

      From what I’ve seen good women don’t want men who sleep around. Yeah a woman can make mistakes and then change for the better. But what I’m seeing from culture is that a lot of women sleep around with immature men who do the same thing before the age of 30. Then at 30 they want a decent man because they can’t seem to sleep with those immature men as often or as easily anymore. It’s different if you truly change or if you’re just accepting the way things are. Thing is good men looking for a relationship and not a sexual conquest don’t get looked at for dating much until a certain age (30 as I’ve been told). Then they know/ feel that they’re only wanted by this woman because she knows she can’t sleep around with any man she wants anymore. The type of woman good men want, want a good relationship based off love. If they have the looks to be able to sleep with any man they want but yet they choose not to that says a lot about them.

    • Fighting for 'sluts' says:

      I agree with you, except why does a woman who has had sex with a lot of people unfit for a relationship? Having self esteem issues does not mean you are incapable of being loved! In fact… these are the EXACT type of people that probably just need a decent partner so they can feel good about themselves again and gain a sense of stability. You’re the one who said people are only human and ‘flawed’, so why is having a low self esteem and a bit of promiscuity the worst trait of them all?

      • Conscious love means having pity for others. Because you know they’re going to age and die. It’s what in Christianity means loving your enemy. It’s why Buddha sat under the Bodhi Tree. But this doesn’t mean being blind to reality. It is complete madness for a man to saddle himself with an unstable promiscuous woman. This is why ancient cultures promoted chastity. If you want to do something well, such as nurture a family, you have to do it right. And this means choosing a woman-mother as opposed to a woman-prostitute. Otherwise, it is better for everyone if a man gives up women altogether and pursues religion.

        The saying goes that when farmer’s taking his vegetables to market, if they fall off the back of the wagon they’re spoiled forever. This applies to women. Women-prostitutes deserve to be hated and despised because the threaten the nuclear family.

    • wbotb says:

      Because men who agree with this authors philosophy are losers and will amount to nothing.

  34. Mavellian says:

    Reblogged this on Notes Of Man and commented:
    A Great read. Men become aware of the different types of women. Not every women is a slut but the odds of meeting one is far greater. Use sluts for what they are, sluts. You can`t make a hoe into a house wife. Stay safe.

  35. It’s not that they don’t deserve to be loved, I really feel this sentiment is an artifact of a good deal of cultural bitterness. It is that they cannot be trusted enough to be committed to. This doesn’t preclude love of a type or affection, sluts are not simple cum buckets they are emotional beings, women, with loves and desires and hates, but whose poor impulse control and urges towards promiscuity makes then not trustworthy committed mates and marriage partners.

    At one time this was understood and appreciated. The West never was truly monogamous, rather a man had one true wife, but men did have mistresses. Some women were wife material, others were not. Men even in the days of ancient Greece loved their mistresses or hetaeratae, but they wisely kept them mistresses, and not wives.

    So love is not the issue, investment in someone who will give you good or bad returns is.

    Before 19th century romanticism and victorian prudery, in many ways sexuality was understood in Western Christendom far better than it is today, even by so-called “red pill” types. Marriage was primarily monogamous as a rule but men could and often did have mistresses in particular if they had some means. People did have sex before and outside of marriage, it was wisely kept to a minimum, and only with certain kinds of women, the church wisely frowned upon it and urged chastity. Things happened, it was dealt with in a reasonable and natural manner.

    Sluts have always existed, study history and literature, at one point of time men knew what you do, and do not do, with sluts and whores. And even still, long ago, most whores eventually got married after a point in the lower classes. Upper class men recruited many, made them into mistresses and consorts, and also sometimes married them. But for the most part they were kept in the role of women of pleasure. They could be loved, and often were loved passionately.

    But not exclusively.

    • Bonnie says:

      I respect your thoughtful and well-articulated opinion here, and I appreciate the fact that you acknowledge women as human beings who deserve love. However, it is unacceptable for a man to expect a 100% commitment from a wife whilst he sleeps around with mistresses and whores. It’s unsafe, it could (and often does) result in broken homes and bastard children, it often causes financial ruin, and it spreads diseases. Any person – male or female – who sleeps around outside of their marriage is a slut and is underserving of commitment.

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  37. fuck says:

    You are all hypocritical, outdated idiots. Man the fuck up. Why are you so worried about your “manhood” being toyed with because of some womans experienced vagina. Fools. Sorry your mothers and fathers failed you. Also, spell check and elementary english teachers. You could use some help there, as well.

    • Theo says:

      This isn’t just a matter of a woman’s vagina being experienced. Men and women are held to certain standards. Some are societal, some are biological. You can fight for society to change and adopt your views if enough people feel the same way. However, you can’t fight your biology.

      Whether or not your sexual history is deemed acceptable is dependent on your mating strategy. If you have no desire to get married and you want to live as a single mother, then by all means sleep around. But if you want to get married you can’t just focus on what you want. Marriage is a partnership. You can’t just snap your fingers after you say “I Do” and turn into a husband or a wife. Marriage is something you work towards from childhood. You have to live your life in a manner that will honor your future spouse. So for marriage minded people who spend their entire lives preparing for marriage, it’s a slap in the face when they find out that their partner has spent his or her life satisfying his or her own selfish desires while still being entitled to everything you’ve sacrificed.

      When a man is uneasy about a woman’s past, I get really annoyed when a woman says “It’s not a competition” or “You’re just being insecure”… Of course it’s a competition!! Take a look at nature! Everywhere you look you see males competing for the approval of females. Bucks locking antlers to show their strength and ability to protect the herd, birds building nests to show their dependability and resourcefulness, birds coming up with some elaborate display to show off their genetic superiority, etc. In what world would it be okay for a doe to mate with every buck in area and then expect the victor to risk his life protecting the herd, never knowing if the fawns are actually his? Humans are no different except that sex is not just a means of procreation, it’s also an expression of love, appreciation and bonding. But just like procreation, men have to compete with one another to earn the love and respect of a woman through kindness, compassion, loyalty, protection, provision, etc. So when a promiscuous woman longs for marriage, from the man’s perspective she’s given away the “prize” to undeserving men and still expects you to pick up the tab (i.e. a life long commitment). Now marriage is a wonderful thing, don’t get me wrong, but it’s hard work so a man wants to feel like he’s actually earned something of value, and as we all know value is partly determined by rarity, or in this case exclusivity.

      In summary, a woman who sleeps around is going against the natural order of things, and men are naturally programmed to reject women who exhibit such behavior.

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  43. Anonymous says:

    women are whores

  44. Anonymous says:

    A slut is just a slut and that’s without the controversy

    • Anonymous says:

      There aint no such thing as a man slut. Men can’t get pregnant and they certainly don’t own vaginas. A key that unlocks all locks is a master key. A lock that is unlocked by all keys is…..well you know the rest…we are different.

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  46. rolf says:

    fuck you. how dare you dehumanize people, just because of their past. how does this article make you any better than ‘feminists’ that you hate so much? is it crazy to think that everyone deserves equal fucking rights? i don’t care about your statistics, or faulty logic. every person is deserving of love, even misogynistic assholes like you.

  47. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe these misogynistic bigoted opinions actually still exist in the 21st century. A woman’s body and her sexuality is her own, and not another tool for a man to use to decide how woman “should” be. A woman’s worth is not valued by the number of sexual partners she’s had. What a woman choses to do with her own body and how she choses to express her sexuality is exactly that – her choice, one that should be of concern to no one else and gives no indication of her character or worth as a person. There is nothing wrong with having conservative attitudes towards marriage and sex, but stereotyping all women who have had more than 5 sexual partners as “sluts that don’t deserve to be loved” perpetuates the unrealistic, oppressive, and frankly repulsive view that women’s only value lies in their chastity. You may think that these “promiscuous” women are undeserving of your love, but until you stop forcing your outdated judgements onto an entire gender, you are the one undeserving of a woman’s love.

    • edward ova says:

      Hey women should be judged and finish. they cause unecessary wars and think they are Gods gift to men. they think they control men with thier pussies…disgusting. they came from mens rib and not the oher way around. they will be second in they pecking order. I dont know way men still sympathise tolarate thier shit. they should just be given rice and water in a hotbox till they submit. bye

    • joe says:

      and you don’t get to dictate what men find desirable in a woman. now shut the fuck up you slutty cunt.

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  49. Anonymous says:

    This is absolutely disgusting. You should be ashamed of your ignorant self.

  50. Anonymous says:

    This is still the most absolute personal.observation I have found on the net.

  51. j says:

    My brother who I have to say is a manwhoreeeee! Also said this and I was like thats ridiculous. Now Im a 22yr old female virgin but personally I don’t think its about the #of sexual partners but instead the attitude. Personally I went to an all girls highschool, had parents that hovered over me til univ then got to univ and realized I didn’t like to share so the ‘hookup culture’ wasnt for me nd therefore there was pretty much no chance for a rel. (My school is on the top end of the list for the hookup culture, sex then relationship is the motto). I also traveled a lot I was away in France my junior yr for 7months nd currently im in kenya for a yr (just graduated in may–neither place–france/kenya has presented me with options for a relationship nd I wasn’t particularly interested in pursuing one…im traveling not looking for love) Anyway I think my experience is very very abnormal. I think that if a woman gets married at 30 shes bound to have had more than 5 partners and its ok! For instance she starts at 13-15 (1), 16-17 (1). then in college perhaps 3, then maybe four bt 22-30. That’s already 9/10. I think that’s acceptable if they were all serious nd she wasn’t just “hooking up” nonchalantly she was spending time getting to know them, valuing her body, etc. Its all about the circumstances! I never tell ppl im a virgin right off the bat bc nowadays they assume that im some type of prude just bc ive never done anything(thats right anything.more than a kiss) but I dance at parties( grinding all that!), I drink(shots everything), I spent spring break in cancun, watch porn, know my preferences sexually, etc. The only reason I’m a virgin is bc of my circumstances im not “waiting for marriage” . Nd yes I think sluts are dangerous but I rly don’t think that a woman with more than 5 is a slut or even dangerous just as I don’t think that with 0 i am a prude/unadventurous….its all about circumstances to me. What do you all think?

    • Anonymous says:

      I think that if you just watch the bullshit feminist attitude you might make a decent and happy wife to someone one day. If that feminist rationalization gets the better of you though you’ll slut out and become just another whore.

      I’m very much in demand as an eligable male but girls who slut out become nothing but whores in my eyes deserving only of being treated as fuck toys. No decent man would give everything he is to some girl whose been railed by a football teams worth of random horn dogs.

  52. Problem with study no. 1:
    Obviously never married’s are going to have fewer partners than divorcees. Separated/divorced obviously includes people with multiple divorces. Never married would include all individuals prior to their first serious relationship as well.

    On another note, if you are going to make the above allegations, I hope you’d also advise women not to marry a man who has had more than one sexual partner. After all, he’s probably more likely to be a womanizer and a cheat, yes? 😉

    Seriously, this type of thinking is so dangerous because it reduces a woman down to the sum of her sexuality.

  53. sea glass says:

    You don’t deserve to be loved either.
    Only hypocrite could write this article. Although it’s true about numbers of partners and emotional detachment correlation (for both genders) but It’s wrong to put labels and all responsibility on women alone. It takes two to tango. Don’t try so hard to put others down to feel yourself better. This kind of ‘holier than thou’ attitude is a sign of arrogance not a goodness. Besides if you really would be a good person you would try to defend or at least understand these women instead of bashing them or labeling them as hopeless. Also whether a relationship will succeed or not depends on their partner as well. The more their partner thinks like you the more likely a relationship will end up in divorce. Cause you are immature and emotionally unstable yourself. You are not that good as you think about yourself.

  54. Shibboleth says:

    How do you know whether or not a virgin woman is that way because she has sex hang ups?

  55. Anonymous says:

    this is fairly disgusting and misogynistic and no i’m not a feminist. I don’t give a crap about how many partners my boyfriend/girlfriend have been with and if they want my entire sexual history it tells me how unbelievably shallow they are.

    Besides, going by this rule wouldn’t the opposite be the same? Any man who sleeps around is in the same boat as being ‘unworthy’?

    I have no time for a ‘traditional’ marriage as I think it’s suffocating and ridiculous, and my own ‘parents’ (I use that term very loosely) were in a traditional marriage and it was absolute misery. My mother was an angry woman and my father was a manipulative, self-centered bastard.

    I have moved on from them but i learned everything I never wanted in my marriage.

    Then I stumble across this article and all I can think is: My god, how self-centered can you get? You think that if a woman has had more than 5 lovers or sexual encounters she doesn’t deserve to be loved? How medieval.

    If you’re judging a person’s worth by how many people they’ve had in the bed then you are a very insecure person but also very narcisstic and likely don’t apply the same rule to yourself. Shameful.

    How about this rule: if a person cheats on you,then they probably aren’t interested in a relationship? How about that for a neat and easy rule? Because most women if you demand to know their sexual history, they will be a bit offended.

  56. Double Standards in Nature says:

    ^ Shut up, the only reason you are offended is because you are a slut.and aren’t going to get as good of a deal in life and love because of it. You chose to squander away your youth humping like a filthy animal and you’ve made your bed. Consider yourself worthless in the sexual market. Men are constantly judged by their wealth,status,height ect. Women are judged for their chasity, loyalty and ability to bear children/genetic fitness (physical apperance). It’s not easy to acquire wealth, satus, character and you can’t add inches to your height. Conversely it’s not that hard to not be a slut but I’m sure you’re fine judging men that way and when men have a few criteria of their own it’s “shameful” “rude” “misogynistic” Sorry but your past affects your future, deal with it. Maybe you shouldn’t have been a slut who took advantage of her youth for all the wrong reasons and now is a bit sour about not being seen as lovable because from a biological and reproductive standpoint (how archaic I know!) you are not worthy. Period. Science proves your not worthy and you want to morally shame someone to find you worthy? Psht. Nice try sister but real men don’t give a shit about your first-world, brought-them-on-yourself problems such as promiscuity when it isn’t that much to fucking ask for. Eat healthy, exercise and don’t fuck so much? Oh such hard criteria. You’re an infant of an animal. You’re natural selection visible. Survival of the fittest baby. Now that’s some modern way of looking at it eh? No religious dogma here, just science. Science says sluts are worthless for reproduction which is our biological imperative, morality doesn’t factor into it and at the end of the day your actions have consequences so quit moaning, slut.

    • Rinon says:


      Couldn’t be said much better than that. And after almost 5 years none of the angry sluts had a single word to say. Kudos to you for hitting the nail on the head good sir.

  57. George says:

    Vaiva Sabonyte = Slut

  58. laissezlulu says:

    u know what…its not that sluts dont deserve to be loved..its that they cant BOND to any man after getting around so much. as a human being i think everyone should have the chance at love but unfortunately for sluts (women especially), they have squandered their chances at true love and bonding, have ruined their character, they cant possibly keep their legs closed when there’s any sort of marital problem…why not? hardly any self-control. if they couldnt keep their legs closed in the past, what makes u think they can keep them closed now just because of a piece of paper (marriage certificate)?….they may have all the right intentions in mind…but bad habits die hard, u cant eradicate them overnight…..also for some men who think theyre oh-so-alpha and can erase all her past lovers?…for a while perhaps…but u can be the “King-shit”, Mr. Alpha, the baddest motherfucker ever…none of that crap matters! u cannot erase past lovers for anyone especially a woman…all of one’s life experience is in ur brain, emotions, soul and even body in a way (STD’s especially). i hear some rationalizing dudes, desperate dudes saying it doesnt matter how many guys a woman has had, and that its insecure to hold women to some standard? sour grapes….these type of men have no standards and want desperately to love and respect women so they just rationalize that it doesnt matter at all, her past that is…science is now catching up to Holy books like the bible that frown upon sluttery, knowing the horrible damage it causes….

    the solution is just the same it always has been and that is for men to have standards and unfortunately stop being so forgiving and beta. too many men, even some so-called alphas are way, way too lenient w/ women. do u think ur past grandfathers and great-grandfathers would have even tolerated a woman w/ even one man in her past to marry her? yeah, i know it sounds extremely cruel to women…but u wanna know what’s really cruel? single motherhood, kids w/ no fathers who are suffering (i know im one of them), abortions, STD’s….ALL of this could’ve been avoided if men just simply said “only virgins for marriage” PERIOD. even when men have accepted so-called “nice” girls or “traditional” women who only have sex w/in a relationship…thats not good enough either! can anyone here remember it being taboo to even have sex w/ ur fiancee? pretty soon that was ok, then the next step was sleeping w/ ur boyfriend because ur so “in love”…and now here we are in 2014 where u cant “slut-shame” at all and in fact its “empowering”! society is crumbling in a big way but at least women are “free sexually” and so nothing else matters as they even kill their kids in the name of that empowerment…

    in the past a woman who had sex outside of marriage was simply a whore, not a good woman and the only way to remedy that was to get married and make her an honest woman (which is where that phrase came from). in ancient days a woman was shunned or even killed (honor killings still happen in Arabic countries)…there was no “long-term relationships” or “boyfriends” even, at least u didnt sleep w/ them. men have given women way too much lee-way and woken up that insatiable monster (or sinful?) inside every woman that wants to destroy everything it seems…u men have to step up and have “extreme” standards again when in reality…its not extreme at all…its logical. sex is like a consuming fire that destroys society if its let out…keep it in a hearth in ur home only (marriage)

  59. Yay!! says:

    Funny, because we all know that men are sexually slutty, so, better not to get married!!

  60. SadButVeryTrue says:

    Well the ones out there these days Certainly Don’t.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Obviously written by a sexed starved Virgin, with a small cock and poor social skills. If only you could get a sexually experienced woman to come near you, you would be happy. You repressed, stupid, uneducated fool. Just go and conduct a mass shooting, your not far off it!! Pathetic cunt!

  62. What Is This says:

    I’m 30 years old and what is this?

  63. seriously I feel like I am the only virgin by choice. Nobody wants an std ridden whore. My dad made the mistake of marrying a cheating slut after he divorced mom and she gave him two types of stds and got pregnant with someone else’s baby. If it wasn’t for the fact they spread diseases like common rats and are destructive I would actually feel sorry for the stigma they face.
    then good luck finding a man who will actually love and respect you.
    Nobody is making you have sex with other people. Feel horny? Masturbate
    SO is having sex outside of marriage, and that goes for all religions.
    Keep your panties up and you won’t get stds.

  64. AnHonestAnswer says:

    What is very sad is that Most of the women nowadays are so Very Pathetic.

  65. The Very Truth says:

    This is the Real Reason why many of us Good Men are still Single today.

  66. Kitty says:

    Can you please write an article like this for the female counterpart of the male you describe. As if men are the only ones who get fucked by divorce my mother lost everything just like your dad did.

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