There are No Alpha Females or Beta Females

(This post is not related to the Guide, but might be of interest to some in the androsphere.)

An interesting ScienceDaily article “The Maternal Effect: How Mother Deer Protect Their Future Kings” nicely presents the concept of  “alpha” male > female > “beta” male. (Here I define an alpha male as a male with high chances to reproduce and a beta male a male with low chances to reproduce.)

This also suggests that the concept of alpha female or beta female is somewhat flawed. If an “Alpha Female” did exist, she would have got the similar preferential treatment the “Alpha Male” got. While females do have status differences, their chances to reproduce are limited by their biology and supported by their access to sex. Hence, female variance in reproductive success is much smaller than males, and the difference between “alpha female” and “beta female” is much smaller than the difference between the “alpha male” and the “beta male”.

While we always need to be careful applying animal research to humans, the researcher notes in the article that “For those unconcerned about deer or elk, this research can be a reminder that similar research exists for humans.”

In conclusion, men’s value can soar high or crash down, according to their status, while women are safely in the middle.

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3 Responses to There are No Alpha Females or Beta Females

  1. Retrenched says:

    Reminds me of a comment from a guy over at HUS (paraphrased): In the dating market, most women have it better than most men, on average, but a few men have it better than anyone else. But women only see the top men, so they wrongly assume that every guy has it better than them.

  2. Alpha females only exist in species where the females have higher testosterone levels than the males. Humans aren’t one of those species

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