Dear Nihilist, Your Happiness is Also Meaningless

Here in the manosphere, the red-pill rules, relationships and love are ruthlessly dismantled into nuts and bolts, morals are shown for the lies that they are, a ‘good man’ is shown to be only a man weak enough to allow himself to be exploited by society and women.

To this godless point of view, nihilism seems to be the inevitable conclusion and thus hedonism is close by. Hence, we are told by just about every other blogger here to exploit the destruction of the old social contracts and the elimination of gender roles, to enjoy the freedom associated with the ever creeping death of fatherhood, to exploit the newly invented feminist morals of equality and diversity, and specifically, above anything else, to exploit the sexual revolution, i.e. ONS with the sluts who constitute the majority of western women today.

However, as we are becoming more aware and choose to disconnect from the new feminist social morals as well as the old morals of god, we are not really freer. In fact, we just become more faithful and dedicated slaves to our emotions, to our genes, which are the only mechanism left to control us. Jumping through hoops for ONS with another worthless slut (ONS which is emptied from its connection to reproduction) is insanity not freedom. Furthermore, often the desire for ONS is not mainly due to sexual desire but represents a pathetic need for validation of young men, in the absence of any other moral structure and social contracts, to be like the people on T.V and have sex lives like they have.

If you take the red-pill, take is all the way and look in the mirror. What you feel is just another biological control mechanism, just like religion and social morals, nothing more. Blindly following your ‘happiness’ is not more meaningful or truer than following god, even if god himself is a lie. This jail of ‘feelings’ is the hardest jail to escape from, in fact, although you can sometimes leave the jail, you can never be truly be free of it.

Young men today need to build something that is more, a resurrection of the Patriarchy based not on blind intuition like the Patriarchs of the past, but on a deeper and better understanding of reproduction, biology and our world in general, self-discipline and a resolution to survive, not run away MGTOW style.

(For the new reader, here is a link to the latest draft (pdf, 14/Jun/2012) of the   Guide for a Young Patriarch which is based on the posts made in this blog and attempts to organize them into a consistent message.)

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6 Responses to Dear Nihilist, Your Happiness is Also Meaningless

  1. Excellent post. Being a slave to your biology is no better than being a slave to something external. A free man lives for something bigger.

  2. xsplat says:

    I’d need to hear more about your alternate vision to know if I can agree or not. I can see your point that freedom is elusive, and that no matter what we social relations and setups we describe, we are going to find lack of freedoms all over the place, especially in freedom from desire. And even freedom from a want from freedom from desire is elusive. But I don’t get what your alternative to these choices between options which lack freedom is.

    • dicipres says:


      Thanks for all your other comments. Your input is sharp and you ask hard questions. I will attempt to answer them the later on when I have some time, in depth and not hastily.

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  4. Aurini says:

    Well put.

    ‘True’ Nihilism (no true Scotsman…) is about hacking your control mechanisms, to become the best possible version of yourself that you can be. It’s the ultimate red pill – you don’t become a Satanist when you rebel against traditional Christianity, rather you recognize the flaws and limitations within it, but continue to live within a Christian world (made explicit, so as not to offend Christians – ‘traditional’ Christianity changes over time, it is largely a set of widely accepted secular beliefs). You find the best balance between all your competing control systems and drives, to maximizes your happiness, and greatness in life.

    Marriage was a great hack on the competition between hypergamy/polygamy on the one hand, and spirituality/emotion on the other. Most accepted it as part of society’s teachings, but I think a ‘true’ Nihilist would have also realised its vale.

    Hedonism is a symptom of a failed Nihilist.

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