On Tribalism

Humans have a tendency for tribalism (defined here as emotional identification with a group of people). This tendency must have evolutionary reasons which may or may not be relevant today (e.g. being a sport fan clearly involves tribalism, yet don’t seem to give any reproductive advantage). In any case, it is striking how the most liberal anti-racism people tend to have the most tribal view point of the world. Equality advocacy today cannot exist without tribalism since it is based on the demand for ‘fairness’ between different sub-groups of people and thus requires the classification into race, gender and religion of each individual within society. (I wonder how similar is the extreme case of the Nazi race classification scheme to the race and gender classification made in the modern university diversity centers.)

It is pretty clear, even without the analysis below, that if a tribe is created within a society, the people outside of the tribe are in disadvantage and will thus tend to create a tribe of their own. The liberals hate tribalism, but are in fact the biggest promoter of tribalism.

For example:

  • If liberals didn’t have a tribal view-point of the world, the wouldn’t care about the so called “difference” in pay between men and women, just the average pay.
  • If liberals didn’t have a tribal view-point of the world, they wouldn’t care about the so called “difference” in academic achievement between different groups, just having the most efficient educational system.
  • If liberals didn’t have a tribal view point of the world, there would just care that companies have the best CEOs without regard to gender.
  • Similarly, why care about men getting less custody than women? If you care about society you should only care about giving custody to the better parent, the men/women statistics should be irrelevant.

If one wants to improve society, efficiency and sustainability are to be improved, and the members contributing the most should be rewarded for contributing and reproduce more, not the weakest members which are burden on society (e.g. traditional families pay to subside irresponsible single mothers). Equality-politics is not good for society as a whole. Equality politics is a tribal game, it is waste of resources for the entire society, and only good to rearrange the power within a weaker society to benefit sub tribes.

It is also interesting to ask if tribe team-women and the emerging tribe team-men are biologically sane, or like a fan spending money on his sport group, a biologically insane waste of resources. Tribes are basically fighting for reproduction, while men and women are reproductively equal by definition (every child is a reproductive success of a man and a woman). This might be changed be technology, for example making babies from two eggs without sperm will change this reproductive equality and might lead to true reproductive conflict… until than the gender war is reproductively meaningless.

BTW, here is some very initial very crude analysis on this subject, to be continued… and comments and suggestions would be welcomed.

Premise 1: All genes seek reproduction.

Premise 2:Our behavior is an expression of our genes (even environmental-based behaviors are learned utilizing our genetically determined brain).

Lemma 1, based on premise 1 and premise 2:Human behavior facilitates (or facilitated in the past) reproduction.

Definition 1: We define tribe 1 as a group of N1 people (where the biggest possible tribe includes all humans).

Lemma 2, based on definition 1 and premise 2: On average, being part of tribe increases the reproductive success of an individual. 

Corollary to lemma 2: An average individual of the tribe increases the reproductive success of the rest of the tribe.

Definition 2: Tribe 2 is a subgroup of tribe 1, defined as a group of N2 people, smaller than N1, the total number of people in tribe 1.

Definition 3: An average individual increases the reproductive success of the rest of the tribe by A (defined as additional children raised). 

Lemma 3: A member of tribe 1 have additional reproductive success of N1*A/N1=A if there are no sub tribes to tribe 1. i.e. each member gets as much as the average member gives.

Lemma 4:  If a sub tribe 2 is created within tribe 1, members of the sub tribe can have additional reproductive success of (N1-N2)*A/N1+N2*A/N2, while members of tribe 1 who are not members of the sub group is just (N1-N2)*A/N1.

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