The Essential Laws of the Red Pill

(This post is part of the ‘Guide to the Young Patriarch.’ The current draft of the Guide can be found here.)

We assume that there is no god, or other higher power, and that knowledge of our world can be achieved by observation and deduction. Human beings are viewed as organisms and accordingly, human behavior is a biological function of the human animal. Thus, analysis of human behavior should begin from biologic perspective. From the biological perspective, and specifically from genetics and evolution, we obtain the following simple argument.

Argument 1

  • Premise 1: Our genes evolved to maximize reproductive success.
  • Premise 2: Our biology, which is a manifestation of our genes, significantly influences our emotions and desires.
  • The First Law of the Red Pill, Contention 1, based on Premise 1 and Premise 2: Our biology, emotions and desires developed (by an evolutionary process) as a tool of our genes to facilitate reproduction of genetic data.
  • The Second Law of the Red Pill, Corollary 1 to Contention 1: We can estimate what emotions a given set of circumstances will create in a human by estimating what emotions and behavior will be optimal for reproduction of genetic data (at the time of the evolutionary development of the genes).
  • The Third Law of the Red Pill, Corollary 2 to Contention 1: One can create a given emotion in another human if one can create a set of circumstances for which that given emotion will maximize reproduction of genetic data (at the time of the evolutionary development of the genes).

While this argument is simple enough, its implications are not widely accepted or understood (perhaps due to habit or emotional distress of accepting the red pill). Essentially, we claim that all human behaviors, such as love, empathy, sexuality, war, family, etc. are to be understood primarily from an evolutionary and biological perspective. This is widely different from the common essential premises used in society. The most common premises guiding the majority of the population are, or at least similar to, the following:

The religious premise: There is a god and human behavior should follow the will of the god.
The humanist premise: Society and human behavior should be such as to minimize human suffering.
The egalitarian premise: Society and human behavior should be such as to minimize inequality between various sub-groups of humans.
The libertarian premise: Society and human behavior should be such as to allow maximal freedom to individual humans.

Unlike the views of majority of the population, the Red-Pill view does not have clear ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Life exists since it creates life, a self-excitation solution of the universe function. The closest thing to such definition of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is reproductive success and reproductive failure, respectively.

This second law of the Red-Pill is the main tool used in this text for predicting and interpreting human behaviors and emotions. However, this approach has limitations. Nature design might be “optimal” (e.g. a fish shape is optimal for swimming in water), however, it is never optimal with regard to a single parameter, but to a wide array of parameters and biological limitations acting on the organism. Not all of these parameters might be obvious and clearly visible. In addition, species are still evolving and many species might be still far from the optimal configuration, thus there might be significant imperfections. Even after taking these limitations into account, this approach is an effective tool to analyze our world and allows for reducing the influence of morality and current governing ideologies on our observations of the world.

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3 Responses to The Essential Laws of the Red Pill

  1. For your consideration, god need not be incompatible with the human ability to acquire knowledge. In fact, the supernatural, if it exists, would even facilitate it. I might add stateful vs. stateless consideration, and locus of control of emotions in the instinctive and in the logical. The two sexes roughly, the uncivilized and the civilized more precisely, differ on those two points. I would call biology a fundamental consideration that cannot be distanced rather than a required starting point that could be from ‘progess’, so some would say. I hope your guide is successful at spreading the knowledge.

    • Rickroll 2013 says:

      Lets not get hung up on the whole god thing, thats IRRELEVANT to the discussion. Oh and OP, Don’t forget the Transhuman Premise.

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