The Meaning of Game

PUA and game are commonly viewed as shallow and nihilistic, even by many of our own MRM supporters. Understanding and practicing game is also viewed as outright immoral by ‘normal’ (e.g. blue pill) people. However, game is basically about understanding sexuality and relationships. We in the androsphere\manosphere must introduce game to as many young men as possible:

Reason 1. Bringing game to young men is giving them power. Understanding game is about understanding human reproduction. Everything Humans do and Feel Begins and Ends in Reproduction. Giving young men game will give them better understanding and awareness of the world they face and thus a better ability to exploit it to their benefit.

Reason 2. In order to truly understand and practice game, you must eliminate your morals and the shame for not being ‘normal’ anymore. Today, since the social contracts are broken, morals are for the brainwashed slaves. I am not saying that men shouldn’t feel empathy to a specific person, but men shouldn’t care about society as a whole anymore. We owe them nothing. Morals are for Blue Pill men and Morals Kill Free Thinking. Be moral only within a gang of your own, western society is not our to protect anymore. It belongs to the majority of voters, and it is not us.

Nobody really care about the young men growing today. At best, the government/MSM just want men not to make trouble and to be beneficial to majority of voters (i.e. women). The fatherless generation needs guidance from someone who truly cares about them and truly understand the anger they have and the lies they have been told.

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