Evidence of Marriage Strike?

This post is not part of the guide, but just some interesting statistics about marriages.

From Pew Research center (link to report):

“The share of young men (ages 18 to 34) who say that having a successful marriage is one of the most important things in their lives has dropped six percentage points since 1997, from 35% to 29%. For women, the opposite effect occurred, as the share voicing this opinion rose from 28% to 37%.

This gender gap is a new development, as men and women were statistically equal on this measure in 1997.”

Conclusion: Compared with the past, young men care less about marriage, and young women care more about marriage.

The report don’t say anything about the reasons, but maybe the marriage strike is indeed real. Perhaps, family courts, feminist divorce laws and the elimination of slut shaming did had a major effect on how young men in the west view marriage. For me, family is a sacred thing. But I can still be amazed from time to time of the risks people, and especially men, take when they invest so much love, time and money (in fact, the vast majority of their love, time and money) in an institution which can and often do explodes in their faces with shrapnel made of infidelity, cuckoldry, false DV accusations, alimony and child support while seeing your children every other week. 

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6 Responses to Evidence of Marriage Strike?

  1. Bohème Chinois says:

    haha, this sounds like me. i don’t want to get married anymore.

    my solution? i moved to asia and found real women.

    still not getting married though. however, i do see asian women as more than just sex objects. i see them as… caring, lovely, feminine human beings.


    butch, bitchy, masculine, fat western women… eh, they’re just good for sex.

    what else are they good for these days?

    • “…butch, bitchy, masculine, fat western women…they’re just good for sex.”

      Good for sex? They’re not even good for that! I laugh when I hear those landwhales vomiting out the tired old pop-aphorism: “Men are pigs”; a peremptory look at western women proves the converse is true!

      For the most part (western) women are pigs!

  2. Word, Chinese Bohemian. Word.

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