Concealed Ovulation and Why it is Hard to Understand Women’s Sexual Choices

(This post is part of the ‘Guide to the Young Patriarch.’ The current draft of the Guide can be found here.)

Preliminary note: Women’s ovulation is concealed, i.e. there are no distinctive signals that a woman is near ovulation. Such concealed ovulation is highly uncommon in nature and characterizes only humans and a few other species. More information on concealed ovulation can be found in Gangestad & Thornhill (2008).

Premise 1: All genes seek reproduction.

Premise 2: Our biology is a manifestation of genetic data.

Lemma 1, based on Premise 1 and Premise 2: Human biology exists to maximize successful reproduction.

Premise 4: Women have concealed ovulation, i.e. their biology conceals information regarding their sexuality and fertility.

Contention 1 from Lemma 1 and Premise 4: Women reproduction success benefits from hiding information regarding their own sexuality.

Corollary 1 to Contention 1: If there is an evolutionary advantage for women to conceal their sexual nature it must have affected more than just the biology of concealed ovulation. Hence, women’s psychology and behavior had evolutionary pressure to conceal sexual information.

Corollary 2 to Contention 1: Biology evolved so that women themselves are not aware of their own ovulation. Hence, lack of self-awareness of their own sexual nature gave women reproductive advantage. Therefore, women’s psychology and behavior had evolutionary pressure to reduce women’s awareness of their own sexuality (extensive support for this claim can be found in Chivers, et al. 2010).

Corollary 3 to Contention 1: Women’s sexual mystery is a deliberate attempt by nature to obtain reproductive advantage.

Corollary 4 to Contention 1: Don’t listen to women on the subject of female attraction. They don’t understand it (unless they are red-pill).

Corollary 5 to Contention 1: Women can’t teach their sons how to interact with women (unless they are red-pill).

Discussion: There are several theories to as why women choose to hide sexual information. These theories range from cuckolding technique, keeping the man close as much as possible, and other hypotheses. In any case, the existence of concealed ovulation strongly suggests hiding information from others and themselves yielded a reproductive advantage for women.

It is hard to understand women’s sexual behavior for a reason: their biology and psychology deliberately don’t want you (or her) to understand it, since such understanding will give you true power over a woman

Gangestad SW, Thornhill R. (2008) Human oestrus Proc Biol Sci. 275(1638):991-1000.
Chivers ML, Seto MC, Lalumière ML, Laan E, Grimbos (2010) “Agreement of self-reported and genital measures of sexual arousal in men and women: a meta-analysis,“ T. Arch Sex Behav. 39(1):5-56.

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19 Responses to Concealed Ovulation and Why it is Hard to Understand Women’s Sexual Choices

  1. I love your research, as in you have the references and reasons. However, I am seeing a PC change in the Manosphere, I think, about women being different but somehow ‘equal’ per some standing never explicitly identified. I know it makes some people feel better, but if genetics create women’s advantageous ignorance, how is it that the ‘red pill’ of truthful ideas can overcome women’s genetic design to be sexual deceivers even to themselves? I have not read female red-pill wisdom that has the same cold, calculating efficiency, precision, and accuracy that male red-pill wisdom has. Women must rationalize red-pill wisdom, mustn’t they? Do women understand red pill, or do they take on some Alpha’s mission of red-pill awareness? If women don’t or can’t understand or teach the truth about female behavior until ‘red pill’, what is the evidence or plausible theory that red-pill knowledge permits women to do something antithetical to what they are instinctively made to do without even knowing it? I know sexual reproduction has outliers, but NAWALT is like sighting a unicorn, or at least it was so regarded. I stress correlation is not causality just as parroting back the hard earned research of men is not grasping theory as evinced by applying it. Can women ever apply it and join in the scientific process which requires empirical testing? If there are exceptional red-pill women in full measure, what percentage might that be? If it is so, then NAWALT is valid to a degree that the tenets of Game itself are questionable. I’m all for refinement, but not refinement based on feeeeelings or concern for feeeeelings, which is how men gave up happiness and prosperity in the West to begin with. I make a note here to be constructive with the effort at concise precision and based on what I read elsewhere yesterday in the hope of improving what we are doing through peer review, which is a compliment not a put down by my way of thinking. I think the intellectual foundation of Game requires that we are careful with what and who we describe as red pill. Stewardship in the face of increasing popularity and widening schools of thought is an issue before us. I think the Manosphere could be on the edge of an evolutionary contest for political claim. Perhaps that is the context to what Aurini means by an emerging Reactosphere in his recent video about the illusion of democracy, which was awesome, btw.

    • dicipres says:

      The emphasis should be on being accurate, not bashing women or supplicating to women feelings (and our feelings as well), just concise and accurate.

      There are red-pill women, they are rare, but so is the modern red-pill man. Did the NAWALT added to the accuracy less then it hurt the clarity? was it a compromise to feelings over accuracy? I’ll have to think about it.

  2. On corrollary 3 to contention 1, I would reduce the scope from ‘nature’, which would kill us all in a heartbeat just as easily as not, to “women’s nature”. The genes in men, some exactly the same as what are in women, are ‘trying’ to gain a competitive advantage at the expense of the reproductive success of the genes in women. Nature in general simply ‘cares’ about allocating limited resources somehow, and replicative competition ensues. Hope that is helpful.

  3. doughd says:

    It is my understanding that women project ovulation through hip movements and pheremone and speech patterns.

    • dicipres says:

      From wikipedia

      “Concealed ovulation or hidden estrus is the lack of distinctive signaling that the adult female of a species is “in heat” and near ovulation. These signals may include swelling and redness of the genitalia in baboons and bonobos Pan paniscus, pheromone release in the feline family, etc. By comparison, the females of humans and a few other species[1] have few external signs of fecundity, making it difficult to consciously deduct, by means of external signs only, whether or not a female is near ovulation.”

      See more at

      including many peer-reviewed works.

  4. TGR White says:

    I agree with dougd. There are signs women are ovulating. They show more skin, move and talk more seductively etc. Not much to go on though and most guys miss it. I missed it for years but the more I come into harmony with the animal side of my nature (as opposed to intellectualizing everything) the more I can almost subconsciously recognize the cues (working in a bar gave me a good chance to study human behaviour over time).

    • dicipres says:

      See my reply to dougd. There is such a thing as concealed ovulation, and it is a well studied field. Women are can have sex throughout their cycle and have no distinct signs of ovulation, unlike the vast majority of other species.

      • Tom White says:

        I guess I wasn’t clear. Yeah women have no signs like baboons but there are a few near impossible signs and its more like a gut feeling. I am not even saying women consciously do these things. I am talking about things such as exposing more flesh, moving more seductively (how they walk and dance) and even changing their voice tone. I suspect that when you see an otherwise average girl who catches your eye and you can’t put your finger on what it is about her its that she is in heat, so to speak. As I said its mostly subconscious (just as shit testing is).

  5. MarkyMark says:

    Sorry Charlie, but women’s sexuality IS simple: they want the alpha male, and that’s it!

    • dicipres says:

      I didn’t say it is simple or complicated, but that most women aren’t fully aware of their sexuality.

      See Chivers el al (2010) “Agreement of self-reported and genital measures of sexual arousal in men and women: a meta-analysis,“ T. Arch Sex Behav. 39(1):5-56.

      They examined over 100 papers showing lack of awareness their body arousal.

  6. I hope there is a part 2.

  7. tz2026 says:

    Women’s mucus changes when they are near ovulation, their body temperature changes, and they are much more “interested” in sex during that period. Sperm can live a few days so the optimal time is just before ovulation (and orgasm can cause it to happen if it is around the time). That is why NFP works (it isn’t just rhythm – or NaPro). Hidden, not really. Obvious, ok, the woman doesn’t have a flashing neon sign saying fertile, but couples practicing NFP trying to avoid pregnancy do as well or better than those using the pill (which wreaks havoc with the hormonal cycles). Is working with nature so inconceivable?

    • dicipres says:

      See my reply to dougd. There is such a thing as concealed ovulation, and it is a well studied field. See previous the reply to

    • “they are much more “interested” in sex during that period” – fallacy. Women do not have heightened arousal during ovulation – they are horniest right before or during menstruation bc this is when estrogen level are lowest & testosterone highest (damned biology). However, women ARE more prone to flirting, preening, making herself more attractive & social – she doesn’t want sex more but men want HER more. A

  8. anonymous says:

    Lack of self-awareness of their own sexual nature gave women reproductive advantage. Therefore, women’s psychology and behavior had evolutionary pressure to reduce women’s awareness of their own sexuality

    Hence the evolution of “Mesocricetus rationalis”; the Rationalization Hamster.

  9. Jose White says:

    Women’s reproductive fertility peaks for a few days in the middle of their cycle around ovulation. Because conception is most likely to occur inside this brief fertile window, evolutionary theories suggest that men possess adaptations designed to maximize their reproductive success by mating with women during their peak period of fertility. In this article, we provide evidence from 3 studies that subtle cues of fertility prime mating motivation in men, thus facilitating psychological and behavioral processes associated with the pursuit of a sexual partner. In Study 1, men exposed to the scent of a woman near peak levels of fertility displayed increased accessibility to sexual concepts. Study 2 demonstrated that, among men who reported being sensitive to odors, scent cues of fertility triggered heightened perceptions of women’s sexual arousal. Study 3 revealed that, in a face-to-face interaction, high levels of female fertility were associated with a greater tendency for men to make risky decisions and to behaviorally mimic a female partner. Hence, subtle cues of fertility led to a cascade of mating-related processes-from lower order cognition to overt behavior-that reflected heightened mating motivation. Implications for theories of goal pursuit, romantic attraction, and evolutionary psychology are discussed. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2010 APA, all rights reserved).

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