Truth is more important than feelings.

This is an honest and non politically correct advice for young men growing in a post feminist world.

Free yourself from the desire to not offend others and adhering to “everybody is equal” ideologues. Free your mind to think the even most horrible thoughts and never, never, go back to the mental prison of politically correct insanity.

I write so as to make the process of growing up easier for young men than it was for me and to help eliminate the beautiful lies society enforces as truths.

This is not a regular blog. The posts in this blog are constantly changing and improving toward a finished state. Finished articles will be posted to relevant blogs and the current draft of the “guide for a young patriarch” is available. An idea is first put into a post and then, if the idea is appropriate, it will be organized into the guide.

17 Responses to About

  1. Cool, are you a known entity to me/us?

  2. Keoni Galt says:

    Just found you too….good blog!

  3. Steve says:

    This sounds like what I need. I read the line ” Free your mind to think the even most horrible thoughts and never, never, go back to the mental prison of politically correct insanity”, and immediately felt happier and less afraid. I am having a hell of a time trying to find my way in this world; without guys like you, it would seem impossible. Thanks for your effort.

  4. Firepower says:

    send me an email via this addy
    or the one on the front page of my blog
    I have a simple question to ask of you

  5. Twan says:

    do you know of many unplugged guys in tlv? i have a few friends that i try and enlighten, but most guys just humor me and nod their heads. although, i do have some friends that if pushed hard enough, could open their eyes all the way.

    • dicipres says:

      It has to come from the guy. If someone wants the pretty lies nothing can change him and he should make his choices and decisions and face the good/bad consequences. I don’t think we need to be missionaries, just to present an alternative for young men and try to give the best description of the world without corruption of modern morality or empathy to the feelings of others or ourselves.

  6. Twan says:

    it’s funny how macho it is here, but even the biggest ars can be a beta. doesn’t matter if you’re yeki, polani, mizrachi, especially the mizrachi with their garbage love songs, the beta runs rampant. i found a girl, that while i haven’t come right out and discussed my actual unplugging, i do drop things in from time to time, about her girlfriends’ hypergamy and guy friends’ beta tendencies, and she is right on board. she knows her place too. i only made aliyah 3+ years ago, but it seems that especially in this country, finding women like this is not easy.

  7. Twan says:

    by the way, i agree that change has to come from the guy, but sometimes they don’t know what the change is. plenty of frustrated guys out there (i hesitate to use AFC because not everyone is a chump) that just need a little push, but still think game is only for notches.

  8. kevin says:

    you are seriously a mentally ill insecure dude who no woman would go near let alone have any kind of relationship with. how sad you all are-hating women that much must be tiring.

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