Are Feminism and MRM Biologically Sane?

Previously, I wrote about the idea of biological insanity, which is essentially stating that all actions made by any living being emanate from a genetic imperative for reproduction and that rapid changes to our society, combined with slow changes to our genes, yielded insane directions given to us (in the form of feelings) by our body. As an example: a man paying a prostitute is acting on his genetic imperative to reproduce, however, the use of modern contraceptives eliminates the possibility of reproduction and the man actions are, in modern society, biologically insane, i.e. detrimental to reproduction due to loss of resources.

My last post was on tribalism, and its possible benefits for reproduction of the sub group (while possibly detrimental to the entire human group). Looking at feminists and MRAs we can clearly see tribalism-like actions. The same mechanism designed to create cohesion of groups in order to improve the genetic success of the group is used to motivate women and men into feminism and the MRM.

However, assuming we ignore technological possibilities for same gender reproduction, any child born have the genes of a man and a woman and every child born has about 50% chance to carry the Y-chromosome, the genetic definition of men. Hence, feminism does not increase the reproductive success of women over men and MRM does not increase the reproductive success of men over women. In reproductive success, which is in the core of all human activities, men and women are equal by definition.

Hence, it is genetically sane to look on the sustainability and efficiency of all of society, not the male tribe or the female tribe, since there are no male or female tribes. Resist feminism because its ideology hurts society, not because of gender tribalism.

Feminism isn’t at the point of wanting to actually eliminate the male genome. A true gender war can only occur after technology refines male only (very difficult to create) or female only reproduction (easy to create) where the Y-chromosome will actually need to fight for its survival.

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4 Responses to Are Feminism and MRM Biologically Sane?

  1. freebird says:

    It’s all about culling the herd whilst also manipulating social ranking.Two birds with one stone.
    (Go team)

  2. sunshinemary says:

    Doesn’t it seem that women tend more toward tribalism than men do? Team Woman is a real phenomenon, and not just for feminists.

    Same gender reproduction – that is a horrifying concept, is it not?

  3. ray says:

    Doesn’t it seem that women tend more toward tribalism than men do? Team Woman is a real phenomenon, and not just for feminists.

    also my first thought

    mentioning feminism and the “MRM” as equivalent entities?

    feminism is the largest socio-political force on the planet, far greater than the UN, US, or anything else . . . a complete lock for decades on government, media, law, family, religion, education…. tens-of-thousands of organizations and billions yearly in funding, in the u.s. alone

    vs the MRM whatever that is, a few dozen bloggers and youtubers, a handful of whom might get paid, a pittance

    on this planet i find v little “gender tribalism,” herein imputed to human males — instead, they are intensely competitive within-gender, and to my knowledge have never before ever considered conceptualizing themselves as “tribal” in any sense of generalized masculinity, consciousness as collective gender

    Jesus tried to sell brotherhood to the peeps, instead men reeked of jealousy towards him, and we witness their response to brotherhood, seeing him not as part of any “male gender tribe” but instead as threat

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