The Problem of Emptiness

 (This is a part from the new draft of the ‘guide for the young patriarch.’ I deleted the older version of the guide and will publish here parts of the new version of the guide as I progress. The new version of the guide is written in a form based on informal logic.)

Premise 1: Our genes seek to reproduce themselves.

Premise 2: Our emotions and desires are part of our biology, which is a manifestation of our genes.

Contention 1, based on premise 1 and premise 2: Our emotions and desires are a tool of our genes to facilitate reproduction of genetic data.

Corollary 1 to Contention 1: People who feel happiness and pleasure follow the instructions of their genes.

Corollary 2 to Contention 1: There is no great goal or meaning to our emotions. There is just emptiness.

Corollary 3 to Contention 1: Everything humans do and feel begin and end in reproduction.

Corollary 4 to contention 1: Love is just a tool of reproduction.

Corollary 5 to contention 1: There is no higher meaning (or any meaning for life).

Corollary 6 to contention 1: We exist due to reproduction and reproduction makes us exist.

Corollary 7 to contention 1: We and our ‘souls’ are just biological machines.

Corollary 8 to contention 1: The question, ‘how can I get laid?’ is the essential question of an organism.

Corollary 9 to contention 1: There is nothing true to be comforted by, only lies can comfort.

Corollary 10 to contention 1: Things like viewing death of an innocent person cause us much distress since they represent loss of genes.

Corollary 11 to contention 1: Not only there is no god, there is also no proof of innate value to human life.

Discussion: There is no higher goal to life and even the modern hedonism (i.e. do what makes you happy) is servitude, since our emotions are just a tool used by our genes to manipulate our behavior. Not only god is dead; love is dead too. Understanding of our world and ourselves comes at a great price which only lies can truly comfort.

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7 Responses to The Problem of Emptiness

  1. hbeeva says:

    My hands are made for grabbing, killing and general surviving. And yet I play Chopin.

    Of course there is no higher meaning, existing outside of our lives. But if you want, you can have higher meaning and act on it. It will make for a life quite unlike the one predicted by the Selfish Gene Hypothesis.

    For further musings: my favorite text, Askitiki by Nikos Kazantzakis.

  2. Rum says:

    No human being has ever lived their lives AS IF this were a true proposition. Nor can one. So I ask, can it be true?

  3. MrKlms says:

    Seems like a mixture of Freud and Anti-theism really. Maybe even a bit of Buddhism thrown in for good measure. A Purple Pill if you would. I would say, Fail.

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  5. freebird says:

    Big thumbs up and a triple Aye plus.

    For the tribe!

  6. Silas Reinagel says:

    Do you have any support for Premise 2? Does it not entail an a priori assumption of phyicalism?

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