Biological and Cultural Genes, Feminism as a Genetic Disease

The double helix and the holy bible. Both are filled with letters, one with the four biological letters and the other with the letters of the human language. The data contained in the holy bible can be described as cultural information. This concept can be generalized, and any non-biological data a person contains or interacts with can be described as cultural information. We are comprised from these two sets of data and their physical manifestations to our bodies, our behavior and eventually our societies.

The data contained in the holy bible has some similarities with the data contained in our genes. Both sets of data act to self-preserve and duplicate themselves. This can be seen clearly when the religious emissaries knock at your door, or talk with you in the middle of the street and ask you how you feel about god. The religious information act on the people who contain it and they, in turn, act to duplicate it within the minds of others. In this perspective, the information contained in the holy bible is a life form, acting within the set of human minds to self-preserve and duplicate, just like a the information within a gene acts to self-preserve and duplicate. The information within the holy bible has physical manifestations, religious people actually build entire societies based on the set of data contained in the holy bible, just like the data contained in biological genes is physically manifested as functional molecules which create our bodies.

The holy bible is a gene, a cultural gene. In fact, it is one of many cultural genes (e.g. Marxism, Nazism, Liberalism, Individualism, Feminism) which act on the human mind in order to self-preserve and duplicate and have physical manifestations in our world.

The interaction between the biological genes and the ‘holy bible cultural gene’ is interesting. If the ‘holy bible cultural gene’ would have been harmful to our biological genes, the minds containing it would have physically disappeared. However, almost every human society involves religion in one form or the other. In Judaism, of the Jewish 613 Mitzvot, to procreate is the first, representing a complete alignment between the biological and cultural genes (see the first patriarchal value). The Rabbi of the synagogue close to our house has 8 children, the majority of the people going to the synagogue have much fewer children, even though most of them are much more rich compared with the Rabbi. Looking at the child-bearing data, it is evident that religion exists in symbiosis with our biological genes, it is helped by us and is helping us, our families, our children and our societies. (BTW1, The actual existence of god is irrelevant to the current discussion. The effects of religion on humanity are true even if god is a lie. BTW2, I’m talking about real ‘old school’ religions, not the new modern BS pretending to be religion.)

Feminism is another cultural gene, feminists similarly act to make everybody a feminist and to change society according to the feminist set of data. Feminism achieved much of this very rapidly since nearly all western women are infected with feminism (via innate tribal identity which is transferred to gender identity through feminist propaganda) and since women are the majority of voters. Together with its equally destructive sister cultural gene of individualism, feminism acts to destroy families and make men and women into single atoms without any dependence on each other and, above all, feminism reduces child-bearing (in favor of big careers for women). Feminism is not in alignment with our biological genes. It is a parasite poisoning the human mind and in contrast with our biological agenda. Feminism delays child births and reduce the total number of children (I never met a feminist with 8 children). In many cases, feminism can bring the demise of its carriers in just a single generation by the creation of yet another childless feminist. I won’t exactly cry for the demise of the spinster feminist, at the very least it is obviously preferable to next feminist option of having a child without a father in matriarchal single parent home oh so common in the post-feminist world.

(For the new reader, here is a link to the latest draft (pdf, 14/Jun/2012) of the   Guide for a Young Patriarch which is based on the posts made in this blog and attempts to organize them into a consistent message.)

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3 Responses to Biological and Cultural Genes, Feminism as a Genetic Disease

  1. JJ says:

    Just discovered this site. Interesting article. Never actually thought of it that way. It is interesting that around Mt. Sinai God gave the Law-dietary, legal, religious, social, as well as the Ten Commandments. With complete, and strict, guidleines on how it should be passed from gerneration to generation. Very much like a living organizm, very intelligent observation.

    If we actually followed it, we would be healthier even by today’s standards! Whether you believe it or not!

    Good Job, Cheers

  2. JJ says:

    Don’t mention it

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