Biological Insanity and the Way of the Patriarch

In nature, every action by every animal is highly influenced by the genes of the animal and every action by every animal is highly related to ensuring the propagation of animal’s genes. If we look at ourselves, the world in which we live in has changed very rapidly in the last thousand years, yet our genes barely changed during this time. This inconsistency between rapidly changing surroundings and slowly changing genes makes humans do things which are insane from a biological perspective.

This insanity is manifested in numerous actions made by modern humans. A simple example to this insanity is paying a prostitute to have sex with you and using a condom. The reason you want to have sex with the prostitute emanates from your genes which entice you to have sex with the prostitute by injecting chemicals to your brain. Your genes are designed to a world without contraceptives and ‘think’ that you will impregnate the prostitute and thus ensure the propagation of your genes. However, in reality the chances of impregnating the prostitute are zero, since you live in a world with contraceptives. You are futility wasting resources and making a biologically insane action.

You can say that you don’t care about your genes and pay to have sex with the prostitute… but basically you are still following genetic instructions given to you in the form of pleasure by your out-of-date genes. You say you don’t care about your genes, but you are very much controlled by them. If you go against your genes, and consciously act to make rational biological decisions, your genes will have better chance of propagating, but you might be less ‘happy’ since your out-of-date genes will punish you by taking away pleasure.

The basic question here is: Where do ‘we’ begin and where our genes end?

Many solutions to this question easily lead to nihilism. The approach of the Guide to the Young Patriarch is clearly expressed in the Principle Patriarchal Value:

A genetic lineage is of the utmost importance to a patriarch.

If you want to take the red pill and look at the world as it is, consciously making rational biological decisions is the only sane solution. It is disturbing like many other red pill realizations, but it is true all the same. All other approaches lead to an abyss of insanity. Ironically, since society often define sanity as being ‘normal’ (i.e. acting like others), at times the insane masses might blame a man following this path of having their vice.

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6 Responses to Biological Insanity and the Way of the Patriarch

  1. Bobo says:

    It is also helpful to know your family; what are they like, what are the character traits passed on. You need to know the basics before you can counter-act them or follow them as needed. Excellent post.

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  4. xsplat says:

    I understood up to “The basic question here is: Where do ‘we’ begin and where our genes end?” After that I’m not sure if you are implying that for a man fatherhood is the only sane activity, or that non-procreative sex is a kind of insanity.

    I think sanity can’t apply as descriptive to acting in accordance with our genes or not. It’s at a different level of organization. Genes are evolved to lead to biological structures that perform complex actions, but at the level of organization of the genetic molecules, they don’t have any plan or purpose. Therefore we can’t act out of accord with their plan or purpose.

    It just so happens that only the genes that propagate survive. That doesn’t give the genes plan or purpose.

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