The Virtue of Courage

The virtue of courage is a specific form of the prime virtue of self-discipline. Courage is not reckless stupidity, or the absence of fear. Courage is the willingness to take action which you analyzed as the most preferable to your interests, even if this action involves risks and a (real or imaginary) possibility of pain or loss.

Courage represents the victory of logic over feelings, victory of conscious decision-making over unconscious fears. This is a defining victory of masculinity. In fact, no other virtue is so strongly associated with masculinity. Today many of our fears are imaginary and emanate from our out-of-date genes, however, courage is needed nonetheless to overcome the feelings associated with our fears, even if we consciously understand that our fears are logically baseless.

Like all virtues, developing this virtue requires self-discipline. There are two approaches which are beneficial and both are required. First, follow the way religions indoctrinate their followers and indoctrinate your mind with virtues of your choosing. This means to write the virtues and recite them daily. The second approach is to make this virtue a habit. Be courageous enough times and it will become part of you.

As a young Patriarch you need to follow both approaches and make sure you posses the virtue of courage. Again, this does not mean to be reckless, it means to make logical actions in the face of fears. Being courageous gives a Patriarch more power and control over himself, his relationships and his surroundings. Courage is a cornerstone of masculinity, is it highly beneficial to achieving power. A Patriarch is courageous by definition, if you are not courageous you are not a Patriarch.

(For the new reader, here is a link to the latest draft (pdf, 14/Jun/2012) of the   Guide for a Young Patriarch which is based on the posts made in this blog and attempts to organize them into a consistent message.)

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2 Responses to The Virtue of Courage

  1. Professor Mentu says:

    This is an excellent article, especially the second approach: habit. I’m convinced that after a man takes the Red Pill and it works it’s way through his system, his next big hurdle is consistency. I know it is/was for me, anyway.

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