Lies, not mentioning, concealed ovulation, and cuckolding

From Wikipedia

“Concealed ovulation or hidden estrus is the lack of distinctive signaling that the adult female of a species is “in heat” and near ovulation. These signals may include swelling and redness of the genitalia in baboons and bonobos Pan paniscuspheromone release in the feline family, etc. By comparison, the females of humans and a few other species[1] have few external signs of fecundity, making it difficult to consciously deduct, by means of external signs only, whether or not a female is near ovulation.”

From the Journal of Biology Letters: title “Women’s preference for dominant male odour: effects of menstrual cycle and relationship status” by Jan Havlicek, S. Craig Roberts and Jaroslav Flegr”

Abstract: “Body odour may provide significant cues about a potential sexual partner’s genetic quality, reproductive status and health. In animals, a key trait in a female’s choice of sexual partner is male dominance but, to date, this has not been examined in humans. Here, we show that women in the fertile phase of their cycle prefer body odour of males who score high on a questionnaire-based dominance scale (international personality items pool). In accordance with the theory of mixed mating strategies, this preference varies with relationship status, being much stronger in fertile women in stable relationships than in fertile single women.”

Think about it for a moment. Concealed ovulation means that women, the females of our species, are of the few that have evolved to eliminate signals of their ovulation, i.e. hide information. Mixed mating strategies means that women in relationships have natural tendency to cuckold their partners (and thus higher attraction to dominant men compared to single women), i.e. deceit. Hiding information and deceit are part of the biological imperative of women. It is also interesting that ovulation is hidden from the women themselves, which might be related to why most women don’t seem to be able to gauge their sexuality and sexual choices.

It is a sad thing to say, but women are seemed to be made to hide information and lie. This is why what women say, with regard to sexuality, shouldn’t be taken into account, only observations of their behavior. With the sexual liberation and ongoing collapse of society sexual regulations and morals, we will see more of women’s dark side in action, and a harder time for maintaining marriage-worthy relationships (BTW, I’m sure that similar analysis of men will show a very dark side to men’s sexuality as well). In general, as a patriarch you must  understand women, including their darker sides, even better than they understand themselves and be careful with your trust.

(For the new reader, here is a link to the latest draft (pdf, 14/Jun/2012) of the Guide for a Young Patriarch which is based on the posts made in this blog and attempts to organize them into a consistent message.)

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5 Responses to Lies, not mentioning, concealed ovulation, and cuckolding

  1. M3 says:

    “In general, as a patriarch you must understand women, including their darker sides, even better than they understand themselves and be careful with your trust.”

    “if one is to understand the great mystery, one must study all its aspects, not just the dogmatic, narrow view of the Jedi. If you wish to become a complete and wise leader, you must embrace a larger view of the force ….. Learn to know the dark side of the force and you will be able to save your wife from certain death.”

    You ARE the Sith Lord the wimminz have been talking about! hehe.

  2. El Bastardo says:

    This might be true. I also think the same could be said of men; we have a tendency to lie in an effort to attract the most attractive women we can get.

    The ability to lie, evolutionary or otherwise, I feel is a product of the human desire to survive. You lie to hide something you perceive is detrimental to what you want at the time. For all of us, myself included, who have been harmed by women and the courts; there is a great effort to conceal the facts. Deceit post-sin is second nature for most men and women today; if it has not always been so? I personally feel it has. Lets take the literal interpretation of Genesis for example; Adam and Eve tried to lie to God about eating from the tree of good and evil. Knowing they were not suppose to, they did anyways, and thus were afraid of the consequences.

    I will make one last example; I worked with a man at my last job last year who was one of the most two faced back stabbers I ever worked with. He could lie, and lie, and lie all day and it would not faze him one bit. One of his favorite things was pissing and moaning about his cheating stripper ex; simultaneously telling stories about all the wives of other men he bed on a consistent basis. Knowing full well the marital break up would evelop those men’s children like it did his! I could not stand him; and I suspect most of his stories were bogus, even though his buddies told me some of it was true.

    Both men and women, we lie to get what we want because we fool ourselves into thinking that lying makes life easier. In the long run, it is hard work coupled with honest living that pays out in the end. Life rarely works short cuts for liars. They may have to pay for it by keeping their lies going.

    Here is a joke you might like:

    A pastor lies to his flock claiming that he is sick, and needs his assistant pastor to cover for him all day that following Sunday; secretly he is going golfing arly Sunday morning!

    God is approached in Heaven by an angel demanding He do something to punish the wayward pastor; God tells him to “wait be patient.”

    1st hole: par five, the pastor sinks it in four.

    2nd, 3rd, on the fourth a short par 3 he gets a hole in one; and by this point the angel is furious! Lord, when are you going to punish him?

    God says again “be patient.”

    10th hole, 15th hole, all the way up to the eighteenth hole: another short par 3-hole in one!

    By this point the angel is fit to be tied! “Lord, how can you possibly let this go?!”

    God looks at him, looks down at the pastor screaming alone on a course early in the morning with no one to watch him play; and smiles.

    He says again “be patient, here it comes.”

    The angel says “Lord, if you will, I will go beat him for you?” God sees the automatic realization come to the pastor’s face that he is alone, and no one has seen the greatest game ever played; and God looks at the angel and speaks “who is he going to tell?”


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  5. Anonymous says:

    You might want to look up cervical mucus, under the subheading “what is the cervical mucus method.” I think it basically disproves the theory that people can’t tell when a women is fertile, although one would have to get much closer than one would to a bonobo when finding out.

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