I hate disabled people

I am currently struggling with writing about tribalism. I am not sure when the post will be finished, and the more I think about tribalism the more I see tribalism in everything from genes, to religions, to politics, etc. Also, I see hypocrisy from all directions of the political map and it is very challenging to look on tribalism without emotions regarding my own tribalism. So… the next post may take a while to finish.

In the meanwhile, I have a personal anecdote which may indicate the future direction of the liberal academic teachings. I recently ‘argued’  with a easy-going feminist who is a graduate student on the subject of disabilities. (I didn’t have any expectations for actual discussion, but this feminist is actually pretty friendly and civil and I am interested in being up-to-date with non-internet academic BS.)

The conversation was something like the following:

Her argument: The current academic theory on disability is that disabled people are only disabled due to social constructs. If society was constructed differently they will be able to do everything that able-body people can do. Society must ensure equality and be redesigned so that disabled people can do everything able-body people can. Discrimination against the disabled must end.

My argument: People are not equal. Society should try to help the disabled, but we shouldn’t enforce equality. Society should be constructed to optimize allocation of the resources for everybody’s benefit, not to force unequal people to be equal. (I gave an example of a university course which in order to be ‘equal’ needs significant funds to cater each possible kind of disability, which in turn lowers the quality of the course for most people.)

Her second argument: Wow, I knew you hate feminists and liberals, but I didn’t know you hate disabled people, wow.

Imagine two researchers arguing about quantum theory and one answers the other by “you hate quantum theory.” I wish the disabled the best and I love all people, I really do. However, I respect humanity less and less each day… most people are just emotional junkies. The greatest gift of mankind, the ability to think, is just a tool for them manipulate in order to feel good about oneself.

(Note, she said ‘wow’ twice, just like the internet feminists. I guess it is truly amazing to her that people with my opinions exist in 2014.)

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11 Responses to I hate disabled people

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yea, this was kind of an extremist post, even for the manosphere.

  2. Monad says:

    True Anonymous, however, even if a tad fringe, this shit is highly acceptable in mainstream society, to the point that the emotion conveyed, is more important than facts or reason. Thus, logic plays second fiddle and hence the inevitable downfall of western society that was built upon such..

  3. I have no blue-pill illusions that this post was extreme or that conceding that is was is somehow advantageous. Sal Alinski taught his activists to never mince words. His star pupil is in da big house.

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  5. Noah says:

    Hey dicipres,

    I want to send you something as a thanks for your writing. GfaYP was great, really appreciated the flow of your arguments.
    Send me an email to this address.

  6. infowarrior1 says:

    Better that the disability to be corrected. Weaknesses to be rectified rather than accommodated.

  7. dangao says:

    How was that extreme?

    The left’s argument for everything is “because it’s not nice”, that’s no secret.

  8. When some nitwit starts using ‘ad-hominem’ attacks (e.g., “I didn’t know you hated _________”) when you disagree with them, then you know that they have absolutely NO logical, rational, nor reasonable counter-argument to present; all they can do is make personal attacks and accusations.
    This is typical of ALL feminists, socialists, leftists, etc., which shows the futility of trying to have ‘rational’ disagreements with them. With them “compromise” means, “I get what I want, and you get what I want.”

  9. Cesar S. Duncan says:

    Sub-Persons? A dependent person is a person who has less than the normal amount of intelligence , volition , or physiological independence. A guardian is a person who is responsible for the well-being of a dependent person and to that end may coerce that dependent person. Minor children are dependent persons, and their parents are usually their guardians. The other major group of dependent persons are the mentally disabled. Cetaceans and apes are not intelligent enough to be considered even dependent persons.

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