MRM and the Patriarch

In one of my previous posts I compared the MRM to feminism. While I mainly criticized feminism, the comparison to the MRM was a clear criticism of the MRM.

A reader by the handle Thanatos commented:

“You might need some MRAs and/or nationalists to back you up here. You appear to be nearly outgunned by your detractors on your own blog. Without a robust MRM, there can be no manosphere. You cannot talk about these subjects without our praetorian guard (who need to get back to their more radical roots,for sure) to hollow out a space in which to do so. Your ideas might stand on their own, but they don’t defend themselves,and you can’t defend them from pink fascism alone.

Try to build a stronger network and better relations with your peers,regardless of whether you agree with every jot and tittle of their belief system. It has a synergistic effect which strengthens all of us.

To be free of pink fascism, we must annihilate its traditional basis,its foundation.Every soldier in this cause helps, whether he is MRA,nationalist, or what-have-you. Build networks with those attacking the foundations of pink fascism,consciously or unconsciously, and when they have mortally wounded it and it is on the decline, THEN you can afford to be picky.

The only ones we should be avoiding or ostracizing are those that tend to manginism,which undermines our efforts, or towards some flavor of pink fascism, e.g. “social justice” activists, etc. These we must utterly isolate from their allies and any form of aid or comfort, to wither in the dark.”

I completely agree with Thanatos. Using some sort of gender-based ‘tribalism’ will definitely be more effective in achieving change (as is the case with feminism), and specifically in affecting policy makers. However, in order to achieve policy change it is also beneficial to present yourself as a victim, to cry equality over various subjects (work fatalities, women raping men, etc.) where the genders are not actually equal and more. All these are actually detrimental to a clear view of the world and to the essence of young men.


1. The interests of men as a group sometimes might be in conflict with the interest of a specific man.

2. To ‘win’ in politics you must become a politician and distort reality to support your view.

While I support the goal of eliminating feminist ‘nationalism’, the focus of this work is on patriarchal virtues. I do not wish to undermine the MRA and I support opposing feminism. However, a clear view of the world and growth of individual man will be prioritized.

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4 Responses to MRM and the Patriarch

  1. I must totally disagree with the idea of red-pill working with MRM because MRM is blue-pill. They are NOT for taking the law into their own hands, which the 10th Amendment is supposed to permit as the default. MRA are courting the system to do their bidding, but ultimately the elite decision makers of The System will make MRA and everyone else do their bidding. A systemic crash is the only cure, and let all who would use government to get their way on every social challenge in life get what they deserve. Politically red-pill men ought to protect their means emotionally and materially. Don’t throw your vitality down the MRM->System well. We will need all hands on deck only when appeals to the system are impossible, which is why I recommend red-pill men not answer the call to the system’s deck. That has been your undoing from the beginning. Now using the MRM as a cat’s-paw I suppose could be useful in the meantime, but the winnings will be little more than trinkets. Red-pill is about playing a whole new Game according to natural law and possibly winning.

  2. Agreed; ultimately, we stand for the Truth. The Red Pill is about seeing the world as it is, and doing the best that we can in reality – not becoming the new SysAdmin for the Matrix, because the problem isn’t the admins – the problem isn’t the feminists, per se, they’re just the latest symptom.

    The problem is a society founded a upon manipulation and distorted reality, egoistic self-serving narcissism, rather than a pursuit and celebration of the True and the Good.

  3. evilwhitemalempire says:

    Build networks with those attacking the foundations of pink fascism,consciously or unconsciously, and when they have mortally wounded it and it is on the decline, THEN you can afford to be picky.
    Been trying to tell people this for years.

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