Strength Training is an Essential Knowledge for a Patriarch

Physical training is of importance to any person due to health reasons, effects on mental abilities, delay in effects of aging, physical attractiveness and more. Strength training and body building are of significant interest to the Patriarch since they are strongly related to masculinity (i.e. both emanates and create testosterone) and since muscles have a primal psychological effect on a man power and ability to physical violence. It is thus important that a young Patriarch will be well-informed in the proper methods and biology of strength training and I thus very strongly advise any young Patriarch to read on physical exercise and strength training.

For the past six months I am training according to the book “Body by Science” by John Little and I fully recommend this book. Accordingly this is the first fitness book added to the “Education of a Patriarch” list. The method suggested in this book has the benefit of being short in required time and yet very effective.

Make sure you study the proper methods to train and preserve you body. Read a book on fitness and strength training and apply it.

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One Response to Strength Training is an Essential Knowledge for a Patriarch

  1. HH2 says:

    Standing ovation! I’ve always advocated working out. I’ve been a lifelong strength trainer. I would encourage young readers to experiment with various systems and techniques to find a perfect fit for one’s body type. The problem is that the mind and body are considered separate in our society. A lot of would-be patriarchs are pushed away from it because smarter guys are not supposed to lift- only the boobs are. Wrong.

    Anyway, thanks for the great post.

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