Misogynists love women more

The blue pill view, which is the common view today, and specifically the view of nice guys and male-feminists (which is any blue pill man), sees women as victims and blameless angels. This is how most of society views women. It is the pedestal on which society puts the modern woman. Many young men believe this view and see women as morally superior in every sense and basically believe in women as ‘good’. In a way, you can see this when mothers tell their sons “do not hurt women”, not “be careful women hurt you” as well as when single mothers are hailed as heroic and not irresponsible

This view is highly detrimental to young men since women, unfortunately, are not blameless angels. When the nice-feminist-guy gets hit with a more realistic view of women (and specifically the promiscuous modern woman which have no moral code other than ‘follow your feelings’), the pedestal turns into anger and resentment. The resentment follows naturally from unrealistic expectations and can be observed in most men who begin thinking heretical red pill thoughts. This, initially, can hurt your relationships with women, but the resentment will fade in time while the knowledge will remain.

The red pill eventually results in thinking less of women compared with the common western view and for stating such views you will be label a misogynist.  However, the red-pill evo-bio based knowledge of women and their sexuality will actually allow you to love them more and much more honestly than the standard feminist nice guy. A red pill man can understand the deceitful and concealed nature of female sexuality, the ruthlessness of hypergamy, the contradictions in their desires, and understand the moral void in which the modern secular humanist woman exists . He expects no more than is possible and can enjoy the great joy, warmth and passion women, and especially those women with an intact sense of femininity, still offer. In the end, the love of a misogynist is stronger and more honest than the feminist-male love based on a shell of pretty lies.


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7 Responses to Misogynists love women more

  1. John Titor says:

    Blameless “angels”.

    Unless you had an angle with that typo?

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  3. Just Saying says:

    “do not hurt women”

    Only in ways that they love to be “hurt”… Hey, I figure when they yell, “Harder” that they actually want it harder, or “more” – even if I would think it would hurt… But I have a very different philosophy, and that is that women are just as sick and degenerate as I am…:) And, when I choke one while having sex with her to the point she passes out, and she makes me breakfast the next morning, I figure that it must be something that she enjoyed – otherwise I would have awakened by being beaten, rather than a well executed bl*w-job… So they are angels that I love to f**k…

  4. mc says:

    you do know that the word misogyny means ‘hatred of women,’ right? actually,don’t answer that, i’m sure you didn’t

    • Croc says:

      Hey mc, you do know that being labeled a misogynist by a gynocentric culture for questioning the revealed wisdom of feminism is not actually the same thing as hating women? No, I’m sure you don’t, because then you would have to really read what you are knee-jerk criticizing.

      And you also might want to spend time learning proper grammar and punctuation as a consideration for your readers.

  5. Croc says:

    Your last paragraph is quite insightful, and based on personal experience I would say quite true. Thanks for articulating a vague feeling for me!

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