The latest version of the Guide for a Young Patriarch

I updated and revised the Guide for a Young Patriarch. The latest version of the guide can be found here in A5 format and here in A4 format. Feedback and comments are welcomed.


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Steinbeck’s observations on men and women

The beginning of ‘Grapes of Wrath’ includes the following paragraph, very interesting from the red-pill/dark enlightenment perspective. This paragraph follows a description of a severe drought ruining crops.

“Men stood by their fences and looked at the ruined corn, drying fast now, only a little green showing through the film of dust. The men were silent and they did not move often. And the women came out of the houses to stand beside their men—to feel whether this time the men would break. The women studied the men’s faces secretly, for the corn could go, as long as something else remained. The children stood near by, drawing figures in the dust with bare toes, and the children sent exploring senses out to see whether men and women would break. The children peeked at the faces of the men and women, and then drew careful lines in the dust with their toes. Horses came to the watering troughs and nuzzled the water to clear the surface dust. After a while the faces of the watching men lost their bemused perplexity and became hard and angry and resistant. Then the women knew that they were safe and that there was no break. Then they asked, What’ll we do? And the men replied, I don’t know. But it was all right. The women knew it was all right, and the watching children knew it was all right. Women and children knew deep in themselves that no misfortune was too great to bear if their men were whole.” [emphasis mine]

John Steinbeck describes several patterns in the society of his time (this was written in 1939). 1. Women and children relay on men, 2. Women are testing men to see if they are strong or weak, 3. Women feel safe near ‘angry and resistant’ men and 4. The relation between men and women is similar to the relation between women and children. This is just another example that the red-pill is not in any way new. We are just rediscovering what was meant to be forgotten. Fortunately, while the modern PC-machine can control new publications, they cannot change old books. (It is reasonable that such books will be, at least, ignored in the future, if not banned.)

Such a ‘sexist’ paragraph could have not been published today and I wonder what the ‘modern’ Steinbeck would write. I suppose that the modern version of Steinbeck would replace the first sentence by

“Heroic single moms stood by their fences and looked at the ruined corn, drying fast now, and waited to get new child-support corn and alimony corn with government corn supplements.

(Since most modern food is just processed corn, this is actually pretty accurate). The last sentence would be modified to

Women and children knew deep in themselves that no misfortune was too great to bear if the government is whole and can put baby-daddies in prison if they don’t pay up corn.

The middle would just be deleted.

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A Deceleration of Defection

My journey into becoming a thinking man began almost ten years ago. This journey was initially inspired by an angst to fulfill sexual desires. I wanted to understand in order to achieve a goal. I began this journey as a ‘good’ hopeless romantic man with awkward and ineffective interactions with women. I ended a bad man without any romanticism who easily attracts young women. I did achieved the goal I wanted, but the process changed who I am. As I dismantled the lies I dismantled my old self. Today I see society, morality and sexual relations just as interactions between genes and memes. I see emotions as the tools of the genes. I have no illusions that love, family or tribalism are more than that. While it is easy to agree with these facts on the surface, understanding the full implications of these facts is much darker.

I was not the only one changing. Society was changing too and destroyed things my old self cared most about. Young me used to care greatly about masculine institutions (e.g. army) and family. Both lost most of their meaning today. Our times today are times of social atomization, ending of social institutions, degradation of honor and glorification of weakness. The exact opposite of masculinity and family.

The more I look the more I understand that I have nearly nothing in common with the people around me. There is nothing in modern culture to believe in. There is nothing in modern culture that I am a part of. There is no ground to stand on anymore and when there is no ground to stand on we must learn to fly. We must defect from the sinking ground and allow ourselves to be completely different from the people around us.

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I hate disabled people

I am currently struggling with writing about tribalism. I am not sure when the post will be finished, and the more I think about tribalism the more I see tribalism in everything from genes, to religions, to politics, etc. Also, I see hypocrisy from all directions of the political map and it is very challenging to look on tribalism without emotions regarding my own tribalism. So… the next post may take a while to finish.

In the meanwhile, I have a personal anecdote which may indicate the future direction of the liberal academic teachings. I recently ‘argued’  with a easy-going feminist who is a graduate student on the subject of disabilities. (I didn’t have any expectations for actual discussion, but this feminist is actually pretty friendly and civil and I am interested in being up-to-date with non-internet academic BS.)

The conversation was something like the following:

Her argument: The current academic theory on disability is that disabled people are only disabled due to social constructs. If society was constructed differently they will be able to do everything that able-body people can do. Society must ensure equality and be redesigned so that disabled people can do everything able-body people can. Discrimination against the disabled must end.

My argument: People are not equal. Society should try to help the disabled, but we shouldn’t enforce equality. Society should be constructed to optimize allocation of the resources for everybody’s benefit, not to force unequal people to be equal. (I gave an example of a university course which in order to be ‘equal’ needs significant funds to cater each possible kind of disability, which in turn lowers the quality of the course for most people.)

Her second argument: Wow, I knew you hate feminists and liberals, but I didn’t know you hate disabled people, wow.

Imagine two researchers arguing about quantum theory and one answers the other by “you hate quantum theory.” I wish the disabled the best and I love all people, I really do. However, I respect humanity less and less each day… most people are just emotional junkies. The greatest gift of mankind, the ability to think, is just a tool for them manipulate in order to feel good about oneself.

(Note, she said ‘wow’ twice, just like the internet feminists. I guess it is truly amazing to her that people with my opinions exist in 2014.)

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Strength Training is an Essential Knowledge for a Patriarch

Physical training is of importance to any person due to health reasons, effects on mental abilities, delay in effects of aging, physical attractiveness and more. Strength training and body building are of significant interest to the Patriarch since they are strongly related to masculinity (i.e. both emanates and create testosterone) and since muscles have a primal psychological effect on a man power and ability to physical violence. It is thus important that a young Patriarch will be well-informed in the proper methods and biology of strength training and I thus very strongly advise any young Patriarch to read on physical exercise and strength training.

For the past six months I am training according to the book “Body by Science” by John Little and I fully recommend this book. Accordingly this is the first fitness book added to the “Education of a Patriarch” list. The method suggested in this book has the benefit of being short in required time and yet very effective.

Make sure you study the proper methods to train and preserve you body. Read a book on fitness and strength training and apply it.

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MRM and the Patriarch

In one of my previous posts I compared the MRM to feminism. While I mainly criticized feminism, the comparison to the MRM was a clear criticism of the MRM.

A reader by the handle Thanatos commented:

“You might need some MRAs and/or nationalists to back you up here. You appear to be nearly outgunned by your detractors on your own blog. Without a robust MRM, there can be no manosphere. You cannot talk about these subjects without our praetorian guard (who need to get back to their more radical roots,for sure) to hollow out a space in which to do so. Your ideas might stand on their own, but they don’t defend themselves,and you can’t defend them from pink fascism alone.

Try to build a stronger network and better relations with your peers,regardless of whether you agree with every jot and tittle of their belief system. It has a synergistic effect which strengthens all of us.

To be free of pink fascism, we must annihilate its traditional basis,its foundation.Every soldier in this cause helps, whether he is MRA,nationalist, or what-have-you. Build networks with those attacking the foundations of pink fascism,consciously or unconsciously, and when they have mortally wounded it and it is on the decline, THEN you can afford to be picky.

The only ones we should be avoiding or ostracizing are those that tend to manginism,which undermines our efforts, or towards some flavor of pink fascism, e.g. “social justice” activists, etc. These we must utterly isolate from their allies and any form of aid or comfort, to wither in the dark.”

I completely agree with Thanatos. Using some sort of gender-based ‘tribalism’ will definitely be more effective in achieving change (as is the case with feminism), and specifically in affecting policy makers. However, in order to achieve policy change it is also beneficial to present yourself as a victim, to cry equality over various subjects (work fatalities, women raping men, etc.) where the genders are not actually equal and more. All these are actually detrimental to a clear view of the world and to the essence of young men.


1. The interests of men as a group sometimes might be in conflict with the interest of a specific man.

2. To ‘win’ in politics you must become a politician and distort reality to support your view.

While I support the goal of eliminating feminist ‘nationalism’, the focus of this work is on patriarchal virtues. I do not wish to undermine the MRA and I support opposing feminism. However, a clear view of the world and growth of individual man will be prioritized.

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Feminism is nationalism applied to gender

This is a continuation of the previous post. Yet another video of feminists/progressives increasingly acting more and more radical, it is almost unbelievable in a way, and it only gets worse. You could easily replace the gender cause with nationalistic ideals. This is not about making the world a ‘better’ place, this is tribalism, us and them, dividing a society from within based on an arbitrary demand for equality between groups which are not actually equal in the statistical sense. Eliminating such behaviors is not an easy task. The first response many individuals exposed to the emotions and behavior of feminists is to become MRAs, but MRAs are essentially more of the same. Feminism creates MRAs and MRAs create feminists just like any nationalism creates more nationalism.

In the context of general progressives and racialism, equality of groups requires defining who is in the group and who is not. Who is white and who is black, etc. Equality of groups also assumes that people of a given group are responsible to acts committed by others from that group, even if done in different place and time. Equality of groups requires well defined racial identities where everyone is assigned to a race. Ironically, the most common and effective motivation for racial identities comes from the equality crowd.


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What is Feminism?

Feminists will usually define feminism as a somewhat abstract demand to equality and justice between the genders. Any other description of feminism and its effects on society made by non-feminists will be ignored based on “you can’t tell a feminist what feminism is” type arguments. In fact, any social movement will define its values in heroic and moral light but ignore other unwanted effects created by the movement. For example, socialists will define socialism as “social justice” and economic equality while ignoring  that socialism is also things like reduced competition and encouraging dependence on the state, etc. 

Here are some “other” things that feminism is, beyond the feminist stated goal of equality:

Feminism is a morbidly obese, sexually promiscuous, short-haired, tattooed, cussing beast whom no man can ever love or trust.

Feminism is a family which hates itself.

Feminism is a line drawn inside your home between you and your wife.

Feminism is a woman furious over ‘rape culture’ and who masturbates while fantasizing being beaten and raped.

Feminism is opposing telling girls what they “need” to like (e.g. cooking and dolls) while telling girls what they “need” to like (e.g. engineering and math).

Feminism is a woman who cannot be loved anymore since she hates the domineering man she lusts and sexually despises the submissive man she likes.

Feminism is alimony and every other weekend

Feminism is a son hating his father

Feminism is equality as the only measure for progress of a society

Feminism (and MRAs) is nationalism applied to gender

Feminism is more and more laws to force reality fit feminist ideals

Feminism is a demographic annihilation due to low birth rates

Feminism is destruction of the most fundamental unit of society   


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Economics is Essential Knowledge for a Patriarch

“It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest.”

Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations, 1776

Due to a recent promotion at work I have much less time to focus on this blog or my other hobbies. Posts are thus more limited in scope and the final version of The Guide for a Young Patriarch will be significantly delayed. I do however still have time to read and recently began reading texts on economics, including the classic book “the wealth of nations.”  

Books on war are of clear importance to a patriarch since they involve conflict and fight for dominance, which are in the essence of masculinity (i.e. both create and emanate from testosterone). The motives to study economics are far less clear and emanate from the solid red-pill observations in the heart of classical economic text. We can see the relation between economics and the red pill when we discuss the sexual market place, or when the economists talk about money as a social contract, or when pre-seletion mixes with supply and demand, or when goods are valued due to nothing but scarcity.

To put it bluntly: If war is the most brutal and honest form of conflict, economics is the most brutal and honest form of human relationships. I recommend any young patriarch to read at least one fundamental text in classical economics as part of his education (I added recommendations to “Education of a Patriarch” reading list and you can check the Captain’s blog). It will be relevant to much more than just economics since it will give perspective to sexual relationships and other human interactions.


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Misogynists love women more

The blue pill view, which is the common view today, and specifically the view of nice guys and male-feminists (which is any blue pill man), sees women as victims and blameless angels. This is how most of society views women. It is the pedestal on which society puts the modern woman. Many young men believe this view and see women as morally superior in every sense and basically believe in women as ‘good’. In a way, you can see this when mothers tell their sons “do not hurt women”, not “be careful women hurt you” as well as when single mothers are hailed as heroic and not irresponsible

This view is highly detrimental to young men since women, unfortunately, are not blameless angels. When the nice-feminist-guy gets hit with a more realistic view of women (and specifically the promiscuous modern woman which have no moral code other than ‘follow your feelings’), the pedestal turns into anger and resentment. The resentment follows naturally from unrealistic expectations and can be observed in most men who begin thinking heretical red pill thoughts. This, initially, can hurt your relationships with women, but the resentment will fade in time while the knowledge will remain.

The red pill eventually results in thinking less of women compared with the common western view and for stating such views you will be label a misogynist.  However, the red-pill evo-bio based knowledge of women and their sexuality will actually allow you to love them more and much more honestly than the standard feminist nice guy. A red pill man can understand the deceitful and concealed nature of female sexuality, the ruthlessness of hypergamy, the contradictions in their desires, and understand the moral void in which the modern secular humanist woman exists . He expects no more than is possible and can enjoy the great joy, warmth and passion women, and especially those women with an intact sense of femininity, still offer. In the end, the love of a misogynist is stronger and more honest than the feminist-male love based on a shell of pretty lies.


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