A Genuine Alpha

(not part of the guide, just a small observation)

From http://blogs.ajc.com/news-to-me/2012/05/21/father-of-30-struggles-to-pay-child-support/

“Hatchett, a minimum wage worker from Knoxville, recently asked the court for help in making his child support payments. The 33-year-old man has fathered 30 children by 11 women and is having trouble keeping up with the bills.”

This guy is 33 years old and have 30 kids, he is definitely a winner of some sort since he beat another 10 men and basically monopolized the wombs of 11 women. Note that he is not especially good-looking and has a low status job. This guy is the incarnation of ALPHA in a CAD society.

Oh… do you think he is a burden on the state? are you mad that you must pay taxes to finance his seed? angry that the fatherless children will run amok and that you will need to finance their expensive incarceration? think that he is just an irresponsible asshole?

Well, he is alpha nonetheless.

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One Response to A Genuine Alpha

  1. xsplat says:

    That you are able to make these fine distinctions, rather than lump together into piles that which you find pleasing and good and that which causes unease and is distasteful shows me that you have the rare and cultivated talent of using logic.

    Most people can’t do that. This fact still disturbs me.

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