On Widespread Biological Insanity in the Modern World

(This is a part from the new draft of the ‘guide for the young patriarch.’ I deleted the older version of the guide and will publish here parts of the new version of the guide as I progress. The new version of the guide is written in a form based on informal logic.)

Premise 1: Our genes seek to reproduce themselves.

Premise 2: Our biology, which is a manifestation of our genes, significantly influences our emotions and desires.

Lemma 1, based on premise 1 and premise 2: Our emotions and desires are a tool of our genes to control human behavior in order to facilitate reproduction of genetic data.

Premise 3: The time scale for significant genetic changes is, at least, several human generations, while our world changed rapidly and radically (contraceptives, culture, etc.) in less than one human life.

Contention 1, from lemma 1 and premise 3: Our genes, and thus our emotions, are not adapted to the modern world which yields behaviors which are counterproductive to the original reason for the emotion yielding the behavior.

Corollary 1 to contention 1: Humans do things which are insane from a biological perspective.

Discussion: This insanity is manifested in numerous actions made by modern humans. A simple example to this insanity is paying a prostitute to have sex with you and using a condom. The reason you want to have sex with the prostitute emanates from your genes which entice you to have sex with the prostitute by injecting chemicals to your brain. Your genes are designed to a world without contraceptives and ‘think’ that you will impregnate the prostitute and thus ensure the propagation of your genes. However, in reality the chances of impregnating the prostitute are zero, since you live in a world with contraceptives. You are futility wasting resources and making a biologically insane action. You can say that you don’t care about your genes and pay to have sex with the prostitute… but basically you are still following genetic instructions given to you in the form of pleasure by your out-of-date genes. You say you don’t care about your genes, but you are very much controlled by them. If you go against your genes, and consciously act to make rational biological decisions, your genes will have better chance of propagating, but you might be less ‘happy’ since your out-of-date genes will punish you by taking away pleasure.

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One Response to On Widespread Biological Insanity in the Modern World

  1. Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed the axiomatic discussion; the “discussion” was lacking, considerably.

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