An Abyss of Emptiness is Revealed When the Red Pill Kills the Beautiful Lies

Truly taking the red pill is a painful experience. It cut through the things we care about the most:

Relationships (Game/PUA) – The red pill reveals the mechanical, predictable and self-serving nature of sexual attraction and love. Love is just a collection of mechanical parts, acting together to achieve reproduction.
Women – The first time you learn the truth about women, e.g. read statistics about cuckolding and how women are hardwired to such behaviors, the masochistic nature of women, etc.
Gender Politics – Women have the majority of votes and, via collaboration with white knights, care mainly about women and dictate the social agenda accordingly (including when to send young men to their death).
Modern Marriage – A very significant and real risk of huge financial and emotional losses due to family courts, which today regulated fatherhood for a large percentage of children.
Ourselves – We are controlled by our genes, which are out-of-date, and entice us to biologically insane decisions. (Nobody sees this insanity because everyone else is insane as well.) We are puppets of our genes which manipulate us by our emotions to achieve reproduction.

Most people know about at least part of these subjects, but they are not really aware. They have some information through science and statistical data, but they choose to ignore the implications and just keep on as usual as another animal in the herd. Truly understanding the implications of the red pill, being aware, removes the lies from our eyes but what is left behind is emptiness.

No one writes about these things in the newspapers, no one directs a movie about the way genes control you and love is a chemical action. In fact, what you do see in art, news and movies are more and more beautiful glorious lies about superheros and magical love and justice. The beauty and power of the lies is amazing, sometimes it can make you wonder why do you even care about the truth. Why do you insist on controlling your emotions and follow the logic of your mind, when all you see is gray, ugly and selfish.

However, a young Patriarch must strive for power and knowledge so that he can have control over his surroundings and relationships. Besides, I promise you this, the initial disappointment and pain, and maybe the feeling that it is not worth it, will go away. Our genes calibrate our emotions, so they are relative, not absolute. And after you come to terms with the red pill you would have a better model of the world and thus you will have more power and could operate more efficiently.

(For the new reader, here is a link to the latest draft (pdf, 14/Jun/2012) of the   Guide for a Young Patriarch which is based on the posts made in this blog and attempts to organize them into a consistent message.)

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One Response to An Abyss of Emptiness is Revealed When the Red Pill Kills the Beautiful Lies

  1. xsplat says:

    “Truly understanding the implications of the red pill, being aware, removes the lies from our eyes but what is left behind is emptiness. ”

    The need for meaning seems to be a universal human constant. However some of us can stare into the abyss for periods of time. We see that some cling to illogical and irrational beliefs or beliefs that can not be substantiated in order to preserve a sense of meaning. Those types of beliefs are impervious to change.

    Therefore being able to stare into the abyss of meaninglessness it a necessary tool to clear thinking.

    As for the emotional reactions, I agree, they change over time, and despair is not the only possible end result.

    When we are in the middle of a lucid dream, or when we are watching a movie, it’s possible to know that there are no “real” consequences, but to still partake of the emotions. It seems contradictory, but it doesn’t really have to be. We can just care because we are built to care. Care because that’s what makes us feel best. It doesn’t have to really mean anything that we enjoy feeling that things are meaningful. We can just act and feel that way because we are built that way and that’s what makes us feel best.

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