What is Feminism?

Feminists will usually define feminism as a somewhat abstract demand to equality and justice between the genders. Any other description of feminism and its effects on society made by non-feminists will be ignored based on “you can’t tell a feminist what feminism is” type arguments. In fact, any social movement will define its values in heroic and moral light but ignore other unwanted effects created by the movement. For example, socialists will define socialism as “social justice” and economic equality while ignoring  that socialism is also things like reduced competition and encouraging dependence on the state, etc. 

Here are some “other” things that feminism is, beyond the feminist stated goal of equality:

Feminism is a morbidly obese, sexually promiscuous, short-haired, tattooed, cussing beast whom no man can ever love or trust.

Feminism is a family which hates itself.

Feminism is a line drawn inside your home between you and your wife.

Feminism is a woman furious over ‘rape culture’ and who masturbates while fantasizing being beaten and raped.

Feminism is opposing telling girls what they “need” to like (e.g. cooking and dolls) while telling girls what they “need” to like (e.g. engineering and math).

Feminism is a woman who cannot be loved anymore since she hates the domineering man she lusts and sexually despises the submissive man she likes.

Feminism is alimony and every other weekend

Feminism is a son hating his father

Feminism is equality as the only measure for progress of a society

Feminism (and MRAs) is nationalism applied to gender

Feminism is more and more laws to force reality fit feminist ideals

Feminism is a demographic annihilation due to low birth rates

Feminism is destruction of the most fundamental unit of society   


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10 Responses to What is Feminism?

  1. Nailed it, including this one which is not obvious: “Feminism is a son hating his father”.

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  5. J.T. says:

    I believe the definition of rape is forcible sex against one’s will so it’s impossible to fantasize about rape because you would be giving that person permission in your mind to do that. I think you mean the manosphere thinks about raping women while they are talking about being nice guys?

  6. Hera Sent Me says:

    I don’t think feminism is needed for your son to hate you.
    Knowing you should be sufficient.

    • dicipres says:

      Darling, you’re so hysterical and angry, hahaha

      • Thanatos says:

        You might need some MRAs and/or nationalists to back you up here. You appear to be nearly outgunned by your detractors on your own blog. Without a robust MRM, there can be no manosphere. You cannot talk about these subjects without our praetorian guard (who need to get back to their more radical roots,for sure) to hollow out a space in which to do so. Your ideas might stand on their own, but they don’t defend themselves,and you can’t defend them from pink fascism alone.

        Try to build a stronger network and better relations with your peers,regardless of whether you agree with every jot and tittle of their belief system. It has a synergistic effect which strengthens all of us.

        To be free of pink fascism, we must annihilate its traditional basis,its foundation.Every soldier in this cause helps, whether he is MRA,nationalist, or what-have-you. Build networks with those attacking the foundations of pink fascism,consciously or unconsciously, and when they have mortally wounded it and it is on the decline, THEN you can afford to be picky.

        The only ones we should be avoiding or ostracizing are those that tend to manginism,which undermines our efforts, or towards some flavor of pink fascism, e.g. “social justice” activists, etc. These we must utterly isolate from their allies and any form of aid or comfort, to wither in the dark.

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