The Marriage Strike is Real

(This post is not related to the Guide, but might be of interest to some in the androsphere.)

A recent article from Pew Research Center (link) includes the following data:

“among never-married adults ages 30 to 50, men (27%) are more likely than women (8%) to say they do not want to marry.”

Think about it for a second, men of the age range 30-50 are more than three times, compared with women, likely to say they do not want to marry. This is a very significant difference which can be interpreted as a “marriage strike”. (The Pew Research paper seems to just glance over this huge discrepancy without any further comment.)

Policy makers increasingly protect and empower women in both marriage and divorce, which unavoidably requires, in many cases, taking power from men. A married man today, in VAWA land and most western countries, is a man who is one phone call away from being removed from his home and losing power over a large portion of his money and income for a very long period of time.

The “marriage strike” is very probably not really a group action by men, but single men acting according to their best interests. I really doubt even 1% of men are aware of the androsphere, however, men do seem to know marriage is becoming more and more a bad deal and are aware of the plight of the divorced fathers.

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20 Responses to The Marriage Strike is Real

  1. Omnipitron says:

    I look at the marriage strike this way; since chastity has been destroyed and marriage adds no benefit yet had many detriments, why WOULD a man get married? Marriage was simply the price of admission for regular sex, that could be had by any man who knows game nowadays. The end result; it’s stupid for men to buy a sickly, high cost cow when the milk is flowing freely. Women have lost their leverage in this regard, it just hasn’t caught up to them yet.

    • Chicago-JSO says:

      No, quit blaming men…. it’s not “men get it free now!” it’s not men’s fault. It’s womens, it’s womens because women are so animalistic that they cannot recognize that they are literally acting like animals. I don’t mean like un-civilized I mean they are ruled by their emotions or instincts. To many men there just isn’t an interest in being with a women. Why bother with someone who sees you as a piece of meat anyway. And no, game does not give you a leg up. Your still a pussy worshipper even if you know PUA!

  2. Reblogged this on stagedreality and commented:
    The fact for the day as I continue to pull 12-14 hour days without a computer.

    Honestly, while I’m hopeful that any marriage strike will wake women up to the extremely detrimental lies they’ve been sold… I suspect the mainstream media will repackage it as an attack against women by ‘the patriarchy’ and that the government will institute retarded laws to attempt to incentivize marriage by attacking single men financially. What will likely happen is that it will instead alienate small business owners, entrepreneurs, inventors, and really most men to continue to do just enough to get by. Or convince them to expat. Losing the government even more money than they already are by having the lowered production of single men compared to family men

    • no kids for you lol says:

      well with crypto-currenices coming about it would be pretty hard to confiscate anybody money or find it unless tortured.

  3. Omnipitron says:

    I’m betting you’re right Leap. TFH would state that as Feminism/Society ‘doubling down’ on their Misandry, not even realizing that it’s tightening the noose around it’s own neck. Women en masse will only wake up and take note when the economy has taken a hit and government backed security is no longer guaranteed.

  4. Yup.

    Hell, I’m personally in a six or seven month dry spell and couldnt give a damn about the female part of our species. I wouldnt dream of getting in even a committed relationship at this point ‘just for sex.’ I still try for women, but in a halfhearted way. I care much more about myself than I did before, and its hard to work the time to go out on dates into my schedule in a way that works for following up any numbers or leads

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  6. MarkyMark says:

    Thankfully, at my age, I find a good dump more satisfying than an orgasm; free at last, free at last, HALLELUJAH, I’m free at last! Also, when I come home, I come home to a peaceful, quiet house with only my cat to greet me. My cat, though female, is better than her human counterparts. Why? Because, unlike a human female, she actually APPRECIATES the things I do for her-like provide a nice home, food, water, along with love & affection for her. In return, she’ll get mice out as needed. In the unlikely event that I do get horny, I can either rub one out, or I can get a ‘professional’. Finally, Marriage 2.0 is all liabilities and NO benefits for men. At the end of the day, all that begs an obvious question: WTF do I need a woman for?! WTF would I even THINK of getting married? I know, and I rest my case! Have a good day now…

  7. Doc says:

    Let’s look at the facts… There are a lot of young women out there who want no strings attached sex – they have been raised in a home only with a single woman at the head, and crave the attention of a strong, older man – that would have been a father long ago, but he’s not in the picture, so they still crave that male attention. They don’t want to marry him – they want acceptance and for him to tell her she’s doing things right – that matches right up with taking her to bed and teaching her what she needs to do to satisfy you – a strong, successful, older, man. She gets the praise she craves, you get sweet young things you want to play with. If you actually wanted to get married, you’re not going to be having sex with different sweet young women every night, but the same older one who is getting fatter and wants to breed…

    Um…. Is there really a choice here? You can have sex with pretty much an unlimited supply of young women ready to satisfy your every need and fantasy, or settle for one that will suck your money and resources dry as she gets old… I think the men are just stating reality as it is for them today. Fortunately, it’s not going to change anytime soon so why would they want to settle for anything less than what they are presently enjoying?

  8. Roy says:

    No one should even care, or give a damn about the marriage megrims of today’s empowered woman. She declared loudly that men were unnecessary and that fish did not need bicycles. Furthermore, riding on “grrrrlllll POWAH” she relegated men to the position of walking ATMs and sperm donors; so why on earth would any sane man want to marry something like that? Even more so when the deck is so stacked against him?

  9. Interesting data. I hope there is a marriage strike. From from what I read around the Manosphere, too many guys want women to ‘learn their lesson’. They’re women: they can’t. The man is supposed to lead and its lonely at the top. Social intimacy comes from men, which is why there were men’s clubs and events, now destroyed. Women are for sexual ‘intimacy’, housework, and social comradery like you would get from a puppy. Women should not try to be men, and men should not encourage it!

    • Chicago-JSO says:

      Strangely I agree with this sentiment. My problem, ad one that I think many MRA’s/MGTOW’s would point out is, say for example we re-adjust society to be more as you specify. For a generation it might be pretty damn good, maybe even two. But then the women will throw a tantrum and men of course will just go along with it and say yes dear, have what you want. Were back to the same place! Great! It’s really not a choice, either the system we create is so ruthelessly strict, that it would be horrible for both sexes, or we are stuck back in a perpetual loop. Feminism –> Men take back power — Feminism –> … need I go on.

      Secondly I don’t think men can ever really “take back power” many studies have now more or less demonstrated that no only are women the more manipulative sex but men when faced with a women are literally incapable of saying no. The only think making men say no now is that the deck is sooooooooooooooooooooo stacked against them as to be cartoonishly extreme. Once things return to some kind of normalcy men will suddenly revert to their old ways.

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  11. AAB says:

    More women than men may want to get married, but more women than men also want to get divorced. So, women want to get married and then get divorced (and subsequently repeat the cycle), while men want to get married and not get divorced.

    Unless women change their views and want to get married and stay married (not get divorced), then more and more men will not want to get married in the first place, and the marriage strike will continue.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Until women learn how to hold their hormones (like a good drunk learns to hold his liquor) men will stay away. ‘Roid Rage works the same way if it’s from a gland or a drug dealer.

  13. Tarnished says:

    The whole idea of going your own way and/or living for yourself has gotten more potent in this last decade. Oh sure, Fox news and other traditionalists will stamp their feet and roll out reports about those of us “suffering” from Peter Pan Syndrome…but until Big Government passes a tax on any person who stays single past age 30, I’m not worried. Besides, us never marrieds are *already* charged different taxes than those who file jointly and/or have children.

    Marriage? Thanks but no thanks…I’ll stick to my freedom and ability to play D&D, come and go as I please, buy all the Xbox games I want, and get rid of my college loans rather than wracking up unnecessary debt!

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  15. Bill says:

    Since men “provide and protect” and women today provide for themselves and the law protects them Why, as a man am I there. There’s nothing in it for me.

  16. says:

    Tens are the complete fruition or completion of a cycle.
    Take a huge chart paper and decrease it to the size of a birthday card by folding.

    But the sandwich will be a tasty 1… you can appear forward to that.

  17. Is it too early for the MGTOW victory dance?.

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