The Current Draft of the Guide

Writing takes time, and having constant pressure at work and small children at home,  I don’t really have free time for it. Still, little by little, progress is made.

The last draft of the ‘Guide for a Young Patriarch’ is now about 10,000 words and still I have allot more to say about red pill awareness and allot more to say to young men wanting love and family as well a fulfillment of their masculinity in the minefield which is the post-feminist post-sexual revolution western world.

Here is a link to the latest version (pdf, 15/May/2012)

Draft of the Guide to a Young Patriarch

which is based on the posts made in this blog and attempts to organize them into a consistent message. Any comments, suggestions or typos (which are probably common since English is not my native tongue) are welcome.

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4 Responses to The Current Draft of the Guide

  1. 67 says:

    It is excellent.

  2. 67 says:

    Not to get all ‘English teacher’ on you but, you use the word “allot” (which is a verb) when you mean to say “a lot.” Not a big deal but, as with all written works, lack of spelling errors can’t hurt.

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