Review of Jack Donovan’s “The Way of Men”

Jack Donovan is currently the most respectable face of the androsphere. Donovan’s book “The way of Men” presents a model of masculinity based on analysis of the conditions humans faced during the vast majority of time in which humanity and men evolved. Thus, a large part of this book utilizes the basic assumption (widely used in the androsphere) that our genes significantly influence our behaviour and that there is an increasing disconnect between our genetic nature and how modern equality-morality nurture expects us to behave. I don’t agree with everything Donovan says, specifically the suggested solutions to start the world, but Donovan’s ideas and views are always very intelligent and interesting to read. “The Way of Men” is both a well needed summary of a significant part of the androsphere and extension into Donovan’s concepts and definitions of the gang and manly virtues. The greatness of this book is in clear simplifying definitions of ideas such as good man vs being good at being a man and the bonobo masturbation society.

This book is not perfect, it has flaws, but it is the best book written on masculinity and a must read book for a man aspiring to be good at being a man.

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