Being part of something that doesn’t exist

(This post is part of the ‘Guide to the Young Patriarch.’ The current draft of the Guide can be found here.)

The ongoing and accelerating collapse of the old patriarchal institutions, such as the army, religion and the family is a driving force behind the need of young men for something like the manosphere. The army is no longer defined by heterosexual masculinity and cannot confer masculine status for service. The ancient religions were corrupted in a few decades into feel good everybody gets a medal liberalism. The family is an empty vessel which even if it exists (and for the lower-classes it already doesn’t), it can break at a moment and have no actual meaning. The ongoing collapse both liberate us and make us empty. In order to be a complete man, young men try to fill this emptiness themselves, outside of the state and religious controlled arenas. In order to do that a young man needs to be a solider without an army (martial arts), a priest without a religion (the red-pill) and a patriarch without a family (game/PUA). All these subjects are central to the manosphere.

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4 Responses to Being part of something that doesn’t exist

  1. tony says:

    beautiful analogy at the end. i do bjj. am a mgtow and read roissy

  2. Truth. This undead liberation of men who would rather live masculine lives is ripe for organizational leadership, but the winds of Mordor blow very strongly.

  3. bawz says:

    i was going to blast you for writing a seemingly useless article for clocking in at one paragraph, but the thesis and its delivery were more effective than the vast majority of long-winded self-flattering pieces in the manosphere, so gj brah.

  4. chicagobluu says:

    Bravo. I want more. Guess I need to start checking out this blog

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