Religion makes you Beta

There is an interesting paper published in  Evolution & Human Behavior on the effects of religion on men and women. The paper is entitled “Religious cognition down-regulates sexually selected, characteristically male behaviors in men, but not in women” and was written by Michael E. McCullough, Evan C. Carter, C. Nathan DeWall, Carolina M. Corrales.

Abstract: “Men are typically stronger, riskier, “showier,” and more impulsive than women. According to sexual selection theory, such behaviors may have enhanced reproductive fitness for ancestral human males. However, such behaviors are facultative, and the mechanisms that cause them respond to social and environmental cues that indicate whether outlays of strength, risk-taking, showing off, or impulsivity are likely to lead to payoffs in any given instance. Recent research based on the Reproductive Religiosity Model suggests that, in contemporary Western societies, religious beliefs and institutions are differentially espoused and promulgated by restricted sexual strategists (whose reproductive strategies focus on high fertility, monogamy, and high parental care) to limit the exercise of unrestricted sexuality, which threatens the viability of restricted sexual strategies (e.g., by reducing paternity certainty and male parental investment). On this basis, we hypothesized that experimental manipulations of religious cognition would reduce men’s impulsivity and motivation to demonstrate their physical prowess. Supporting this hypothesis, three experiments revealed that priming participants with religious concepts (i.e., participants wrote essays about religion, read an essay supporting the existence of an afterlife, or were implicitly exposed to religious words) reduced men’s (but not women’s) impulsivity with money and their physical endurance on a hand grip task. The primes affected men’s behaviors irrespectively of men’s scores on a self-report measure of religious commitment.”

Well, it might hurt the feelings of some good men, but it seems that religion reduces men’s “physical endurance on a hand grip task” and in general make men less masculine. From the manosphere perspective, the evidence suggests that religion acts to betazied the male population and control men’s sexuality. In the past, religions also limited women’s sexuality and increased paternal certainty, thus making this a reasonable contract. In the present, since the social contracts are broken (even for the religious)  it is against the self interest of men to remain religious.  Slut is the default mode of the western woman. Sluts go for alphas. Hedonistic behavior (i.e. follow your heart bs…) will always lead women to alphas. Since religion enforce betazation of men under the current cultural climate it makes no sense for men to be religious.

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11 Responses to Religion makes you Beta

  1. Interesting. I wonder, do you know perchance, if this was actually ‘religion’ or Christianity? I would be surprised to find that more extreme forms of Islam would not produce half-men, or that old school Christianity imbued with a healthy dose of the classic al a pre-1900’s West would have the same effect as ‘modern’ religion.

    • dicipres says:

      Dear The Gentleman Poet,

      Thanks for your comment and your weekly linkage.

      No specific religion is mentioned. I agree with your assessment, this is probably due to the new versions of ‘religion’, not the old school stuff.

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  3. jbamai says:

    You’ve touched upon a topic that when fully explored will lead straight down the rabbit hole. I’ve been working on a post that touches upon this very subject and it is by far the hardest thing that I’ve ever had to write. Religion is and has been for eons a tool used to keep the beta masses n line and under control

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  5. max says:

    great article. the take home message is stupidly obvious, even before you read any research: the more religious you are, the less pussy you are likely to enjoy.

  6. Priaperos says:

    The only alpha male in religion is the one in the pulpit, at the podeum, etc. HE’S the one to whom women look for guidance…not their men. He’s the one who dictates to the men & women how they should & shouldn’t live their lives. HE’S the one that can likely fuck every chick in the captivated crowd.
    I cringe when I know of men who take their wives, girlfriends, etc., to religious services so that some other man can tell her how to live her life. So that some other man can instill in her head what are good (missionary) and bad (oral) sex practices, whether or not the husband agrees or not.
    I know of women who like to have their pastor, minister, or whatever you call it, over for Sunday dinner. He’s treated like royalty. They insist that he sits at the head of the table, even though they have husbands or boyfriends.
    My grandmother once told me that she once tried that shit with my grandfather…says she put the biggest, best pieces of chicken to the side for the pastor, which happened to be the pieces that my grandfather loved. HAHAHAHA!!!
    She said my grandfather told her that NO man will sit at the head of his table, nor will any man get the pieces of chicken that he loves. She said they argued about it, but when the pastor showed up, he had to settle for the pieces of chicken that my grandfather left for him, plus he wasn’t allowed to sit at the head of the table…EVEN THOUGH MY GRANDFATHER REFUSED TO EAT DINNER WITH EVERYONE ELSE. THE CHAIR REMAINED EMPTY.

    Keep in mind, my grandfather WAS NOT a religious man…praise non-god.

  7. njartist49 says:

    @Priaperos: September 13, 2012 at 18:36
    “The only alpha male in religion is the one in the pulpit, at the podium, etc. HE’S the one to whom women look for guidance…not their men.”
    This is not Christianity. The biblically Christian man must step in and unequivocally state that he himself is the head of the woman, not the preacher, pastor, preacher, or whatever the interloper declares. The wife who refuses her husband’s headship is out of line biblically. the “pastor” should be warned. If both refuse, then the male should leave the church and the female should suffer the consequences without any pity until she properly aligns herself with her husband.

  8. njartist49 says:

    @Priaperos: re head of table
    If you have seen John Wayne’s “The Searchers”, you may recall in the beginning of the movie when the posse barges into the house and the “preacher/ranger” immediately sits down at the head of the breakfast table and immediately starts grabbing food and demanding service. That scene really got my bile stirring.

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