The latest version of the Guide for a Young Patriarch

I updated and revised the Guide for a Young Patriarch. The latest version of the guide can be found here in A5 format and here in A4 format. Feedback and comments are welcomed.


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1 Response to The latest version of the Guide for a Young Patriarch

  1. I was just perusing. You said you welcomed comments. I am very precise in my thinking, and it alienates me from communicating with others, so take as only a consideration.

    I’m not of the religious persuasion, so that part of the dedication does not fit what I think I know about religion. Anyone who needs religion, even just to live better in ‘faith’, is someone I don’t believe is going to parse the cold, calculating logic of your guide. Those sorts of people like the New Age-y quips of emotive guarantee. No logical analysis required. In fact, I would argue, the civilization and culture that does not exist is due precisely to a ‘religion’ fostering a political system of related ‘religions’. I contend religion is politics for the mentally weak. I know faith enables great feats, but the ownership of those feats takes away the civilized utility post-republicanism, IMO.

    “22. (Corollary #2 to 8) Since the family is the most basic group, preferring to take care of your biological child over other children is the most basic form of racism.”

    I think it would be a more general ‘geneism’. Racism might be fear of the unknown or the different, at least until familiarity with people of other races on par with one’s one race. A tiny sample size percentage-wise is representative if substantial in absolute numbers, say thousands.

    “15. (Contention, based on 1 and 2) and the First Law: Genes in person A can reproduce by helping the reproduction of person B (as long as the damage to the reproductive success to person A is low enough).”

    I can’t know where you are going unless I take the time to reconstruct your implications in my mind with a focused read, but perhaps you are suggesting that racism is protective to the success of one’s gene reproduction. (I think we must consider meme reproduction for cultural beings, safely ignored for women.) There is an interplay of genes and memes. Genes not fit for Western culture, for example, might no be apparent on the individual level the way institutional control intervenes in the ecological marketplace, but I suspect civilized genes and tribal genes lead to feelings of alienation.

    I look at your work and wonder if you are going to be able to distill red pill into rules for a rule-based engine, a la I Robot. There was a summary rule from Atlas Shrugged as well. I wonder if red pill will become so rudimentary that pre-pubescent children will know it as an assumed foundation for much higher aspirations and achievements. We can only hope. At this point, a distillation of red pill will be unsatisfying to most self-identifying red pillers.

    I think your target audience is the few young geniuses who are most able to imbibe propaganda as defenseless boys, who only need to challenge the nefarious calibration of their respective moral compasses. I don’t know how to reach that niche, but damn it would save a lot of misery for those most worth befriending. Ebooks are becoming popular I think. May the boys and young men who can benefit most from your guide supersede what is that should not be, once and for all. Red-pill men will pass along their knowledge to their sons for sure, and perhaps you are. That which does not kill civilized patriarchy makes it stronger. That which does not kill debt-slavery heritage makes it stronger. The dance of evolution goes on.

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