The Self and the Red Pill

The manospherian nerds quantified, acronymed and cataloged human behavior in a non-academic and open manner for the masses, while using many academic works. The lies behind our culture became visible. Troubling phenomenon such as that selfless behavior of a man toward a woman will in many cases yield cuckoldry and resentment while the selfish and exploitative behavior will commonly yields women’s adoration is revealed. The hard statistical truth about the failure rates of modern families and the consequences to many men in such circumstances is revealed and discussed. Reality is not what is seen through our culture stories.

However, specifically, the study of game and the evolutionary and biological analysis of human behavior allows to analyse human behavior and relate it to chemical, biological and evolutionary mechanisms. We can relate neuromodulators such as Oxytocin to long term relationships and dopamine to addiction and desire to short term experiences. We know that certain geometrical properties of women (e.g. symmetry, smooth skin) trigger attraction repeatedly and predictability within healthy men (among other mechanisms). We know and can predict that dominance and status will trigger attraction within healthy women (among other mechanisms) and can have a reasonable assessment of the evolutionary reasons to this attraction. We can better understand our world and the real, selfish, motives behind human relationships, sex and love.

In essence, the red pill shows us that our feelings are regulated by our genes and can be predicted since genes act to reproduce themselves. Our feelings are just a part of a biological machine aimed at reproduction. Issac Asimov often wrote about robots behaving like humans, developing consciousnesses, becoming robots with emotions, becoming human. However, the red pill shows us that human are the robots. A robot would send a current to create action in an actuator, and our feelings are modified by our genes to create action in us, we are just a biological machine.

Since feelings are just a tool to control us, our feelings are not us. What are we? Descartes said ‘I think therefore I am.’ Perhaps humans are not robots with feelings, but robots with ideas.

It is ironic that as science learns more about our emotions and shows them to be ‘mechanical’-like and shows the ease in which emotions can be chemically changed, our modern culture adores and worship emotions like not civilization ever did. The ultimate human accomplishment today is to be happiness. Every possible decadent behavior is justified if it makes one happy. Perhaps emotions are adored due to the dominance of women in modern culture and the higher importance women give to emotions compared with men (see paper).

Roosh recently had a post which suggested deciding what you want and then reframing it so that you’ll be happy with it. Basically Roosh suggested controlling your emotions, not be controlled by them. When you really think about what is said here, it is not short of a revolution.


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3 Responses to The Self and the Red Pill

  1. While we CAN control our emotions/programming most people do not realize how much of slaves we are to it. Feminists the most in denial.

  2. Well, I think such women don’t love themselves, they are only narcissists. Who truly love themselves love their neighbours too. Interesting I think maturity should be the most important goal in an young adult life, everything else is consequence. Feeling peace of mind is priceless. I also think love has much more to do with actions than with feelings. Feelings and emotions come and go and any adult no matter their gender should learn how to master his/her feelings and emotions. Speaking about mental illnesses I see much of such discussion on MRM blogs and forums. I think it’s dangerous, it cand lead to prejudice, discrimination and intolerance. Mental illnesses don’t choose gender, men and women suffer from mental illnesses. When I was bipolar I reached a point I had to avoid dates because I didn’t want to be a bad companion to a guy who wouldn’t deserve suffering from my mental illness caused bad behaviour. That was a true forced loneliness. Brazilian Woman.

  3. Nice philosophical summary of Game awareness consistent with social and technological awareness.

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