The first part of the ‘Guide for a Young Patriarch’ is finished

The first part of the Guide for a Young Patriarch is finished. The first section, entitled simply ‘analysis’ focuses on applying biological ‘red-pill’ perspective to understand ourselves, sexual relations and tribalism and includes 12 arguments. The second section will focus on self-growth from the red-pill perspective and I expect it will be finished in a year or so (based on the current rate of progress and my available free time).

You can view or download the first section here. Comments and suggestions are welcomed.


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One Response to The first part of the ‘Guide for a Young Patriarch’ is finished

  1. I’ve read a bit here and there in your guide. The parts I read are tight. The description of what Game is, Third Law of the Red Pill, the young guys don’t know what suffering went into having that handed to them. Laughed and nodded at this:

    There is a paradox of insanity.
    The religious are insane in their belief in
    god, but this belief makes them to be saner
    from a biological perspective.

    I’m tired so I can’t read and fully assess your guide now, but I like what I read better than I thought I would. The format has the merits of efficiency and directness. Just don’t figure a logic-based format will be digestible for most men (however old or young). I have recently learned about the Keirsey temperaments. (Cf. The Rationalists, the NTs, what Aurinin nicely terms the natural aristocrats, are something like 6% of the population. (In my experience, I would put that at around 1%, but I’m frustrated where I am.) I see a lot of inconsistent and emotional argument in the Manosphere/Reactosphere. What is 1%-6% of the readers in these parts? But then we can’t cast pearls before swine in this case because its virtual data that does not parse, becomes noise to little minds, and maybe that’s a good thing somehow. We are competing to be elite, me thinks.

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