Short Review of “As I Walk These Broken Roads,” by DMJ Aurini

I just finished Aurini’s book “As I Walk These Broken Roads” in Kindle and, well, Aurini appears to be an outstanding fiction writer. The book is focused on a friendship between two men in a post third-world-war-type settings and is very well written. Initially I expected the book to be just a thin transport medium for Aurini’s prolific views and ideas, however, he made sure it is first a full and well written story on people.

While this is a great book, this is not the FULL Aurini philosophy book since many of the ideas and views present in Aurini’s clips are absent or shorten in this book. I do hope Aurini will write a pure philosophy book in the future, since my interests are not how good of a writer he is, but in the ideas he present.

In any case, it is a highly recommended reading. I enjoyed this book tremendously it is a must reading to any student of the red-pill.

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